NCAA reduces T-shirt gift to secondary violation

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tshirt.JPGAccording to various reports, most notably one by The Indianapolis Star, IU has received a case summary from the NCAA enforcement staff detailing the proceedings of their June hearing in Seattle. And in the case summary, there is actually a piece of good news.

Remember that T-shirt that former assistant coach Jeff Meyer gave Derek Elston? The charge has been reduced from a major violation to a secondary violation:

The NCAA defines secondary violations as isolated or inadvertent, and not giving a team a significant competitive advantage.

The charge involved an impermissible recruiting contact with Derek Elston of Tipton, Ind., during a basketball camp last summer. Former IU assistant coach Jeff Meyer was alleged to have given Elston’s coach a backpack and T-shirt.

Meyer concedes an impermissible meeting occurred but said the timing was a technical and unintentional violation. Regarding the backpack and T-shirt, Meyer said he is a longtime friend of the coach’s family and often gave them gifts from various stops in his coaching career.

This is a first here at Inside the Hall. Good news and NCAA allegations in the same post. It’s almost worth getting excited over until you remember there are four other violations that include the words “Kelvin Sampson,” “lying,” and “major.”

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  • JerryCT

    Trying to get a calander in my head can anybody confirm or add to the following ?

    1. June 3 – Negedu to visit IU
    2. June 10 – Crawford back to IU
    3. June 13 ? – NCAA hearings
    4. ????- Negedu decision
    5. ????- NCAA report on sanctions
    6 ????- first official or unofficial team workout

    Anything I missed ?

  • hoosier2601

    The NCAA is a freakin joke. Giving someone a t-shirt was considered a “major violation” ?????????? Seriously???? What about Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo getting paid? I mean USC turned a blind eye to that for the last couple years, and there are no violations!!??? What the F***!!?!?!??!!??!?

  • I understand that there were some wrong doings at Indiana. I think those of us who are die hard fans are ashamed of what happened at IU because win or loose we did things the right way and the rest of the country knew that. From what I understand this is really Sampson's fault and not Indiana's. No one outside of the Coaching staff gave the kid a bag or a shirt. The is no way to monitor phone calls when they are from personal phones nor is there a way to monitor calls that were made from one phone and then made into a 3 way conversation. I agree with hoosier2601……USC has really done some serious things to break the rules. UNLV did some serious things to break the rules. I think that this whole situation is blown way out of proportion and it is ridiculous. We got rid of Sampson in the middle of the season. Self imposed recruiting restrictions and denied ourselves a scholarship. I have read blogs/articles about other schools who have done was Sampson did or worse and there was no post season ban on them. We have a new coach. All but 3 players are new. These kids and staff do not deserve to pay for mistakes made by a different coach This is pretty much bull shit and I'm not trying to be bias here. There are plenty of schools goign through this same situation or worse, but since its IU, we get all the attention. I feel if we get a post season ban, it will be almost directly related to President Myles Brand hate for the hoosie……the students should of finished him off when the had the chance…lol.

  • hoosier2601

    Yea, it's not to say that Sampson didn't deliberately break the rules, but the rules he did violated seem to be pretty minor. I just don't understand the logic, and I guess I nevere will.

  • Well a lot of people hype it, but I think we will not see a post season banned………this is probably pretty standard percedure….we're just not used to it

  • MikeinNC

    I think this is a signal from the NCAA.

  • jgongora86

    If the NCAA gives us further punishments, they are pratically giving other schools no incentive to comply with the rules. We have done everything possible and now its time to stop this junk ( I used junk to replace a bad word. Thats for you kiddies out there).

  • BTOWN40

    Maybe Brand has a heart, maybe he seen the wrong direction we were going in with regarding Sampson, and his way of helping was to blow this whole thing up so we could right the wrong. He apparently was at the Crean press conference when Crean was hired.
    I honestly think you may see no excessive penalties regarding loss of scholarships or post season tournament ban.
    If I had to choose I would take a one year ban instead of a loss of scholarship

  • JerryCT

    I like this strategy JGONG. Holding IU up as the best example of self reporting and self penalizing and then NCAA rewarding us with no new sanctions or lifting any remaining ones.

