Jordan Hulls Archive

Leading the way

Through endless hard work, Jordan Hulls changed IU’s basketball culture

By Justin Albers

On paper, Jordan Hulls’ story seems pretty simple. Bloomington kid grows up dreaming of playing at Indiana University. Works hard, becomes Mr. Basketball, goes to Indiana, succeeds.

And while there’s some truth in that abbreviated version, Hulls’ path to the Hoosiers wasn’t nearly as smooth as it may appear from the outside.

He was under recruited, overlooked, ignored, and told on more occasions than he can count that he would never play Division-I basketball.

“I wasn’t really recruited by anybody,” Hulls said. “It’s just the way it was.  I was just a little kid running around shooting 3s and stuff.”

Even when he did start to be recruited, Hulls never planned to go to Indiana just because he was a Bloomington kid. It was about the right fit, and under Kelvin Sampson, Indiana didn’t appear to be it. At the time, Hulls was a big Duke fan, and would have given anything to go play there.

“Everybody thought ‘well, he’s coming to IU, right? That’s just an automatic,'” Hulls father, J.C., said. “And no, not at all. He wasn’t really coming here.”