2016-2017 Player Profile: Collin Hartman

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With the start of college basketball season on the horizon, we’re taking a long look at the conference at large as well as Indiana’s roster this month. Today, we continue our look at Indiana’s roster with Collin Hartman.

This isn’t the start to his senior season that Collin Hartman had in mind.

As his teammates prepare for the regular season, which begins two weeks from today, Hartman can only watch from the sidelines.

After playing an integral role on last season’s Big Ten championship team, Hartman’s availability for the 2016-2017 season is in serious doubt. On Tuesday, Sept. 20, Hartman suffered a non-contact left knee injury during an individual workout. He underwent surgery less than a week later, but the details of the injury still haven’t been specified, nor has a timetable for a return.

So, is it possible that Hartman plays this year? It’s something he isn’t ruling out as of earlier this month.

“Obviously I would love to be back,” Hartman said on Oct. 19. “Who knows when I’ll be back. Early (season), late, middle, I don’t know. I just have to stay focused and literally take it day-by-day. If I look too far ahead, I’ll get disappointed with where I’m at.”

Without injury details, it’s impossible to predict whether Hartman will have a chance to play this year. If he’s out for the year, it’s a definite blow for the Hoosiers.

As Indiana’s lone senior on the roster, he was expected to play an integral role as an on-floor leader.

“He’s not a point guard but he does so many things for us with moving without the ball, moving the ball, making plays,” Tom Crean said of Hartman last month. “We put together over the last couple weeks, which we’ll starting introducing to the team today, concept tape, the defensive concept tapes, not just play tapes and not highlight tapes certainly but concept tapes. He’s probably in 70 percent of the clips, and this was before the injury.”

In terms of the actual production that Indiana will miss without Hartman, he was a guy who could space the floor with his shooting ability and also guard multiple positions.

The Hoosiers still have a solid amount of depth even without Hartman, but there’s no doubt he would have been a key piece in what is expected to be one of the league’s best frontcourts.

Bottom Line: Hartman has improved steadily throughout his Indiana career and has gone through several injuries, including a fractured wrist that he played through at the end of last season. His positive mindset and perseverance should guide him through this latest injury setback. Still, it’s tough to see anyone go down with an injury, especially a senior who was expected to have a major role. The best case scenario for Hartman is a return for the latter part of the season and worst case, he’ll miss the entire year as he continues to rehab from knee surgery.

Quotable: “I just love that kid. He’s been through so much, and I know you’re going to ask me about timelines. I don’t have a timeline, okay, because I’m most concerned right now about his mindset. He just got back here, and that young guy was putting so much into getting ready to be our senior leader, and we’re going to need it.” – Tom Crean on Hartman on Sept. 30

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  • pcantidote

    I really hope he can make it back, at least for the B1G season. I still don’t understand what the big mystery is with the timetable. Does he really not know if it is a few weeks, a few months, a year? What incentive does he have to be so secretive about it? He has to have some sense of the timing. Oh well, it really doesn’t matter. All the best to CH.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    I don’t think coaches are legally allowed to release medical information about the players. That being said, I would think he would be allowed to release a timetable. Who knows, everyone’s body responds to surgeries differently. Leg injuries always scare me because you need them to walk around. It’s not like you can go months without using them like you could an elbow or shoulder.

  • sarge

    I think more than anyone, CH is on the minds of Hoosier fans everywhere as we start the season. He has beaten injury, expectations and has played far beyond what people have considered his ceiling. He brings so much to the team that doesn’t reflect in his stat line. He is one of many tough, hard working men that make up this roster. He sets a great example for others on and off the court. It is hard to not get emotional thinking about what he has done and given to Indiana when thinking about his injury before his senior season. Best of luck CH, and get well soon.

  • pcantidote

    Yeah, I agree the coaches and IU are not allowed to release, but CH certainly can. I am not trying to stir the pot with this….I am just genuinely curious why it is so vague. Like everyone I want to CH come back and play. Perhaps it is just very uncertain as you suggest, but it seems like in the pros there is always a least a rough timeline.

  • BL4IU

    With CH out, we’re really DON’T “have a solid amount of depth” on the front line. Returning players with D1 experience are TB/OG/JM and Morgan is coming off major surgery. As backups we have DD (a freshman albeit ranked #49), McFly (an injured Juco transfer with potential), Priller (size but no experience) and McRoberts (small college experience but hasn’t played for a year).

    Yeah, it would be nice to get CH back healthy. No idea the probabilities but major prayers his way.

  • Arch Puddington

    We will miss him. Experience and savvy, a knack for timely plays, and the ability to pull opponents’ bigs away from the basket are his calling cards, and this team could use them all. Even with all the front line talent we have, I thought he might well start. And if he hadn’t, I could easily have seen him as a 6th Man of the Year candidate. Nothing I have seen suggests he is likely to be back before the season is over, but I will be rooting for him.

  • I would disagree. Bryant, OG, Juwan, Davis, McSwain and McRoberts is a solid amount of depth. Most college basketball teams only play nine guys at the most, maybe 10.

  • BL4IU

    Surprise, surprise coming from the author 🙂

  • We’ll agree to disagree. 🙂

  • BL4IU

    Just pray for no more injuries.

  • I am Baby Cakes

    It sucks for him. Luckily we have a player like Juwan to step in. I wouldn’t be surprised to see McRoberts get a couple minutes a game like Burton did. With Bryant, OG, Davis and Morgan getting the bulk of the 4/5 minutes, the team should be perfectly fine. That is why I ranked them 9th even after the injury.

  • Shaggy_C

    This vagueness is a more recent theme with IU players under Crean’s tutelage. My hypothesis is that Crean is trying to give every player the best possible shot to “make it” and play professional ball, and part of that means keeping potentially damaging injury information close to the vest. A few years ago this wasn’t the case (Maurice Creek and Hartman’s first injury come to mind) but just like JBJ last year it has been radio silence.

  • Courtney Graber

    No substitute for experience. I think what we lose most without CH is fewer mistakes.

  • pcantidote

    That is certainly a plausible explanation, however it seems like if he ends up missing the whole season then at that point we’ll know it was a major injury anyway. Who knows. Another thought I had was does what they say somehow impact eligibility for medical redshirt?

  • marcusgresham

    There was an article in the Louisville Courier-Journal today about Hartman and his mother going through rehab at the same time (she had a knee replacement I believe, like the day before he got hurt,) and the article even stated that he refused to say what his injury is.

  • marcusgresham

    I’d agree with the author. How many years he we seen IU front lines with just a couple of guys over 6’7?

  • marcusgresham

    Unless he makes significant progress I wouldn’t count on getting minutes from McRoberts. I know the poor dude was trying to match up physically against OG at Hoosier Hysteria but he was totally outmatched. Ryan Burton was much more physical I believe.