NCAA report says Sampson lied about calls

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sampson23.jpgSo says a report this morning from the Indianapolis Star… The ugly details, below:

The “notice of allegations” sent to IU president Michael McRobbie on Feb. 8 and released publicly today alleges that Sampson and his staff violated telephone recruiting restrictions imposed because of the coach’s NCAA violations while at Oklahoma, and then lied about it.

Sampson “failed to deport himself … with the generally recognized high standard of honesty” and “failed to promote an atmosphere for compliance within the men’s basketball program,” according to the allegations. The cover letter was signed by David Price, NCAA vice president for enforcement.

I’m all for due process folks, but it seems we’re beyond that point now. Don’t be shocked if swift action comes out of Bloomington (and rightfully so) sooner rather than later.

Among the student-athletes mentioned in the report: Devin Ebanks’ mother Yvonne Jackson, Derek Elston, Yancey Gates (Cincinnati), Evan Turner (Ohio State), Demetri McCamey (Illinois), Markieff Morris (Kansas), Marcus Morris (Kansas), Kenny Frease (Xavier), Dejuan Blair (Pittsburgh), Bud Mackey, Phillip Jurick (Tennessee), Robbie Hummel (Purdue), Scott Martin (Purdue) and William Buford (Ohio State).

If you care to go through the report, which we’ll be doing here throughout the day, here some links to the PDF’s obtained by the Star:

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  • Jude Komyatte

    I have referred several times to the crisis in leadership in IU hoops. Most responses to these posts have been defensive, questioning my judgement and loyalty. Most of those responses have used poor grammar and spelling. Well, are you ready to take your heads out of the sand yet?

  • kelin

    I am sure everyone is feeling the same way right now but my thoughts are with the kids who have to lace them up tonite for a huge game……this is where DJ has to take this team OVER off the court even more.

    It is a slap in the face for a lot of us who defended and supported sampson fiercley and now “he lied” and “lied repeatedly”……it is a punch in the IU faithfuls mouth.
    I still say FIRE HIM TODAY……..I could only imagine the fire storm brewing if he continues coaching this team, especially by the fan base. I won't even start on Greenspan who should help him pack and they use the same boxes and leave with him…..

    I am so PISSED

  • dabig

    If it is true that Sampson lied to IU during its investigation, then I cannot see why he is allowed to represent the school another minute. Am I missing something here?

  • ChicagoHoosier

    Shhhhhh…. do you hear that? Oh, wait… thats just Mike Davis having the last laugh.

  • SBHoosier

    Wild Scenario: Sampson is fired while Bobby Knight is suddenly available and commenting about coming back to coaching. Am I smoking something or would that be a very wild scenario if Knight was brought back?

  • jaime gongora

    oh shapoopie.

  • kelin

    That is a nice combo….Bob Knight and Jordan Crawford…..
    I can see the headlines now…..Dammit Jordan, did I ever teach you a sick spin move like that….you stop pivot and use the backboard….

  • Mikey M

    Is it too early to start discussing possible head coach candidates? I really have no ideas. Who is out there? Who could we get? Are there big names out there who would want to take over the mess this program has become?

  • geoff

    kelvin is gone.

    at least he should be.

  • kelin

    Mikey M…..after thinking about that question, I came up with ONE name
    That Matta and Blank Check…………………

  • Joe

    what's up with the black outs on the violations form? any comments there?

  • jaime gongora

    yup, give thad matta anything he wants, and don't take no for an answer.

  • JamesHardy

    My guess is that was probably EJ's name and Eric Sr. didn't want his kid to be involved?

  • JamesHardy

    I'm usually one to give the benefit of the doubt to an accused person…but after reading the NCAA Allegations, HOLY SHIT! I would say this is the best scenario…allow Bill Belichek Jr. to coach his last game tonight so that there is some sort of normalcy for this big game…then tomorrow morning, KS cleans out his office and takes all of his Al Qeada laced cell phones and carries his happy cheatin ass to Foxboro to work for the Spygate Mastermind. If you fire him today, that would kill the team's focus for tonight…but 1st thing Thursday morning…BYE BYE Sampson and hello ??? only God knows who. But just about anyone will be an improvement over Bill Jr.

  • DC Hoosier

    The black out is probably a name of a kid still under 18 and, therefore, a minor. I doubt if the Gordon's have the pull to just get a name redacted when the names of other IU commitments, such as Devin Ewbanks, appear on the report.

  • HoosierSmitty

    If Sampson AND his assistants committed these violations what happens? Do we have a staff of just Ray McCallum and Dan Dakich? I don't think I noticed those two names listed.

  • Scott Drew has already cleaned up a bigger mess and turned a team around from some serious lows.

    Keno Davis at Drake, maybe. Rob Jeter at Butler. Mark Few from Gonzaga. Thad Matta. Thad Matta. Thad Matta.

  • hysteric

    hire scott drew or dane fife…preferably the former as he is more experienced at a higher level

  • hysteric

    iu bball is done for the next 5 years at least…hopefully by the middle of the next decade, when the current 3rd and 4th graders are starting for iu, they will be back

  • deedubbadoo

    I think that part of the reason Dan Dakich was brought back was to groom him into a head coach. I agree let Sampson coach tonight and then fire his ass tomorrow morning. I blame this on Rick Greenspan, you knew what you were getting when you hired him. Like getting a hooker that you knew had VD, it stings…

  • hysteric

    greenspan has got to go too…we need somebody with a brain at the helm now more than ever…

    the general as AD? that is something i could get behind

  • ricky

    sean miller from xavier. thats where its at. and matta has got it made at osu, he would never leave

  • Dale

    Osu came off of a postseason ban to make the ncaa championship game in two years…i think realistically if we hire the right guy (this is if sampson is gone) there is no reason we can't do the same. i certainly don't think osu has had a better basketball program than iu and if they can do it than so can we

  • Anonymous

    You can't have your cake and eat it to. If you feel that Kelvin Sampson should be fired immediately, do so. Don't wait for tomorrow because firing him today “would kill the team's focus for tonight”. Their focus would be just as ruined for the weekend match-up against Michigan State.

  • MikeyD

    that's one of the best ideas i've heard. bk as AD

  • JamesHardy

    as a follower of IPFW basketball…the LAST guy Hoosier fans will want is Dane Fife…HE IS A BRUTAL COACH!!! Trust me on that!

  • Quincy

    Wow, I hope this team doesnt totally tank it now. MY iu source has said that KS. may not coach tonight and is gone tomorrow, with Ray McCallum waiting in the wings.
    You know with this cold/flu I have I feel much sicker today. Maybe I will watch Clemens lie more on TV , What a sad day in sports…

  • Doug R

    Sean Miller from Xavier

  • Elston is a minor and is implicated in the report.

  • dan

    What a disgrace!!! I feel very sorry for the die hard fans and classy fans of IU basketball. The 19th isn't going to be as exciting as i was hoping. I hope it doesn't keep your team down for to long.

  • Oh, I know Matta would never leave OSU. I guess when I wrote his name out three times, it was supposed to be like a movie sequence where you drift off into a dream. Thad Matta at Indiana is pretty much just that: a dream.

    I hadn't thought of Sean Miller. Good call.

  • Vic Maurer

    Elston's name is mentioned several times further down though under Sec. 5.

  • Vic Maurer

    Elston's name is mentioned several times further down though under Sec. 5.