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Film Session: How Indiana pushed the pace against Northwestern

  • Ryan Corazza 02/19/2024 2:31 pm  

The Hoosiers haven’t been a team that’s pushed much in transition this season, especially as the competition has stiffened in conference play. But against Northwestern on Sunday afternoon, the Hoosiers made an emphasis to get out and run in the ...

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The Minute After: Northwestern

  • Ryan Corazza 02/18/2024 6:21 pm  

Thoughts on a 76-72 loss to the Wildcats: Mike Woodson still hasn’t gotten over the hump against Northwestern. He’s now 0-4 against the Wildcats in his tenure. Northwestern remains the only Big Ten program he’s yet to defeat. The Wildcats ...

Film Session: How Braden Smith broke down Indiana’s defense

  • Ryan Corazza 02/12/2024 8:49 am  

Braden Smith scored 15 first-half points against Indiana on Saturday night. Out of high-ball-screen action, he set the tone and dictated things for Purdue’s offense, as Indiana had trouble stopping him with Zach Edey lingering. Today’s Film Session takes a ...

The Minute After: Purdue

  • Ryan Corazza 02/10/2024 11:21 pm  

Thoughts on a 79-59 loss to the Boilermakers: From the start, it looked like Indiana might make a game of this one. The offense came out crisp. The defense was good enough. Purdue wasn’t dominating. Indiana led for much of ...

Film Session: How Trey Galloway countered Ohio State’s ice coverage

  • Ryan Corazza 02/08/2024 8:53 am  

To mount their comeback on Tuesday night against Ohio State, Indiana ran a lot of its actions starting with Trey Galloway off the left wing. Galloway got it done in a big way, scoring 19 points and dishing out four ...

The Minute After: Ohio State

  • Ryan Corazza 02/06/2024 10:25 pm  

Thoughts on a 76-73 win against the Buckeyes: Things weren’t going well early in the second half. After arguing what he believed was a missed goaltending call, Malik Reneau said something to a referee. That garnered him a technical foul. ...

Film Session: How Penn State attacked Malik Reneau on the perimeter

  • Ryan Corazza 02/05/2024 6:55 am  

Penn State took it to Indiana on Saturday afternoon, scoring 1.38 points per possession. While he certainly was far from the only issue the Hoosiers had on defense, one player that stood out on film was Malik Reneau. Reneau isn’t ...

The Minute After: Penn State

  • Ryan Corazza 02/03/2024 3:04 pm  

Thoughts on an 85-71 loss to the Nittany Lions: Early on, this much was clear: Penn State looked very much like some of the lower-level, non-conference opponents the Hoosiers had trouble putting away earlier this season. Speedy guards. Lots of ...

Film Session: Indiana’s offensive rebounding against Iowa

  • Ryan Corazza 01/31/2024 3:49 pm  

Indiana rebounded 38 percent of its misses against Iowa, helping the Hoosiers to a 15-4 advantage in second-chance points. A combination of a lot of attention paid to Kel’el Ware and the Hoosiers’ overall determination and effort to grab the ...

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The Minute After: Iowa

  • Ryan Corazza 01/30/2024 10:25 pm  

Thoughts on a 74-68 win against Iowa: For a second straight game, Indiana played with more grit and determination, showing an elevated togetherness on defense. But this time around? The shots fell and the Hoosiers made the plays down the ...

Film Session: Xavier Johnson’s drives against the Illini

  • Ryan Corazza 01/29/2024 8:10 am  

In Indiana’s loss to the Illini, Xavier Johnson seemed to re-capture some of his explosion off the bounce, as he scored all 14 of his points and all six of his field goals via drives off the perimeter. Johnson’s struggles ...

The Minute After: Illinois

  • Ryan Corazza 01/27/2024 6:09 pm  

Thoughts on a 70-62 loss to the Illini: Indiana gave a great effort this afternoon in Champaign. The Hoosiers fought. But in the end, it’s another loss and another missed opportunity to get their first signature win of the season. ...

Film Session: How Indiana allowed Wisconsin’s Max Klesmit to heat up in the second half

  • Ryan Corazza 01/20/2024 2:27 pm  

In its loss to Wisconsin on Friday night, Indiana really let Max Klesmit get going in the second half, as he scored 23 of his team-high 26 points after the break. Some defensive breakdowns from the Hoosiers allowed Klesmit some ...

The Minute After: Wisconsin

  • Ryan Corazza 01/19/2024 11:47 pm  

Thoughts on a 91-79 loss to the Badgers: Twenty straight losses at the Kohl Center. Tonight’s version featured an Indiana team that looked out of sorts midway through the second half. So out of sorts that long-time play-by-play announcer for ...

Film Session: Indiana’s long 2s against Purdue

  • Ryan Corazza 01/18/2024 8:47 am  

As Jerod Morris of the Assembly Call pointed out on X after Indiana’s loss to Purdue, the Hoosiers are in the 98th percentile in the country on the amount of long 2s they’re taking. But they’re making just 26 percent ...

The Minute After: Purdue

  • Ryan Corazza 01/16/2024 9:47 pm  

Thoughts on an 87-66 loss to the Boilermakers:  After Purdue dominated the rivalry for years, Mike Woodson had gotten the better of the Boilermakers so far in his tenure. But tonight’s affair tipped the scales back in Matt Painter’s favor ...