Someone’s not telling the truth (hint: he’s pictured)

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kelvinclose2.JPGAnother day has passed and more digging into the NCAA case summary is complete. This time, it’s excerpt from an interview with Kelvin Sampson where he denies ever being on a three-way call where he and Rob Senderoff talked simultaneously.

Here’s what Sampson said on November 13, 2007: “There was never, there was never an instance where I was on the phone with a kid where Rob Senderoff talked.”

However, interviews conducted by Mark Neyland of the NCAA enforcement staff with Yvonne Jackson (mother of Devin Ebanks), Will Buford, DeJuan Blair, Yancey Gates and Demetri McCamey tell a different story.

Transcripts of those conversations after the jump.

Mark Neyland: How certain are you about the portion of the call where there was an actual three-way conversation (with Sampson and Senderoff)?

Yvonne Jackson: Oh, I’m, I’m certain, I’m very certain of that.

Neyland: Uh, was, to your knowledge was, was coach Sampson aware that this call was a three-way call?

Jackson: Uh, I, I, I would have to think that he might’ve known that he was being attached to, uh, onto me. Uh, now how they did it, I can’t really, I don’t really know. But I, I, I believe so.

Mark Neyland: Well, tell me as much as you can remember, about, uh, about that phone call. Like, uh, how did you end up getting on the phone and, and, you know, who was saying what?

Will Buford: Well, the assistant coach (Senderoff), I was talking to the assistant coach at first, and he called the head coach and put him on three way.

: How certain are you that the assistant coach let the, let the head coach know that you were on the phone.

: I’m positive.

Mark Neyland: How certain are you that they were both involved at the same time in the phone call whether it be they were together in person together or whether it be on three way, how certain are you that they were both involved in the actual call?

DeJuan Blair
: They both were on the phone, I’m, they both was on the phone talking, we all was on the phone. And it could’ve been, like I said, it could’ve been, uh, uh, a speaker phone. You know, I don’t, I, I was at my house so I can’t say what was, what was going on at Indiana, so.

Mark Neyland
: So in terms of, of this phone conversation, was, were all three of you, both you, coach Senderoff and coach Sampson having a conversation between the three of you?

Yancey Gates: Yes.

Mark Neyland
: How certain are you that it was actually three-way conversation with all three of you on the phone at the same time talking?

Demetri McCamey
: Uh, the, it was, like I said, like a regular three, ’cause there’s only three people on the phone. There was no more of the coaches or nothing.

: But you’re sure all three of you were on the phone at the same time?

McCamey: Yes.

: And are you sure that coach Sampson was talking to coach Senderoff while you were on the phone, too?

McCamey: Yes.

I’d put the chances of Sampson being the person telling the truth at say, zero percent.

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