• Southport65

    Why does the IU team roster not list a height for Zeller? They did have him listed as 7′ 240 lbs. Not a big deal just curious?

  • stroot

    Your calendar must look different than mine.

  • MitchellBMitch

    I believe Lucas is referring to the IU basketball practice that will be on espnU this friday. First of the season! Go Hoosiers…

  • stroot

    If that’s the case, his math is still… oh, never mind. Go Hoosiers.

  • cookie

    Actually 11 days until hoosier hysteria and 3 days until the first official practice which is closed to the public but will stream live on espnu.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    this is gonna be a BANNER YEAR!! i can feel the magic already!!

  • jmoney

    They will both start all year. Hulls will be the primary shooting guard and he will play the point when Yogi is on the bench. If they’re both on the bench, then I see Remy and maybe Vic playing the point.