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Kelvin SampsonLet’s be honest with each other: Kelvin Sampson needs to go. There’s really no reason to justify keeping him. Sampson was handed a golden ticket and he pretty much threw it away in all of our faces. He had plenty of chances. He said he was starting with a clean slate when he accepted the job. The reality is, the blatant disregard for the rules never subsided. Perhaps he felt he wouldn’t get caught or maybe he felt he was above the rules. But it really doesn’t matter. I don’t see any scenarios that result in him coaching Indiana for much longer.

The reality is, this situation is about to get very ugly in a hurry. There’s a game tonight at Assembly Hall and to my knowledge, there’s no press conference scheduled for this afternoon. And my guess is that in usual Sampson fashion, he won’t field questions regarding the NCAA allegations. Talk about a PR nightmare.

And Saturday, the bright lights will only intensify when ESPN rolls into town for Game Day. Down the road, can you imagine the circus heading towards the NCAA Tournament if Sampson is still at the helm?

So my question to you, my fellow Hoosier fans: What’s the best way to move forward? Do you force a resignation immediately? Do you fire him immediately? Do you wait a couple of weeks? Or do you ride it out until the end of the season and take all of the heat? Or is there another option out there you feel is better?

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  • kelin

    The saddest thing of this all is DJ's season….

    The kid has dealt with this type of negative coach BS twice now with Mike Davis and now with KS.
    He has worked his ass off to make himself a great player at this level and the next and this is how his senior season is being tarnished….

    If KS wants to make me happy…..step aside TODAY and let these kids go on with their season….it would be arrogant if he didn't

  • Ian B

    Thanks…I needed that.

  • kelin

    Thanks Rick for a nothing presser….thanks reporters thus far no one has asked is KS ass going to be on the bench tonite? I am BOILING ………DO SOMETHING dammit. We heard this press conference before when the last allegations happened.

  • PMK

    Sorry but I do not really feel sorry for DJ White. True he has had to overcome some adversity that wasn't under his control, but he is going to be a first rounder for someone next year. I doubt he will be pouting about his college coaches while he is cashing checks and succeeding in the League.

    The saddest thing is that Sampson screwed up once, had a clear ultimatum of what he could and could not do, and screwed up again. I'm fine with Kelvin being peaced today.

  • Timmy


  • ALH_00

    I don't want to defend KS' cheating, but what is this “clear ultimatum” of which you speak? He made the impermissilbe phone calls. Then IU found out and turned it in to the NCAA and imposed sanctions. Now the NCAA investigation has alleged violations. All of this stems from the same impermissible phone calls, except that in addition, the NCAA is saying that KS provided false or misleading information to teh University and the NCAA.

    Do you mean he was given the ulimatum at OK and violated it after he got to IU?

  • Aaron

    Might as well wait until after the season. Let's think about the players…it's the most fair option for them.

  • kelin

    Aaron if you wait til after the season…..recruiting takes a hit and then you could see a team in dissaray….transfers etc etc…..I am sure EJ would bolt for sure……I say move on now, get a coach after the final 4 and wash your hands with the whole thing

  • JamesHardy

    Are you by any chance from Fort Wayne…I'm going to assume that you are not…cuz if you were, you would know that Dane Fife is a HORRIBLE coach! I watch his team play almost every game. I would rather have Pat Knight!

  • jgongora

    I can't believe I'm saying this but I agree with Timmy as well. Is it the apocalypse aproaching us or something?

  • JamesHardy

    Kelin, I've agree and disagreed with your stuff in the past few weeks, but this is one comment I could not agree with more. The future of IU is going to rest on what happens in the next 48 hours, in my humble opinion. Recruiting, the integrity of the program, but most importantly the reputation and integrity of my Alma Mater are at stake in the next 1 or 2 days.

    My only concern here is that we're going to hear from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson if they let him go now. I would like to see what Ray McCallum can do…cuz God knows his offensive philosophy can't be any WORSE than Mike Davis' or oops should I say Kelvin's….oh hell who cares, its one in the same.

