McRobbie on Sampson: “A risk that should not have been taken”

  • 07/01/2008 9:18 am in

mcrobbie5.jpgIndiana University President Michael McRobbie, who might be finally starting to figure out the importance of the basketball program in Bloomington, told the NCAA infractions committee in a hearing last month that hiring Kelvin Sampson was a mistake. Who knew?

“Indiana University took a risk in hiring Coach Sampson and giving him a second chance following his problems at Oklahoma. It is now clear that this was a risk that should not have been taken and the university regrets doing so. These coaches were entrusted not just with the success of our men’s basketball program, but with the good name of Indiana University. I am not just saddened, I am angry, that they betrayed that trust.”

As more and more information from the hearing starts to become public, you’re going to see a trend. IU stance: We should have never hired Sampson. Please don’t hurt us, NCAA overlords. We’ll never misbehave again! Sampson and the coaching staff were rogue actors who we could not control (despite the fact that we had their phone records; hence the failure to monitor charge).

You know, I could almost get on board with the rogue actors theory, but the fact that IU wasn’t on top of this whole fiasco from the beginning leaves me with little sympathy for any carnage that might ensue. Luckily for all of Hoosier Nation, IU has the right man in Tom Crean to rebuild the program. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a rough couple of years.

{Thanks to HoosierGirl for the tip on this one.}

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