Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who operates this site?

Inside the Hall is co-edited and co-authored by Alex Bozich and Ryan Corazza, who co-founded the site with Eamonn Brennan.

2. When did Inside the Hall launch?

ITH launched on June 26, 2007. The site has been redesigned several times since by Corazza.

3. Is Inside the Hall affiliated with Indiana University?

We are operated independently and have no affiliation with Indiana University.

4. Can I subscribe to updates?

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5. How can I comment?

• Underneath each post, there is a link to comments. You can register (free of charge) at Disqus and get access to avatars and additional features.

• Unregistered users can also comment, but there will be a delay in the comment appearing as unregistered comments must be approved by a moderator.

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6. What are the rules for commenting?

• We encourage you to comment and add to the discussion. But do your best to be respectful and avoid profanity. If we feel you have stepped over the line, we have the right to remove profanity or personal attacks.

• Political and religious conversations are not allowed.

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• Additionally, we reserve the right to delete comments that may not fit inside the guidelines above but are deemed inappropriate by the moderating team.

7. How can I locate old articles/content?

• Visit our archives for a listing of every post that has appeared on ITH.

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