    I'm starting my recruitment of Scott Drew as of right now…look at what he did to the Baylor program that was almost eliminated 4 years ago. He's a guy that has Indiana roots and his morals are impecable. After watching Purdue play last night I wouldn't mind seeing IU fork over about $2.5 million a year to hire Painter…cuz that dude can COACH!

  • hoosier nate

    Why would recruiting and transfers take more of a hit from waiting until after the season to get rid of Sampson. I think keeping him around until the end of the season is the best bet. It allows the players the best shot at salvaging the season and terminating him at the end of the season still allows us to save face and show the committee that we were taking initiative to correct the problem. There is not going to be any new recruits made in the time difference of firing him now or at the end of the season, the only difference is coninuity and allowing this team to not be affected quite as much by the ordeal.

  • Jay

    Good point about a next coach, B. It means we've gone from a coach who wouldn't recruit (Knight) to one who couldn't recruit (Davis) to one who wouldn't do it right. The next coach HAS to get it. And to IU officials: don't try to get the next coach on the cheap. Get the money, and pay for a proven coach and recruiter. Bennet from Washington State might be great. He's young, smart, has midwest ties, and if he's anything at all like his father (former Wisconsin coach), he'll be the most ethical person in the state.

  • Don D.

    I listen to Indianapolis Sports Talk Radio as they were interviewing Don Fischer(Voice of the IU Radio Network). I realize he's an employee of the university however he says these are allegations. He talked about Ohio State firing Jim O'Brien for paying the player and how O'Brien sued and got big settlement. Before we all jump to saying Fire him – let the system complete the proper investigation. Yes maybe Sampson should say for the good of the basketball program I'm leaving the bench until this investigation is finished – however to this point that's not happened. Due to past stupid thinks the university has done for some time IU was still paying former AD Michael McNeely, former football coach Cam Cameron and I believe Ron Felling from his suit with BMK. Don Fischer said let the system do its job and the university can react. Clearly when you look at what the NCAA states it's not good and their timing prior to the three most important home games stinks!!!!!! Lets focus on Wisconsin and get a win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chuck

    He lied, fire him now, and Greenspan for supporting him after we know that he lied! I understand that Greenspan is tied to Sampson, but the Board needs to do the job and get rid of them. Indiana basketball is better than this. The program is going to be set back a couple of years, but I think the quicker the university acts, the less severe the sanctions on the program. If Sampson is coaching the game tonight, I will be greatly dissapointed. If he has any character at all, he needs to take a leave so he is not a distraction to the kids. I am a 1999 IU grad, and this sucks! We need to get a high quality coach next.

  • Chris

    Yeah I'm embarrassed too, but for all those who forget PU had some phone call violations of their own a few years back. http://news.uns.purdue.edu/UNS/html3month/1998/

  • Wouldn't it make more sense to get rid of him now and move on. Keeping him around until the end of the season doesn't seem to accomplish much, and could hurt recruiting.

  • Jeff

    You should keep in mind that forfeiting wins for this and possibly last year will be on the table as a sanction against the University. It makes no difference if he doesn't coach another game. The Sampson era, effectively, ended today. Gordon, D.J. and Kelvin will all be gone next year and if we are stripped of the victories, it will be like it never happened. The only thing that saves the University is if the NCAA looks mercifully on self-reporting the problem and firing the Coach. Maybe we don't get a post-season and TV ban.

  • Jeff

    Unfortunately, you are probably right. President McRobbie and Trustee representatives should meet privately with Sampson and offer him the chance to resign in the next few days and recommend an interim successor from his staff, either McCallum or Dakich and keep the staff together through the year. In that resignation, they offer him a modest settlement of $100k (right, 'modest'), but if he refuses and the NCAA allegations are verified, that they would execute the termination with cause provision of his contract for new violations and owe him nothing.

    The real question is do you let Greenspan search and hire the new coach and then fire Greenspan. Or, do you let Greenspan go, find a new AD who immediately has to start looking for a new basketball coach? Greenspan has been incredibly unimpressive and comes off as a bit of jerk.