A quick read of IU’s NCAA response

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So, doing my offseason Dagger due diligence, I tried to summarize today the logical arguments at the core of Indiana’s response to the NCAA about the Kelvin Sampson allegations. I wrote:

Indiana’s main arguments are, simply, that the “failure to monitor” charge brought against it by the NCAA can’t be true. Why? because former coach Kelvin Sampson and his staff intentionally misled the school about their use of cellphones, particularly in the case of Sampson’s infamous party-line maneuver. (If you’ll remember, he would have assistant Rob Senderoff three-way call from a recruit into Sampson’s cell phone; this was very much against the rules.)Also, according to the school, the “failure to monitor” can’t be true because the University reported all of these violations itself. And lastly, Indiana is making a similar argument to Mad Men’s Freddy Rumsen Sunday night — isn’t the embarrassment punishment enough?

I think I’ve got most of it there, and if those are indeed the main arguments at hand, I’ve gotta say: I am pretty impressed by them. They at least make sense, right? Do I think the NCAA will immediately raise its hands in defeat, admitting IU’s rhetorical genius and ceding the case, Perry Mason-style, in one fell swoop? No. But at the very least, IU’s administration didn’t turn in a gomer of a report. They made it clear why this was Sampson’s fault. Because it was.

Anyway, thoughts? Anyone get a different read?

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  • peaychris

    After all of this stuff i would gladly endured a couple more seasons of the Mike Davis era…. I am trying to stay positive and look forward to the new hoosiers in the next couple years… i am just glad that we have coach crean and he WANTS to be a hoosier no matter what the results, i have a lot of respect for the man already!

  • indyhoosier

    Way off of this topic but does anybody know how Braswell, and others for that matter, still has an offer on the table? There is an interview on peegs with Creek that more or less says that Braswell still has a spot available. On top of that the hoosier scoop has an interview with capobianco basically asking if he is worried that he would lose out if someone else was offered. How does this work? If someone was rejected that was already offered that would be horrible pr and bad for recruiting.

  • Off topic again, but what is up with the poll? Since when did we all become PURDUE fans? Or do they have such a wonderful recruiting class coming in that they can't help but be good?

  • indyhoosier

    It has nothing to do with their incoming class. Did you watch the Big Ten Last year? I hate to answer this question because it is extremely hard. Purdue is going to be tough this year. I am not a purdue fan, but I'm real. They could very well be a top ten team.

  • Of course I watched it, hoosier basketball was going on! Do they have a big guy this year?

  • MPmike

    This is where the coaching staff is taking something of a gamble. It's been common practice for coaches to offer an extra scholarship or go over one in which they don't have. That's when the coaches are betting someone already on the team will transfer next season. Most likely players will transfer after a coaches first year. If no one transfers, that's when the coach will ask an incoming player or a returning player that it's better for them to transfer. That's a gamble coaches make.

  • babydaddy08

    Can we get another story up and get Sampson's picture off?- I for one am sick of looking at the scumbag…

  • babydaddy08

    Can we get another story up and get Sampson's picture off?- I for one am sick of looking at the scumbag…