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Wetzel on NCAA, IU: Justice not served

  • Ryan Corazza 12/10/2008 4:44 pm  

OK: So, Alex sent over this Dan Wetzel column this morning, and then we got it e-mailed in, and you’ve all been talking about it in the comments. This one needs its own post. When I finally got to reading ...

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Reactions to NCAA decision

  • Alex Bozich 11/25/2008 5:42 pm  

There’s no shortage of reaction to today’s announcement from the NCAA Infractions Committee. As always, the guys over at The Hoosier Scoop are right on top of it. — Kelvin Sampson’s official statement — Audio: Tom Crean reacts to NCAA ...

NCAA releases infractions report on IU

  • Alex Bozich 11/25/2008 4:05 pm  

At 4PM EST this afternoon, the NCAA officially released its findings of an investigation involving Kelvin Sampson, Rob Senderoff and the Indiana University men’s basketball program. You can read the 60-page report by clicking here.

In the clear: NCAA accepts IU’s self-imposed penalties

  • Alex Bozich 11/25/2008 12:30 pm  

Take a deep breath. And then take a sigh of relief. After a lengthy investigation, the NCAA Infractions Committee has decided that Indiana’s self-imposed sanctions are sufficient and that no further penalties to the men’s basketball program are warranted. IU ...

A lonely $2 Sampsonite shirt rests at Steve and Barry’s on a brisk Bloomington Sunday

  • Ryan Corazza 11/10/2008 12:26 pm  

I almost bought a few of these, but opted for two longsleeves for $15 instead. What a deal!

Kelvin Sampson + rogue cell phone use = IU hemorrhaging money

  • Alex Bozich 10/10/2008 3:54 pm  

Not that you don’t already despise Kelvin Sampson enough (at this point, what IU fan doesn’t?), but the legal bills are starting to roll in from Ice Miller and a tuition hike is on the horizon if things keep up ...

Kelvin Sampson would like you to know he’s innocent

  • Ryan Corazza 10/01/2008 12:10 am  

The NCAA finally let IU respond back to its allegations. And well, the university didn’t agree with that whole “failure to monitor” bit. IU says Kelvin Sampson held back on just when, where and how he was going about his ...

A quick read of IU’s NCAA response

  • Eamonn Brennan 09/30/2008 12:43 pm  

So, doing my offseason Dagger due diligence, I tried to summarize today the logical arguments at the core of Indiana’s response to the NCAA about the Kelvin Sampson allegations. I wrote: Indiana’s main arguments are, simply, that the “failure to ...

Weird: The NCAA gives IU nine more days to respond to allegations

  • Eamonn Brennan 09/16/2008 3:53 pm  

The Hoosier Scoop has the, ahem, scoop: The NCAA faxed a letter to IU today telling the school it was being granted an extra nine days to send its response to the NCAA’s allegations that Kelvin Sampson did some very ...

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Possible AD candidates start to trickle out

  • Alex Bozich 07/05/2008 11:32 am  

The Indianapolis Business Journal has an excellent piece this morning on the search for a new athletic director and it includes a list of candidates that could potentially fill the opening: Former IU basketball player and current Senior Associate Athletic ...

McRobbie on Sampson: “A risk that should not have been taken”

  • Alex Bozich 07/01/2008 9:18 am  

Indiana University President Michael McRobbie, who might be finally starting to figure out the importance of the basketball program in Bloomington, told the NCAA infractions committee in a hearing last month that hiring Kelvin Sampson was a mistake. Who knew? ...

Rick Greenspan gone at IU; University charged with ‘failure to monitor’

  • Ryan Corazza 06/26/2008 3:23 pm  

Just as I breathlessly thanked everyone for our first year and alluded to all the drama of the past year that has seemingly passed us by, something else creeps up. Rick Greenspan has resigned as athletic director at IU, effective ...

Inside the Hall turns one year young

  • Ryan Corazza 06/26/2008 11:30 am  

A year ago today, Big A tossed down the very first post on this here blog. (About Bud freakin’ Mackey of all people.) Since then, it’s been about the most gosh darn eventful time in IU’s recent — or perhaps ...

Kelvin Sampson will go on-and-on about Eric Gordon, but not his phone habits

  • Alex Bozich 06/18/2008 5:10 pm  

Kelvin Sampson, who recently went out the back door of Hotel Deca between two dumpsters to avoid the media at the NCAA hearings, has apparently taken on the role of public relations manager for Eric Gordon. Rather than giving us ...

Open thread: Friday the 13th in Seattle

  • Staff 06/13/2008 6:30 am  

Update #2: The hearings concluded late on Saturday and The Hoosier Scoop has comments from Rick Greenspan, Jerry Meyer and Rob Senderoff’s attorney. The case is now in the hands of the infractions committee and it could be as long ...

Someone’s not telling the truth (hint: he’s pictured)

  • Alex Bozich 06/06/2008 6:38 pm  

Another day has passed and more digging into the NCAA case summary is complete. This time, it’s excerpt from an interview with Kelvin Sampson where he denies ever being on a three-way call where he and Rob Senderoff talked simultaneously. ...