McRobbie on Sampson: “A risk that should not have been taken”

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mcrobbie5.jpgIndiana University President Michael McRobbie, who might be finally starting to figure out the importance of the basketball program in Bloomington, told the NCAA infractions committee in a hearing last month that hiring Kelvin Sampson was a mistake. Who knew?

“Indiana University took a risk in hiring Coach Sampson and giving him a second chance following his problems at Oklahoma. It is now clear that this was a risk that should not have been taken and the university regrets doing so. These coaches were entrusted not just with the success of our men’s basketball program, but with the good name of Indiana University. I am not just saddened, I am angry, that they betrayed that trust.”

As more and more information from the hearing starts to become public, you’re going to see a trend. IU stance: We should have never hired Sampson. Please don’t hurt us, NCAA overlords. We’ll never misbehave again! Sampson and the coaching staff were rogue actors who we could not control (despite the fact that we had their phone records; hence the failure to monitor charge).

You know, I could almost get on board with the rogue actors theory, but the fact that IU wasn’t on top of this whole fiasco from the beginning leaves me with little sympathy for any carnage that might ensue. Luckily for all of Hoosier Nation, IU has the right man in Tom Crean to rebuild the program. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a rough couple of years.

{Thanks to HoosierGirl for the tip on this one.}

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  • JerryCT

    Sounds like McRobbie has become Sherlock Holmes ……………………….2 years too late.

  • B_MD

    Any chance he comes out and throws whoever was in charge of Sampson's hiring under the bus?

    I really think the university needs to come clean and thoroughly explain who was the driver behind the hire.

  • NC Fat Boy

    I haven't seen anyone throw themselves under the bus…

  • B_MD

    He wasn't the president when Sampson was hired.

  • pacino

    IU is in a mess and needs some serious help! I say we all go after Sampson and Greenspan and make them taste a little bit of some sweat REVENGE!

  • hoosier07

    The two people responsible for hiring KS are adam herbert (GONE!) and rick greenspan (on his way OUT!). As of december '08, anyone who had anything to do with KS will be away from the program, with the exception of Kyle Taber…. and he seems pretty harmless to me…

  • B_MD

    Yes, but I still think what's missing is a detailed explanation of how the hiring went down. Not that I think we'll ever really know though.

  • pacino

    It will take a couple of years, but Crean will get the program going!

  • Kelin Blab

    pacino I agree, our best opportunity is Bucks vs. Pacers and let that a-hole have it from warm ups to the end of the game………not that I go to pacer games but I will be at that one…

  • I wish I could just speed things up a bit to this fall when we know all the NCAA penalties, etc. Just get it over with really, they take forever down there.

  • JerryCT

    This ordeal is so slow and painful its like I imagine “death by sander” would be …… know ……..when you hold a Black & Decker sander to your head and pull the trigger.

  • flhoosier

    Can someone explain why you would wait to force Greenspan to resign now, and not before going before the NCAA or even hiring a coach for that mater

  • JerryCT

    I think the “failure to monitor” charge falls directly on him as AD and there may be some truth to it……….I hope not. Before the charge we had to defend our AD's monitoring. In view of this institutional charge he had to go along with the rest of them .

    I agree about “why now” for a different reason. If we are going to fight this thing tooth and nail then we needed to stand by him. This makes me think we are going to turn the other butt cheek…………..if you catch my drift

  • Ryan_T

    Technically, Taber was a walk-on during the Davis era. The only “true” player to come in through Sampson (again as a walk-on) is Fink.

  • HoosierSmitty

    Phone calls? We're still talking about phone calls? Seriously…that's what all this stemmed from…and the opinion of a president who virtually had nothing to do with this (even though he could have dealt with it when he arrived) suddenly makes news.

    Did IU really blow it by hiring Sampson? OBVIOUSLY.
    Did IU maybe not monitor him as closely as it should have? PROBABLY
    Did IU try to do the right thing and report what happened when it learned of the problems? YES
    Were the problems even that big of a deal? NOPE
    But since Sampson was already a crook and IU hired a crook, it makes it a big deal? I GUESS THAT'S WHAT THE NCAA IS TELLING US.
    Should IU have just canned Sampson right away instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt and cowering in the fear of a lawsuit? MAYBE

    But does that mean that IU was secretly hoping he'd just get away with cheating and that IU hired him with the hope that his sleazy ways would bring us another national championsip? NO WAY

    Did someone do something wildly inappropriate with Myles Brand's wife when he was at IU? I mean, what gives?

  • CutterInChicago

    Take this FWIW

    “Three days after IU's recent hearing, the infractions committee chairwoman, Nebraska law professor Josephine “Jo” Potuto, spoke to the Knight Commission, a college sports reform group.

    She noted that schools often say, “Hey, look, it was the coach. We had no idea he was doing it. We had a compliance system in place that was adequate and reasonably constituted to check violations, and we didn't detect it.”

    Potuto added, “What's missing from that is institutions only can act through individuals. . . . The university has to be responsible for the acts of those who do things on their behalf or in their name, however much the university would say, 'This is not the kind of conduct I want.'”

  • JerryCT

    Sounds like a typical professor w no practical experience. Basically she advocates punishing the innocent who in good faith tried to establish compliance.

    Auditors know that there is no system that cannot be “defrauded” through willful, collaborative misconduct eg passing a phone to a coach who is not supposed to be talking to recruits. What do we do ? Bug the phone and listen in ? Reasonable ?

    What I think is happening here is that the NCAA has 1) problematic rules that 2) are routinely broken by most coaches and 3) the NCAA typically cannot detect this unless the offenses are extreme , like 500 phone calls, and a way of life, like KS.

    Now IU has become the focus to beat us up in order to scare coaches into compliance that the NCAA and institutions ordinarily cannot control.

    This professor adds nothing productive as usual.

    Now, if the NCAA had a 5 year or lifetime ban on coaches caught twice then maybe the coaches would more carefully comply.

  • B_MD

    This is off topic, maybe Big A can make a post, it might not be worth that, but what does everyone think of Baron Davis going to the Clippers and how that affects EJ?

    I think it's a good thing. My worry about the Clips was that he'd be going to a situation where they just rolled the ball out and said put up as many shots as possible, we're not winning anyways.

    Now he gets to be a sixth man on a competitive team and learn the NBA game in a team concept from veterans. Plus, he'll get to defend Baron everyday in practice.

  • I believe. Yes i really do. There is a conspsiracy against my beloved IU bball program. SOMEONE at the NCAA seems to have a bias against us so large it DEMANDS investigation by the legislature or congress or someone. Time to prod our local politicians ( they live for posturing anyway).

  • I believe. Yes i really do. There is a conspsiracy against my beloved IU bball program. SOMEONE at the NCAA seems to have a bias against us so large it DEMANDS investigation by the legislature or congress or someone. Time to prod our local politicians ( they live for posturing anyway).