Statement from Kelvin Sampson

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kelvinclose2.JPGStatement via Indiana Media Relations from former head coach Kelvin Sampson:

I have made the very difficult decision to leave my position as head coach of the men’s basketball team at Indiana University. While I’ m saddened that I will not have the opportunity to continue to coach these student athletes, I feel that it is in the best interest of the program for me to step aside at this time.

I wish my players and staff nothing but the best for the remainder of the season. They are all truly incredible people. As I have previously stated, I welcome the opportunity to go before the Committee on Infractions in June. I look forward to getting back on the basketball court in the very near future.

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  • Martin34

    I wonder if he talked to the team after all this was finalized?Hope the guys decide to play tomorrow.

    WTF is up with Damon Bailey being there? Just when you thought there couldnt be any more. And the donor?

  • Sherron Wilkerson

    Just when we were getting back our pride in being IU fans, just when Eric Gordon made it cool to play at IU again, this happens. I do not care that Sampson made calls, it is an ignorant rule, everyone knows that every school breaks rules. The bottom line is that the NCAA picks and chooses who to bust and when to bust them. Want an example. here is one of many. I go to school at the University of Louisville and last week I had to hear Pitino stand in front of a TV camera and ridicule Sampson by saying that NCAA rules are not that hard to follow, really Rick? Is that why David Padgett drives a different car away from the Yum center every week? Is that why “T- Will” cant even spell his own name and doesn't go to class and drives a Charger with rims that cost more than the car itself? Is that why none of your players goes to class and when they do they have people do their work cause they are too dumb to do it? This is another sad day in the story that is the NCAA . They have completely screwed up football and have done their best to make our once proud program a joke, I don't want to hear that Samson is a cheater and that nonsense, They all cheat, they all make extra calls and most players get extra benefits, its America and thats what we do. The bottom line is that someone had our program on their s**t list and we the fans are having to pay the price. I have had it with the NCAA, IF, we play tomorrow and the rest of the season I will cheer as hard as ever for our boys, but the bottom line is the NCAA has left a sour taste in my mouth again, and its time I turned my back on them.

  • I agree. The NCAA is just a disgusting bureaucratic mess that is impossible to fight.

    One of the stories that I read mentioned the player at Louisville that the NCAA was going to come down hard on for getting an illegal gift certificate (or something) only to find out that the true recipient was a 57-year-old man in Atlanta with the same name as the player. Ridiculous.

    Honestly, even if IU and Kelvin Sampson were going to fight this, how would they prove that Sampson wasn't lying? It's the same with Clemens and McNamee. Perhaps Dan Burton could sit on the stand and scream at Sampson that he was a liar, too. You're absolutely right, the NCAA committee is a vile, disgusting organization and yet, without it, these vile, disgusting coaches would be out ruining kids' lives in order to get ahead and make a few extra dollars and help their self-aggrandizing ways. The whole thing stinks of week-old fish guts, and yet, I can't help it. I'm watching Winthrop and Davidson right now! I love college basketball too much to just leave it.

  • Jason

    Boy that's great logic you have there…”they all cheat.” Speak for yourself when you say “its America and thats what we do.” Do people cheat in life? Yes. Does it make it right? No. You're in a great position to throw out claims that all coaches cheat and the NCAA is picking on IU. Face the facts. Sampson did it once and was caught. He was put on probation and did it again. It's a shame because as much as it pains me to say it, he was a good coach. However, off the court, it was a whole different story. IU should be happy to be getting rid of him and not having to deal with his crap again. And stop talking about the “dumb” kids at Louisville when you can't even spell SamPson right.

  • Newtonian

    Later shitbag

  • garydavid711

    If i was a college coach and was going to cheat i would use throw away cell phones and throw away phone numbers–but i wouldn't cheat but if i was going to i would be very good at it

  • garydavid711

    If i was a college coach and was going to cheat i would use throw away cell phones and throw away phone numbers–but i wouldn't cheat but if i was going to i would be very good at it