Rick Greenspan gone at IU; University charged with ‘failure to monitor’

  • 06/26/2008 3:23 pm in

Just as I breathlessly thanked everyone for our first year and alluded to all the drama of the past year that has seemingly passed us by, something else creeps up. Rick Greenspan has resigned as athletic director at IU, effective at the end of this calendar year. The Infractions Committee has also charged IU with “failure to monitor” which seems to coincide with what castaway Kelvin Sampson was trying to use as his defense.

From IU Media Relations:

Indiana University today (June 26) released the text of a further allegation that has been made against it by the NCAA Committee on Infractions. This allegation, called Allegation 6, is titled “failure to monitor,” and follows five other allegations made against the university earlier this year by the NCAA. A hearing concerning these first five allegations was held on 14 and 15 June. The text of the letter citing this new allegation can be viewed at http://www.indiana.edu/~iunews/letter.pdf. Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie said the University intends to defend itself vigorously against this additional allegation.

According to the Hoosier Scoop, a 4:30 press conference has been scheduled at Assembly Hall. More information is sure to trickle out from it and in the coming days. But wow: a preliminary glance at this puts IU at just as much fault as Sampson. Who would have thought that. (Certainly not me. This post might look a bit foolish now.) We’ll have more as this develops.

I think Tom Crean just got a massive headache.

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  • jgongora86

    Are we going to have an athletic director blog. Review possible candidates. at times I wish a regular sports fan ( who is not part of the board or affiliated with the athletic department) can be the athletic director. I just think you need comon sense, and thats why I don't like the athletic department right now.

  • This just proves how incompetent the brainless idiots at the NCAA are. How could another violation come out this late in the process? The NCAA had almost four months (IU submitted their report in October, NCAA responded mid-February) to diges everything and fully investigate. They came up with the five violations that they deemed as major and nothing else. Now three months later, and after the official hearing, they lay a sixth violation on IU?

    I don't blame the Athletic Department for being blindsided and extremely pissed off about this. If there was a “failure to monitor” it should've been uncovered months ago.

    By the way, this news almost guarantees a postseason ban and the forfeit of multiple scholarships.

    As for Greenspan – I could care less. I said all long if he ended up being a casuality in all of this, than so be it. Whether he was pressured by Herbert or the trustees, the Sampson hire is still viewed as his call…and what a monumental disaster that call turned out to be.

  • woodpecker

    What is the standard punishment for “failure to monitor?” … Is there a precedent?

    I feel a postseason ban would be wonderfull at this point, a loss of a schollie would hurt!

  • Per Doug Wilson of the H-T, Greenspan will receive one year of salary as a severance package. In other words, we're giving him 400k to leave. Lovely.

  • oldfan

    we came back from pretty tough sacations when football recuriting violations spilled over to all sports including b-ball in the sisties. Just hang in there Coach we will get through this because “IT'S INDIANA.

  • Adam Herbert, Kelvin Sampson, Ray McCallum, Rick Greenspan and the rest of the goons have set IU back 3-5 years. I have to believe Herbert was the mastermind behind this mess, with Sampson breaking every rule imaginable and using up all of his carryover minutes from Sprint. With those two paired up, only the anti-christ and his false prophet can rival the mayhem and destruction caused by the Herbert-Sampson faction. McCallum orchestrated who knows how many schemes to cause many players to leave. Greenspan was and is the fall guy, although the “failure to monitor” allegations makes me raise my eyebrows once more. In just 2-3 years, IU goes from being a clean program to a cesspool of havoc, corruption and lawlessness. Good riddance. Coach Crean, you have my patience, as i know it will take years to clean this disaster up.

  • msdiu81

    Greenspan should have been gone long ago and now we're going to pay him $400k? Ridiculous. Send him packing now. I don't want to see that idiot anywhere near IU.

  • No wonder IU's athletic budget isn't in that great of shape. Sampson and his lackeys get payoffs for cheating, and now Greenspan gets a $400k check to leave. Not to mention all of the turnover in the A.D. and the university as a whole the past 5-10 years.

  • I wonder if Crean could convince one Robert Montgomery Knight to take the A.D. job, lol.

  • iumike

    This is only one reason why RG should not have been sent out the door with KS and that is we needed to keep him around to take some heat. If he left w/ KS the check he got was more than enough for them to split. Regardless of who done what behind the scenes he had to know that when it was all said and done he would be the one to take most of the blame if something went wrong just as if things went real good he would get most of the credit. He might want to rethink that one again if anyone is foolish enough to hire him. Now he faces the same questions that followed KS around after he left OU and we all know how that worked out for him. If he could not see that he had to stand up for what was the right thing to do regardless of the results afterward then he is definatly not the kind of AD we need or want at IU. GOOD RIDDANCE RG

  • The NCAA sucks. Yes, it does. Why did the NCAA add FRESH hell now? IU lost its season, its coach, all its coaches.we lost respect. We lost almost all our players, WE get hit with multiple charges from the NCAA, we make our case before a NCAA Tribunal . Now, while we are waiting for judgement yet another charge is made and our AD “resigns”.Oh, and how could you have ANY sort of violation without a “failure to monitor?”.

    The NCAA and their stupid phone rules are anal. “Conference calls” are a violation? And did we ever find the phantom recruit that admits he attended IU because of a clear “Telephone” advantage? Well, the NCAA sucks and if I didn't respect the Big A and my fellow ITHers I would use more colorful language

  • aceman07

    I totally agree. And for that matter, are we hearing anything on USC's athletic programs yet? I mean, didn't they pretty much pay Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo to play for them but you don't see this stuff on ESPN for six months. No, I haven't even heard of it in a few weeks and you would think ESPN and the NCAA would be all over this considering Mayo just went third in tonight's draft???