Collin Hartman undergoes knee surgery, timetable for return unknown

  • 09/28/2016 5:20 pm in

Indiana senior forward Collin Hartman underwent knee surgery to repair damage in his left knee, the program announced on Wednesday evening.

Here’s the full statement released by IU:

Collin Hartman successful left knee surgery to repair damage from an injury sustained last week in a non-contact drill. His rehabilitation begins immediately and it is too early to determine a timetable for his return.”

Tom Crean also released the following statement: “Any time you see one of your players go down to injury, it tears you up as a person and as a program — even more so with it’s someone like Collin Hartman who has been a huge part of our success and is in his senior year. We all look forward to helping him recover and rehabilitate.”

Hartman, who started 24 games as a junior, averaged five points, 3.1 rebounds and 1.7 assists in 21.9 minutes per game last season. He shot 35.8 percent from behind the 3-point line.

The 6-foot-7 senior played several games at the end of last season with a fracture in his wrist, an injury he suffered in Indiana’s 72-69 loss to Michigan in the Big Ten tournament in Indianapolis.

It was initially believed that the wrist injury would require offseason surgery, but Tom Crean said in June that the wrist was put in a cast and did not require a procedure.

Following Hartman’s freshman season at Indiana, he suffered a torn ACL in his right knee after planting his knee wrong in a drill. As a result of that injury, Hartman missed Indiana’s trip to Montreal in August of 2014. He returned as a sophomore to play in 32 of Indiana’s 34 games.

Prior to his junior season, Hartman missed practice time with a rib injury. The Cathedral product is the only senior on Indiana’s roster for the upcoming season.

Indiana can begin practice for the 2016-2017 season on Friday.

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  • Ms hoosier

    Man!! Definitely not what we needed!! It’s really important now that RoJo,JBJ,and Jawaun all stay healthy after their injuries

  • marcusgresham

    My biggest unanswered question is “cartilage or ligament.” If it’s cartilage, he could be back fairly soon but ligament’s a different story.

  • Clayton McClure

    Never understood why they don’t just tell us what the injuries are. They are always so vague when it comes to this stuff. I completely understand that they don’t have to disclose anything if they don’t want to, but I just don’t know why you would care if the public/fans know what the injury was. Not that big of a deal, just frustrating.

  • pcantidote

    Agree. If I were in Collin’s shoes I wouldn’t care. It is being driven by health privacy laws. This is just the kind of silliness you get into when lawyers are involved.

  • ArghSonOfOhCrap

    We have so much bad luck we are bound to get some good fortune. I’m going with cartridge out for 6 weeks…

  • inLinE6

    It sounds more serious than the way they put it. Hoping for the best, but I’m guessing if the doctors don’t have a time table yet, the chance for his return this season is slim. This is all speculation, but if that’s the case, I’m not sure what our plan (and his) would be next year.

  • Clayton McClure

    All we can do is expect the worst and hope for the best.

  • Bruce Clark

    Going to miss Colin’s leadership and experience. Any good JUCO transfers out there…

  • Outoftheloop

    It is called “privacy”! It is 100% up to Collin and his family to disclose anything, or nothing, as they see fit. IU has no role to play in it at all!

  • Outoftheloop

    There is nothing “silly” about privacy at all. Collin can release any info that he wants to, or no info. It is his choice! And yes the lawyers will protect Collin’s privacy. You and I have no real need to know. So wait!

  • Berned Out

    You all should be optimistic instead of getting mopey. Look at Collin’s injury as a chance for an already crowded front court to get experience early. Here’s a list of our forwards, in case you forgot:

    Thomas Bryant
    De’Ron Davis
    Freddie McSwain (Why is no one calling him McFly any more? Honeymoon over before it even began?)
    OG Anunoby
    Juwan Morgan
    Zach McRoberts
    Tim Priller

    I’m actually excited to see how hungry we are to show Hoosier Nation that “when the going gets tough the tough get going.”

    And Collin will be right there on the sidelines cheering and mentoring.

  • Clayton McClure

    Again, I completely understand that and if he doesn’t want it released then he has that right.. I personally just wouldn’t care if people knew. I don’t see the harm in it.

  • pcantidote

    No, it is silly lawyer crap. IU can apparently say he has a knee injury. Then they can say he had surgery. Why isn’t that private?

  • David Macer

    It’s called HIPPA. He can tell us; the university cannot.

  • David Macer

    Would u like a healthcare professional telling your medical secrets ?? Even Trump should have privacy !! Lol

  • David Macer

    No schollies available.

  • At the end of last season, I was pretty much convinced that this upcoming season would hinge on injuries. However, I was thinking specifically of how JBJ, RJ, and JM would be doing by now, not that somebody would get a new injury. Mostly, though, I hope it’s not too serious for CH’s sake–I’m just a fan, that poor kid has to deal with the pain, recovery, and loss of playing time.

  • (Not so) Berned Out

    CH has struggled with injury in the past. I think he’s been playing at less than full capacity for a long time. I wasn’t shocked at the news. In a way, I prefer to know now rather than later, so we could start giving minutes to someone else early in the season.

