The Afternoon After: Northwestern

  • 02/04/2008 12:53 pm in

bill-belichick.jpgNotes written while basking in the defeat the smug jackass to the right took last night.

First off, forgive us ITH’ers. E is still recovering from Super Bowl Sunday. Apparently he was drinking cranberry juice yesterday in an attempt to recover from a particularly debaucherous Saturday. In other words, he was already spent by the game last night.

So this is where you come in: Thoughts from last night’s game and discussion are welcome in the open thread version of “The Morning After.”

If you need talking points for discussion, here are a few:

  • What did you think of Kyle Taber’s surprise start? Should he continue to play?
  • A.J. Ratliff saw significant action. Did his play justify more?
  • Mike White didn’t leave the bench. Did that make you happy, sad or indifferent?
  • Eric Gordon looked like Eric Gordon. And that was really nice to see.
  • Not that there was any doubt, but D.J. White is an absolute beast.

Also, if you want to express your joy about the Patriots choking away their chance at history, those thoughts are also welcome.

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  • It's so sad, but I still haven't recovered. My body thinks I'm 45 years old. My mom handles hangovers better than I do.


    /passes out in cubicle

  • Michael

    All I wanna do is address the 4-spot. Aside from a lack of hustle (which I am confident that Coach Sampson will fix), I think that the 4-spot is the one thing keeping IU from being a Final Four team.

    I'd say that Coach should go ahead and give Taber another chance to prove himself as a starter. Rebounds, solid defense, and hustle is really all we need out of the 4-spot and Taber provides it. He's bigger than Stemler so he can bang down low with the big boys and he's taller than Mike White, so taller guys can't shoot over him at will. Let Taber play against the bigger 4s and let Stemler play against the smaller ones, that way Lance won't get dominated when he's playing defense inside and he can step out and shoot the 3.

    Deandre, as much as a love the guy, needs to lose about 30 pounds to be effectie and I think Sampson knows it. He said he wants to get D down to 275 by next season, but I'd say he should drop to more like 260. He can't defend because he isn't agile enough. He can't shoot from point blank range because he can't jump. And he gets called for a foul whenever he shrugs because he's just too big and everything seems like his fault.

    Taber won't do anything spectacular, but he'll do everything well. He will bring the hustle that we need and do all the little things that other players won't do. He's like a Lance Stemler who actually plays the 4-spot. Lance is just a tall shooting guard without athletic ability.

  • tom

    i'm all for anyone that keeps stemler off the court.

  • jgongora86

    my giants kicked butt, and i still have not slept. now if my mets and hoosiers win it, i can go to heaven ( or by what some of my friends believe hell) in peace.

  • HoosierSmitty

    I am now a NY Giants fan…thank you for not letting evil triumph. Truly a sign that the apocalypse is NOT upon us!

    Now, on to the Hoosiers.

    Give Taber another shot against Illinois. Why not? He proved that he could move relatively well both in the post and on the wings when Northwestern's big men rolled to the outside.

    Why should he start?
    1. He got a few rebounds
    2. He's not going to take needless shots
    3. He didn't get burnt anymore than our other players would have on those backdoor screens.
    4. His height and size is a welcome sight at the four spot, and his got enough mobility to hold his own.
    5. He's a lefty. Lefty's deserve some love.

    I'm still waiting for EJ to explode and just light someone up. 29 points is a nice effort, but I'm greedy as hell. Where's that 40 point game? Saving it for @Illinois perhaps? Would be especially sweet.

  • PMK

    PostmanE loves his vest

  • HoosierSmitty

    Anyone else surprised we didn't drop that far in the polls? Still 13th in the coaches.

  • xxZPxx

    Ok am I the only one that sees this as a problem??? KYLE TABER is starting. I repeat, KYLE TABER. Once more, KYLE TABER. Yes he played ok against NORTHWESTERN. But its KYLE TABER. I dont even think I need to say anymore. Illinois will eat him alive. Why you ask? Because its KYLE TABER.


    Thats why winning at the end of the week helps, bc ppl forgoet abt that loss and we were not supposed to win at Wisco

  • kelin

    The giants for me beating the pats is the equal to the Colts beating them last year…I loved every minute of it.

    I wonder what Brandon McGhee has to do to get off the bench?

    Screens 2008 vote often vote early


    So, for all you doubters this IU team has three losses… Xavier 14, UCONN 19, Wisco 8…. Umm those three arent so bad are they guys… UCONN was at home but we didnt play well in large part due to UCONN being good. So please stop with all the rants lets go steal 2 on the road this week…. LOVE MY GIANTS

  • HoosierSmitty

    Normally, I would agree, but I can't this season. I'm not a doubter, just very skeptical as to why everyone thinks we're so great.

    It's not just about losing those games, it's how we've look this season, even in wins.

    Plus, where is a signature win? Sure, those are three solid teams, but we haven't played anybody else all season. We have no signature win against a quality opponent. To say that Illinois State, Minnesota, and Southern Illinois are our signature wins is pretty sad. Sounds like a mid-major conference's win tally when trying to get a final tournament bid.

