A.J. Ratliff Archive

Is A.J. Ratliff done? Yes, he is

  • Alex Bozich 02/11/2008 10:26 pm  

Update: A.J. Ratliff is off the IU team (Herald Times) Note: Due to Ratliff’s departure, some updates have been made (in bold and italics) from the original post I penned last night. Unfortunately, what I forecasted at that time has ...

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The Afternoon After: Northwestern

  • Alex Bozich 02/04/2008 12:53 pm  

Notes written while basking in the defeat the smug jackass to the right took last night. First off, forgive us ITH’ers. E is still recovering from Super Bowl Sunday. Apparently he was drinking cranberry juice yesterday in an attempt to ...

White, Gordon help IU pull away against Northwestern

  • Ryan Corazza 02/03/2008 2:35 pm  

It took a while for the Hoosiers to pull away in this one — thanks to Northwestern’s back cuts and three-point shooting — but with around eight minutes to go, Eric Gordon hit a few shots, D.J. White chipped in ...

The Morning After: Wisconsin

  • Eamonn Brennan 01/31/2008 11:05 pm  

E was good and worked up tonight, so technically, this is the minute after. You get the point. After UConn essentially dismantled IU last Saturday, there were two overriding points of view. The first was to assume that IU played ...

What happened to A.J. Ratliff?

  • Alex Bozich 01/29/2008 8:02 am  

Almost two months ago, I wrote about A.J. Ratliff’s return and what it would mean for the Hoosiers rotation. Here’s a brief excerpt from that post to refresh your memory: The Hoosiers don’t need Ratliff for his offense. They need ...

Whiteout planned for Saturday; Sampson talks UConn

  • Alex Bozich 01/24/2008 6:23 pm  

A couple of notes today from IU Media Relations: BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – On Saturday, Jan. 26, against non-conference foe Connecticut, the Indiana men’s basketball team will welcome its second and final “White Out” this season. All fans are encouraged to ...

Highlights from Sampson’s weekly presser

  • Alex Bozich 12/13/2007 4:40 pm  

Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson addressed the media earlier today and gave us an update on Eric Gordon’s injury, Armon Bassett’s suspension, A.J. Ratliff’s return and an injury to Eli Holman. Here are some highlights of Sampson’s comments. The full transcript ...

ITH Podcast No. 2: What A.J. Ratliff’s return will do for the ‘skod’

  • Ryan Corazza 12/12/2007 10:22 am  

It’s that time again … here’s another podcast. Not as horrible as the last time, but certainly not without many faults, including but not limited to: mic and volume levels, misspoke words (indicated in the the title there) and I ...

Ratliff’s return will provide defensive boost

  • Alex Bozich 12/11/2007 1:22 pm  

About a month ago, I penned a post wondering where A.J. Ratliff would fit in the Indiana rotation. Since that time, we’ve watched the guards on this team struggle with their perimeter defense. At times I would characterize our perimeter ...

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Ratliff still a Hoosier, rumor untrue

  • Alex Bozich 11/12/2007 7:32 am  

According to Doug Wilson of the Hoosier Scoop, the rumor regarding A.J. Ratliff that circulated last night and this morning is not true: A.J. Ratliff has not been kicked off Indiana’s basketball team, according to IU basketball spokesman J.D. Campbell. ...

Where will Ratliff fit in Hoosier rotation?

  • Alex Bozich 11/08/2007 5:00 am  

One of the more disappointing pieces of news this offseason was the announcement that A.J. Ratliff would be academically ineligible the first semester. I’ve always liked Ratliff’s talent, but he’s never really put it all together for a full season ...

Live report from IU’s open practice

  • Ryan Corazza 10/28/2007 10:52 pm  

Yesterday, Big A solicited a request for any details surrounding Friday’s open practice to those in attendance. Ask and you shall receive. ITH reader Tim threw down a solid report in the comment section of the aforementioned post and we ...

A.J. Ratliff ineligible for first semester

  • Alex Bozich 08/25/2007 8:19 pm  

What has been speculated on message boards for a couple of weeks has now been confirmed by coach Kelvin Sampson: A.J. Ratliff is ineligible for the first semester due to academics. Ratliff, a senior, will miss the ACC/Big Ten challenge ...

Around the Hall: Friday Links

  • Alex Bozich 08/24/2007 12:59 pm  

I usually wouldn’t throw a link dump at you, but since it’s Friday and there is quite a bit of good information floating around the Web today, here goes: 6’7″ forward Kevin Jones from Mount Vernon, NY is setting up ...