• MillaRed

    I don’t know a lot but I know this. Jordy’s neck has gained 6 inches in width since he showed up in Bloomington. Talk about a transformation in the weight room.

  • BillD

    His haircut works really well for him.

  • SCHoosier

    Yea I noticed that too..he’s not gonna get pushed around by any kid he guards. Jordy will be a coach on the floor and will demand the committment of the opponent’s best defensive guard…or he’s gonna light some teams up:)

  • MillaRed

    Something tells me the ladies are on him like stink on poo. He could die that hair pink. It wouldn’t matter.

  • VerdellJonesIV

    I was really hoping he wouldn’t cut his hair until April. Get that Nash-flow going.

  • ace132

    good point. other PGs wont push him around, they’ll just go around him. KIDDING, hopefully

  • Pritch24

    Hey if he’s planning on growing that thing out until the first loss of the season, it may end up like Nash…or Bob Marley

  • Remy Willing and Abell

    I really think Jeyney Jackson deserves a lot of props for the job he has done with our players as the strength coach .Every year I’ve watched what he does with these guys , and the seem to bulk up more than other teams . I think he coupled with cook hall play a important part in our recruiting and progress .

    And I REALLY don’t care about what Jordy does with his hair !


    There will be games when, even with the other team’s best defender on him, he will still light them up.

  • Geoff_85

    I agree for the most part. To be fair though, Coach Crean came into almost never before seen circumstances, so for him to win anything in his second year would have been nearly impossible, but when you consider the team that Roy Williams had over at UNC in his second year, it obviously wasn’t impossible and you could see why he got a title in his second year there. I’m sure you weren’t necessarily referencing Williams or that team, but I just wanted to point out the very different circumstances that Coach Crean had.

  • Geoff_85

    That will be fun to watch. I love watching him drain threes, but his mid-range game is pretty underrated. Sometimes he does take that extra step and dribble and knock down a long 2 or a runner.