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sampso132324.jpgUpdate #2: The hearings concluded late on Saturday and The Hoosier Scoop has comments from Rick Greenspan, Jerry Meyer and Rob Senderoff’s attorney. The case is now in the hands of the infractions committee and it could be as long as six weeks before the results are made public.

Update: The hearings will continue into Saturday. No big news from Friday, but reporters from the AP caught up with Sampson and here’s what he had to say about the hearings: “It went well. It’s a process. We’ll be back tomorrow.” That’s some groundbreaking stuff, Kelvin. IU officials had no comment.

Today, Kelvin Sampson has his date in court with the NCAA — the day he’s supposedly been looking forward to in order to set the record straight. So what happens on this Friday the 13th? Does Sampson win the court over and pull out an O.J. Simpson-esque victory? Does the courtroom turn into a scene from A Few Good Men … YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

And most importantly, how worried are we the NCAA is going to drop the hammer and further sanction the men’s basketball program when a decision is announced a month or so from now? A little worried? Sort of worried? Not really worried because the penalty will be light if there’s any penalty at all?

(Those of you looking for specifics of how everything will go down, Mark Alesia of The Indianapolis Star has you covered.)

Holler at us in the comments with thoughts and we’ll do our best to get some coverage up as the day unfolds.

Also, for some background on how it’s all come to this, check out our time line with links to coverage after the jump…

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  • HM2009

    I will be very disappointed if the NCAA decides to impose considerably more sanctions on the program. We basically pulled the rug out from under our own feet in February to show the NCAA that we were serious about getting to the bottom of this situation. I believe the program has turned a completely new page on its own without the NCAA's infractions. It would be a shame if they further hampered Coach Crean's starting hand.

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  • hoosiergal

    Regardless of what happens with the NCAA, I will always LOUDLY AND PROUDLY SAY I AM A HOOSIER!!!!!!!!

  • Unfortunately, we won't know for some time what the sanctions will be. There's no media at the hearing, and the report will not come down for another month at least.

    Luckily, the NCAA's case summary seems to side with IU version of events: rouge coaches who might not have been monitored closely, but whom would have cheated no matter what.

  • You sir are correct on the part about the sanctions. However, I'm sure someone in that room will talk and give an account of what went down in the room. And that is what we'll all be waiting to hear…

  • hoosier07

    just another friday at the office where ITH remains open all day and hit refresh every half hour!! Another one here, PROUD TO BE A HOOSIER no matter what!!

  • JerryCT

    Oddly , I am pulling for Sampson to make some points in this one …………….the more he can believably defend the minor nature of infractions the less IU will get punished. Of course provided he does not throw IU under the bus .

    I think IU can also “net out” the problems to alot fewer ones than listed in the NCAA report. What I mean is :

    – of the calls , 90% were placed by Senderoff
    – 44% of the calls were associated with 2 ( or 3 ) players, Morris twins( counted as one by the NCAA), Mackey
    – 64% of the calls were recorded as less than 2 minutes and labeled as “placed” vs actual contacts
    – if you take out Mackey, Morris and 2 min calls you get 26 violations

    Now I am not saying KS was clean or told the truth but what I AM saying is that the major violations can be presented by IU as alot fewer, more focused on KS and one coach than IU's efforts at compliance. In other words……………….we are the victims here.

  • Now I know where all of the traffic is coming from…

  • jgongora86

    I'll say it again. If Iu receives any more punishments, the ncaa is pretty much encouraging other programs to keep cheating. We did everything we could to keep our program clean, and if we get further punishments what incentive do other programs have. none! If we get more punishments I want to sue the living hell out of myles brand, because i think he needs to grow up and let his anger towards IU go.

  • I think the quicker the news comes out, the worse it will be. Sampson and Senderoff have more reason, and a greater ability to spout off about the hearing. I'm working on a theory that if things go well for IU, we won't hear anything, and if things go poorly, Sampson and Senderoff will find the first microphone they can in order to start using words like “vindicated.”

  • ALH_00

    A buddy of mine mentioned jokingly yesterday that we should hope for a one-year post-season ban…saying 'what difference will it make'? I agree to the extent that I don't care what the sanction is, so long as it does not hamper Crean's recruiting. We can take the 1-2 scholarship sanction currently in place (I guess), and a post-season ban. But, please do not take away additional scholarships and/or place additional recruiting restrictions.

    I do hope the NCAA recognizes the current state of IU basketball and judges accordingly.

  • I agree. We'd be better off taking a post season ban than we would losing more scholarships or taking on more limitations in recruiting. Problem is, if the NCAA wants to make an example out of IU, they'll realize the loss of additional scholarships would be a bigger loss for the program at this point.

  • Brand has nothing to do with the hearings or the case.

  • hoosier07

    well put

  • RobertSchell

    My, my, my….what a difference a year makes, eh ladies and gents?