  • (Not so) Berned Out

    Why? We have plenty of options at his position, including “glue” guys. He’s not irreplaceable. I think people are exaggerating his uniqueness in terms of what he offers.

  • (Not so) Berned Out

    I’m all for minimalism and privacy here. The program does not need to add yet another (public) narrative to all that’s going on.

  • HardRockHoosier

    Have you ever heard of medical privacy laws?.. They are not allowed to disclose certain details about anyone, unless those people sign release forms to allow it. It’s all of those ‘legal beagles’ that are involved with everything…

  • Lance76

    It’s always serious if you are the patient. If it were ligament, they would likely say he is done for the year. With a statement on return that was vague, it likely is cartilage.Although not great,it may provide a rally point for rest of team ie JBJr last year. Out of adversity comes opportunity.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    tough luck for CH, and for the team. i really think he would have been a solid contributor this season. now time for one of the younger guys to step up, and maybe we’ll get to see CH come tournament time. the kid sure does deserve a break

  • IdahoHoosier

    Collin is still a human being and alive and well. His not being able to play is a setback. No one here has said IU will be unable to play or win this year without him. But not having him is a loss to experience and depth no matter what controversial thing for the sake of reaction you choose to say. IU will still be a good team this year, but IU fans are allowed to appreciate Collin and any real fan knows he is a good player who will be missed.

  • (Not so) Berned Out

    What controversial thing have I said? What you are saying is exactly what I am speaking against. The experience we lose with Collin is experience gained by someone else. Yes, he will be missed on the court, but I also said he will be there as a mentor, and I bet as an unofficial assistant coach. In fact, if he has any desire to go into coaching, this might be his golden opportunity.

  • IdahoHoosier

    What anyone says on this forum is “exactly what you are speaking against”. I agree with you that there are positives that will come from the setback. But you know exactly what you say in attempts to incite response. See your posts above questioning why we would miss Collin’s experience and leadership. “I think people are exaggerating his uniqueness in terms of what he offers”. Why argue with someone posting an opinion on a good player? You seem to be a decent enough writer that you should be able to express your opinions without bashing everyone else’s. Your lack of tact aside, there is truth in what you say about opportunities arising for other players and for Collin as well. But that doesn’t need to take away from the fact that it would be even better if Collin were on the floor all season.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    Good thing OG and Juwan played meaningful minutes last year, bummed for CH but this train will continue to roll!

  • (Not so) Berned Out

    I didn’t “bash” anyone, just told them to quit moping, LOL. It was an invitation to converse! Seemed to work! I’m glad you didn’t just ignore me by listening to Puddington and Others 🙂

  • Oldguyy

    Actually HIPAA, but yes, the university must be very careful about what it says due to that unconstitutional law, unless they’ve bought protection from the Clintons or someone else in Obama’s menagerie.

  • HuntinHoosier86

    Ok, I’m not sure exactly where to post this, but I started thinking about our starting 5 and then subs and am currently a little freaked out. With CH out due to knee surgery (and the likelihood of coming back this season slim, IMHO), I really feel like this should be the starting 5 (subs are in parentheses next to them):

    1.) RJ (JN)
    2.) JBJ (CuJo)
    3.) OG (McFly)
    4.) JM (!)
    5.) TB (DD)

    It’s looking to me like the only option we’re gonna see a lot of DD switching from the PF to C positions given whether or not TB or JM is on the floor. If TB is on the floor, DD will play PF and if JM is on the floor, he’ll switch to C. Obviously, at some point, JM and TB will have to be on the floor at the same time to give DD a breather. This concerns me since DD missed all of the conditioning over the summer. Now, he has to not only catch up in that department, but ALSO learn positioning in all the plays for the C and PF positions!

    Of course, this is all a moot point if CTC decides to go with a 3 guard lineup, but who freakin’ knows…….

  • dwdkc

    If it was clear he was out for the season, they would probably say so. My take is that Collin and the docs don’t really know how long the recovery will be, with enough precision to say he will play or not, but there is a chance he will. That brings up a decision for him, when the time comes, whether he returns for just a part of his senior season where he might not be 100%, or waits and redshirts. That is a decision of intense interest to a lot of people and he understandably wants to make it without a lot of unnecessary noise from the outside.

  • inLinE6

    Redshirting may not be as simple as it sounds. He already graduated and enrolled in graduate school now. With Justin Smith in the fold and we’re still heavily involved with Kris Wilkes, the wing position will be overloaded next year. I really hope he can be back in 3 months and help us solidify a B1G champ and hopefully national champ. Things would be complicated if he’s completely out.