  • I agree with whoever said I'd rather take a one year post-season ban than lose a scholorship. There's a good chance this team won't be playing anything after the Big Ten tournament anyway. I may be wrong. This team has a lot of potential but will be very young and we don't even know for sure if we'll have Crawford. However I don't think the Hoosiers will get any further punishment from the NCAA. With a new team and completely new staff the NCAA will probably love the changes that have been made. They have already made an example out of IU by pulling this school into such a negative spotlight. It is rather frustrating worrying about things like this when I live close to a top 5 school and see constant MAJOR NCAA violations by the local team. At least IU cares and IU fans care about the rules. I've always been proud of my Hoosiers playing by the rules.

  • Kelin Blab

    Ok so are there any we love Negedu parades planned for June 3rd???? The guy needs to know we want him here…..

    When is the first Barnstorming game???

  • tberry

    Negedu said he wants to go to a basketball program where he can win a championship

    “I don’t worry about starting; I just want to go and play my role,’’ Negedu said. “I want to win, so I won’t go to a place that loses just to play a lot of minutes.’’

  • Ryan_T

    So, that pretty much solidifies the fact that he's NOT coming to IU. So everyone needs to stop thinking we have such a great shot at him still…

  • woodpecker

    I really think this is exactly what the NCAA is doing, at least I hope.

  • Kelin Blab

    I would disagree…..

    It is obvious to us that IU won't win the NCAA title next year….I am sure Negedu knows that also……sooooooooooooo why would he even come visit??? I think we have a GREAT shot at getting him. He is not a one and done player….in my opinion….so I think our shot is as good as any other school on the list.

  • hoosierfan27

    Im not sure it solidifies him not coming here. He hasnt even taken his official here yet. Its not over till its over.

  • hoosierfan27

    Very good point we wont win immediately but well win in a year or two and i see him as at least a three year player.

  • MikeinNC

    The fact that he is coming for the visit means we have a shot, given his statements….it either means he recognizes we will contend in 2-3 years, or he values the opportunity and tradition that is part of IU hoops…if they put on a good show for him during the visit, we have a good shot.

    On an unrelated topic, does anyone know what's up with Hutchen's blog? I really like his blogging and the fact that his coverage is usually very accurate……except for the fact that he HARDLY EVER FRIGGIN POSTS….I mean, there is a lot of great stuff to post about and he is MAYBE posting one topic a week….does the Star just load him down with other stuff that makes it hard for him to find time to post?…he is supposed to be the IU expert, but sometimes they even have other staffers or even Kravitz breaking IU stories. What's up with that?

  • JerryCT

    Based on Negedu's statements I think it rules out GTech more than IU. I suppose the next question is “what is his timeframe for his college career? ” . The longer the better for us but if he BELIEVES he is a 1 or 2 year guy then I think he goes elsewhere.

    I really really appreciate however the fact that we are in the running and pray for the best

  • I think it has something to do with this being the “down” time for Hutch when it comes to reporting on IU sports, so he's taking some time and whatnot and sort of resetting. Most years, there isn't a lot to talk about in relation to IU when the summer months come rolling around.

  • bbfan

    Why do you people think IU will contend or win in two or three years? Crean never contended for anything at Marquette, and how long was he there? IU has a bunch of marginal players committed. Certainly not blue-chippers. Give me a break!

  • Were you in a coma in 2003, when Crean's Marquette team beat #1 Kentucky like a red-headed stepchild and advanced to the Final Four? If that's not contending, I don't know what is.

    While I would never hold up Purdue as a model, it should be of some comfort that Purdue has gone from a losing season in 2006 to nearly winning the Big Ten in 2008 to a consensus preseason top 10 in 2009. I see no reason why IU can't execute a similar turnaround, given our more prestigious program and more experienced coach.

  • bbfan

    Players win championships. IU hasn't signed one kid that is worth a look.

  • MikeinNC

    If players win championships, the NY Yankees should be winning the World Series every year.

  • MikeinNC

    If players win championships, the NY Yankees should be winning the World Series every year.