  • JerryCT

    I hope we argue that sInce major college sports are also big business the NCAA and TV networks would be better served by a stronger IU basketball program not a “banned” or damaged program. We have been penalized enough already………….BAN KS and ……………………….FREE IU

  • Ryan_Btown

    So, from what I've read, he's basically going to testify that he didn't get info from the checks and balances system in time? So basically he's going to try and get off the hook by blaming IU. At least that's how I've sort of read into it. Is that accurate?

  • bz

    i tend to think that the ncaa will be nice to us. reasons:
    a) we sacrificed our coach and our season already. we may as well have given ourselves a post season ban last year because, let's face it, we didn't really show up for the first round.

    b) we have restricted our head coach with the amount of contact he can have with recruits already.

    c) we have a new coach who is saying (and doing) all the right things about running a clean program for the sake of the program. program comes first, wins come second.

    d) we have turned over our entire roster. (we still have the two troublemakers in fink and taber, but now that their buddies are gone, the will be forced to go to class and behave).

    adding penalties to this program seems like overkill to me. the mess has already been cleaned up. there is no point it making it worse then it already will be. if they are really desperate to punish someone, why don't they go down to tallahassee or socal. there's definitely more to find there.

  • hoosiergal

    Worst case scenario? Post season ban, loss of an additional scholarships and restricted recruiting? Mercy, I don't think I can take waiting 6 more weeks for the penalty.

  • By the way, the Hoosier Scoop is out in Seattle and they're blogging quite a bit:

    Unfortunately, the Inside the Hall travel budget isn't quite up to par with the H-T.

  • ALH_00

    I understand. I am not holding out too much hope for leniency, but damn, look at what is going on there! Like any other team that is put on probation, etc…IU Men's B-Ball has been decimated. Goal accomplished.

    Message to the NCAA…leave IU alone and start issuing major rules violation allegations and investigating those schools that really get a competitive advantage by violating NCAA regulations regarding player eligibility.

    (I'm not saying IU is perfect, but this whole saga is so stupid wen you look at agents paying players and their families and the efforts that some schools make to keep players academically eligible and still only graduate 40%)

  • tberry

    What do you mean, “We did everything we could to keep our program clean?”

    According to other reports, IU did not monitor every month’s phone reports. If they had they would have seen the problem calls immediately and ended them. IU knew Sampson had cheated and were taking a chance on him but, still, they did not monitor him consistently.

    IU does have a major part of the responsibility for this continuing mess.

  • jgongora86

    I meant we given ourselves a justified punishment, by docking sampson 1mill. Then fired sampson,took away a scholarship, and new recruiting stipulations. i don't disagre that we did something wrong, I just think that unlike other programs we steped up to the plate and punished ourselves. If the ncaa gives us further punishments I honestly don't think other Universitys don't have any incentive to fess up.

  • BrianK

    The thing that gets me is that USC has been caught twice with players being paid and the NCAA has essentially looked the other way. The NCAA reminds me of the Bud Selig Run MLB. Ridiculous. It just gets under my skin

  • Kelin Blab

    Anyone pissed about Daniel Moore playing only 2 minutes in the Indiana All Star Game. Geez the kid can' t catch a break………..

  • Atwater

    That is exactly why the Indiana team barely one. I'm thinking that Moore could have easily given them a 25-30 point margin of victory.

  • MikeinNC

    I don't see the point in penalizing us further, geez, I think we demonstrated that we were honest in reporting the infractions, that we suffered severe consequences, and that we have taken significant steps to cleanse the program. It's not like we are some corrupt football factory that stonewalled and covered things up every step of the way….if the NCAA is going to hammer us further, what's the message they send to schools about the incentive for being straightforward and transparent? Heck, a program might as well stonewall if the NCAA sends the message that you are still going to get clobbered even if you cooperate extensively and work hard to make amends…….think about how we've handled this compared to other scandals in the past…..I think the one solace we can take from all this is that we responded with a level of class and integrity that we can be proud of…..small comfort, I know….

  • 😀

  • Kelin Blab

    question to throw out here……..

    what was a bigger circus?

    Mike Davis ending at IU?
    KS firing?
    Hiring of the new coach?

    My vote is the hiring of the new coach…..given the fact…..all the names I heard I didn't like and when I heard Krueger was on a plane heading here I almost broke down in tears.

    The Mike Davis sick day was pretty wild too…..

    KS firing was ineveitable …………

  • JerryCT

    KS firing for the following reasons:

    1. the stupid , one week , self imposed deadline to resolve a complicated mess
    2. inability to schedule the news conf due to #1
    3. no 'a priori' negotiation w NCAA on sanctions based on the “in season” firing
    4. frenzy over the interim coach and what he should do
    5. players' attitudes tanking and suspensions
    6. poor team play and losses

  • JerryCT

    KS firing for the following reasons:

    1. the stupid , one week , self imposed deadline to resolve a complicated mess
    2. inability to schedule the news conf due to #1
    3. no 'a priori' negotiation w NCAA on sanctions based on the “in season” firing
    4. frenzy over the interim coach and what he should do
    5. players' attitudes tanking and suspensions
    6. poor team play and losses