  • BC Hoosier

    Personally, I think we’ll start a three guard lineup to start the season….JN, RJ, JBJ, OG, and TB. This lineup is our most experienced and gives IU more flexibility off the bench. Remember, IU has KU right out the gate, you want experience on the floor. Additionally, we play a ton of small programs, with small lineups, during the non-conference and a three guard lineup probably plays better early on. I think Morgan can bring immediate energy off the bench and fits that role perfectly.
    With Hartman’s injury, until we know more, it’s next man up. Each man in the front court will probably see some extra minutes, but I really think this opens a few minutes each half for Green (especially starting a three guard lineup). Think Neigo’s minutes and role last year.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Huntin, hello. I agree with most of your lineup but I believe TB, OG and DD will play on the floor together at least 70% of the time. JM , to me, just isn’t the scorer he needs to be for starting. This is why losing Collin for any games concerns me. He along with TB, JBj, RJ and JM had a team chemistry. Just my opinion.

  • dwdkc

    I doubt he wouldn’t be wanted back, he would have too much to offer to the team. Admittedly we’d be overcommitted by at least one scholly in all likelihood but we’ve been there before. But the complications are all the more reason he’d want to keep the process of figuring it out private.

  • TomJameson

    No, it isn’t silly. Would you care if all of your medical information was put out there for everybody to see? You may say you don’t care, but in reality, I think you would care if everybody know your business.

    I know I don’t want just anybody looking at my records.

  • pcantidote

    You missed the point. Apparently it is ok for IU to say “he hurt his knee” and “he had surgery”. Why is it such a leap to say “he will be out 6 months” or whatever the case is? That is a far cry from “all your medical information”. I just don’t buy it.

  • (Not so) Berned Out

    The Republicans signed on to make a betting game out of federal privacy policy, and they happened to lose the bet. That doesn’t make them more noble.

  • Eljay

    Really? Medical confidentiality has been around for hundreds of years. HIPAA was passed in 1996, and is certainly constitutional.

    That said, some of us come here to get away from all the political nonsense out there these days.

    There are about a million political websites there. Try a couple of them…

    Now, back to what’s really important: our team, it’s players, and the upcoming season!

  • (Not so) Berned Out

    Everything is political. Plus, knowing Oldguyy, he probably won’t respond to the counterargument. He’s a one-comment / single-insult guy. No stamina, just like Hillary. LOL.

  • Eljay

    Whatever. Just hop on over to a political website and chat about IU basketball.

  • (Not so) Berned Out

    So why don’t you share a basketball insight, wise guy?! LOL. Btw, I wish you’d post more, Eljay.

  • HuntinHoosier86

    Yep, but whenever I hear/read “three guard lineup”, I get PTSD-ish flashbacks of a few years ago when at one point we had Collin Hartman at center bc we had no other option. However, like you said, we have a better rotation to do that with now versus back then.

  • HuntinHoosier86

    So you’re saying it will be TB, DD, RJ, JBJ & OG as starters? That means Juwan will have to play some 5 to give TB a breather. Not sure who will give DD some rest…

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    I know. That is why McFly, Juwan and others are not going to sub/play their normal positions sometimes. That is why I think the injury to Collin is significant to the rotation. Crean may go to the 3 guard rotation also to give the “Bigs” a rest. I wish I knew but maybe that is what is IU is faced with dilemma wise.

  • CreamandCrimson

    In the scenario you are asking for help with, Hartman is out for the season. Looking back to 2015-2016, that means replacing 21 minutes per game. According to people that have seen the team/Thomas Bryant in person, he’s ready to handle a larger load this season. So, we’ll see an increase in minutes for him. I think Freddie McSwain will see more time than initially thought, hopefully he’s ready for that. Juwan Morgan and OG will certainly more time than they did a season ago and I think we all feel good about those two. As others have pointed out, we might see more three-guard lineups than most of us would prefer (sliding OG to the 4 I suppose) and I think Devonte Green, a guy you don’t have listed, will be a big part of that due to his length and potential as a perimeter defender.

    One player to keep an eye on as a potential “forward” type that could provide some of the things Hartman does/did, at least in short bursts, is Zach McRoberts. McRoberts is 6’6″ and pretty athletic and he was on scholarship at Vermont. I saw him quite a bit at Carmel High School and he was a good defender and rebounder and I think he could offer some high-energy and effective play for short 3-4 minute bursts if needed.

  • HuntinHoosier86

    I actually hadn’t considered Green as a guy cracking the rotation with any kind of meaningful minutes this year, but I would be happy to be proven incorrect by him. I also considered McRoberts as a sub given his size, but haven’t seen a second’s worth of film on him. Guess I might be overreacting a little.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I think your concern is a valid one and if Hartman is out for the year, he will be sorely missed and he will leave a hole that can’t be perfectly filled. I’ve heard positive things about how Green is performing since arriving on campus. As for McRoberts, I haven’t seen him play for a few years but I remember what he did for a very successful Carmel program in high school, particularly on the defensive end. He was always a bit skinny but we know what the IU weight program is capable of and I think he may be a guy that can step in and, at the least, not be a detriment. Think Ryan Burton type minutes and impact I suppose.

  • HuntinHoosier86

    Yup. All we can do at this point is wait and see.

  • BMusic

    I can’t imagine much worse news.Yeah, I know: he’s not exactly a lottery pick. But you want your senior leader on the court, not on crutches. Plus, I just love the guy. Sad, sad news.