Kelvin Sampson will go on-and-on about Eric Gordon, but not his phone habits

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sampson883.jpgKelvin Sampson, who recently went out the back door of Hotel Deca between two dumpsters to avoid the media at the NCAA hearings, has apparently taken on the role of public relations manager for Eric Gordon. Rather than giving us the explanation we all deserve about his repeated acts of stupidity while in Bloomington, out the back door Kelvin talked to Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman about EJ and his future in the league.

The willingness of Sampson to speak to Mayberry was likely contingent on an agreement that the NCAA mess would not be discussed. (He might not ever talk, but please, pester him until he finally caves.) Anyway, here is Kelvin pronouncing his man love for Gordon:

“I don’t see how this kid could miss. He’s good. He’s really, really, really good, and he has a chance to be great.”

“The thing he can do is score, and his size is not going to be a factor (in the NBA). He is a shade under 6-foot-4, but he weighs right at 215 pounds, maybe a little more. He’s a great athlete. He has great explosion off the dribble and has great range.”

“If you saw him in college this year, he got double-teamed and he was the focus of everybody’s scouting report but still succeeded. He’s the real deal. There’s not any question in my mind about this kid.”

“Eric is going to be a prolific scorer at some point. I think the maturation process for him has a lot to do with how good the team is that drafts him. If he goes to a team that’s building and is probably a couple years away from making the playoffs, that probably can speed his maturation up some, kind of like Kevin Durant.”

“You have to understand that Eric turned 19 last year. So he’s still a kid that’s a freshman in college. He’ll have some growing pains. But the thing he has is unbelievable ability. He’s one of those kids that are going to get better every year, too.”

That’s actually a pretty good scouting report. Too bad it didn’t cover how to answer your phone without looking at caller-id or the art of three-way calling. You should really talk to us about those two things, Kelvin. You are the expert.

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  • Coach_X

    “He is a shade under 6-foot-4”

    I thought the NBA combine exposed this fraud and revealed that Gordon's only 6'2″?

  • ricbraun

    He was 6'2 without shoes but 6'3 with shoes, and since he doesn't usually play basketball without shoes I'm sure I'd say 6'3 is a relevant measurement. I guess while I am looking at the page on espn he weighed 222, and had a wingspan of 6'9 (which is really good for his height). Now about those phone conversations…

  • msdiu81

    Forget Kelvin Sanctions. I'm sick of seeing stories with him on IU fan web sites. He doesn't deserve the attention that continues to be paid to him. Just forget him. He has absolutely nothing worth reading about, even if he did say he was wrong. He is, was and will be nothing more than a snake oil salesman talking to anyone who will listen.

  • N-i-c-e, way to go Samson. 😀

    Big A, love your closing comments and the picture! If we wouldn't be in such a bad situation right now I could just about lol.

  • jgongora86

    It's not in my nature, but when I see this picture I just want to punch his left cheek. Jerk

  • Kelin Blab

    I hope like hell EJ gets drafted by someone else other than KS. It would be good for him and this country……

  • OnFireMattMeyer

    Has anyone else thought about the Bucks having the pick right behind the Clippers other than Kelin Blab? (Gordon is expected to go to the Clippers but that could change) Thinking about this doesn't help us at all in the college world, but you can't rely on one and done players like Gordon for a championship anymore. I hope that Crean can recruit like Purdue and get hard nosed players that will stick around for four years.

  • hoosier07

    watch kelvin convince skiles to trade up one spot just to get EJ — haha now wouldn't that be funny!!! i wish gordon the best of luck because he does have talent, i just think it would be in everyone's best interests for him to stay as far away from kelvin as possible — could you imagine the questions the two of them would have to answer if they were back together in the NBA?! ive never hated the Bucks before, but i think after all this, i can now officially say I HATE THE MILWAUKEE BUCKS (especially their assistant coach)!!!

  • MikeinNC

    His weasel-ness just gets stronger and stronger with each public statement he makes….geez.

  • MikeinNC

    His weasel-ness just gets stronger and stronger with each public statement he makes….geez.