    Tough five game stretch coming up. I hope we at least go 3-2. @Ill, @OSU, home Wisconsin, MSU, and Purdue. All are games we could end up losing at this point. I'd like to think that we can easily go 4-1 or 5-0 in that stretch, but I haven't seen it from this year's team.


    I agree i dont think we are playing good ball, but i strongly feel as though we are a click here or there away from being veryy good… Are we very good right now NO, can we be YES

  • HoosierSmitty

    All the more reason to start him. If he gets eaten alive early in the game, then get him out and he's back at the end of the bench. He's not going to do anything that's going to cost a chance to win the game at that stage. You think Mike White or Lance Stemler are going to fare any better at the start of the game?

    Say he does fare well, then maybe we've found a decent band-aid. Illinois has a couple of decent bigs, so it would actually test him.

    I agree…Kyle Taber…what the hell are we thinking? But I just say let's go for it.

  • hornsby

    All we need from the 4 is error free play. They dont need a guy to dominate, they need someone who can make bunnies and not get lost on defense.

  • EwingJR

    I posted this on the previous comments but we got a new thread.

    Just curious…but can anyone see Crawford or McGee possibly transfering at the end of the season?

  • hornsby

    No, especially not Crawford. Hes going to play major minutes next year.

  • BriscoeDisco

    This is an IU blog lets keep the Colts banter elsewhere

  • iu in the ville

    It's my opinion that early in the season we got by on talent and a easy schedule . Now the rest of the teams have grown more than us and are more unified as a team than we are . Play Kyle Taber let a walk on show the others what an honor it is to play at IU.He will play with heart and determination , which just might become contagious . Maybe Mr. Ratliff will take notes..

  • b_side

    Hate to rag on you Briscoe (note: I'd kill myself if I was on the 11th floor Freshmen year), but you can't get mad at people for discussing the country's foremost sporting event the day after it occurs. Let alone the fact that it was one of the greatest upsets in sports history.

    Yes, this is an IU blog, but on a broader sense we're an online sports community. I appreciate getting to know posters beyond their login ID. If the ITH founders want to know our thoughts on the Patriots choking away history, I see no problem with it. If the Patriots won, you probably wouldn't read a word of it, but let's bask in the underdog demolishing the evil empire.

    I'm a Naptown transplant living in New York, so even though I missed the parade last year for the Colts, this wasn't a bad consolation. Oh and eff the Patriots — I hope the weekend's media blitz concerning the SB against the Rams in '01 results in Belichump getting banned for life.

  • kelin

    I can see McGhee leaving next cause I would like to know what has he done that warrants NO decent amount of time…..
    Can everyone play …..NO but some of the guys you put on the court sure as hell are not better than McGhee….defensively or offensively. McGhee has been shrunk down to the size of Ahfeld….now is he that bad? (Adam nice kid but still a walk on)

    Our three losses would look better if we had 3 GOOD wins to compare them too!

  • Corey

    I agree more I don't see why McGee isn't getting any playing time especially since he's 6'7″ and pretty damn athletic. No offense I'm a lifetime IU fan and can appreciate the walk-ons just as much as the next guy, but something tells me McGee would be an upgrade over Taber. I haven't necessarily seen anything bad from him when he's been in for mop up duty, let the kid play. I really hope he doesn't transfer after this year we could probably really use him next year.

  • hoosiersoxfan92

    why don't we give brandon mcgee a chance? he is a very talented freshman

  • hoosiersoxfan92

    also, what about puttin in eli holdman to have dj and eli dominate the boards. eli could dominate the 4 like eli DOMINATED the pats

  • SanDiegoIUfan

    nice…im a met fan myself. we may just get our wish with santana in the fold.

  • kylehornsblyrules

    eli is on a medical redshirt due to injured ligamints in his wrist

  • Alan

    It's fun to discuss who to play and who to sit, but I hope everyone recognizes (at least I do) that KS has forgotten more about basketball than most of us will ever learn. If KS is not playing BM, I have to believe it is because BM is not good enough to play. Indeed, if he is not good enough right now, then playing him now could do damage to his future. Having confidence in your ability is important. Not playing BM now may prove positive next year.

  • MPmike

    Here's a point that is not good when talking about winning Conference championships and making deep runs in the NCAA tournament- When was the last time a conference champion or final four team started a walk-on? I can't remember? It starting to feel like the Mike Davis Days, when Davis had to start Walk-ons for his poor recruiting mistakes and mishaps on the players on his team.
    Kyle Taber is a solid practice player who would be a role player at Evansville, ISU or even Butler. He is not a Big Ten forward.

    I still don't know why Brandon McGee is on the bench? He played the 4 spot in High School. He was suppose to be a hard nose and strong player who can play inside with a nice outside touch. What happen? We need someone with some ability to help D.J. White inside or this season will be wasted. I kind of wish Marco Killingsworth had some eligilbility left.

    A.J. needs to grow up and become a man on and off the court. If he wants to savage his Senior season and his career at IU or it will be a failure. He needs to step up right now!!!!

    We need Eric Gordon to play up to his abilitites in the next two road games in order for us to win.

    Mike White needs to stay on the bench along with Lance Stemler. Stemler should only play when he is on with three point shot and hustling for loose balls and playing smart.

    Finally, I wanted to congratulate the New England Patriots for becoming the greatest team that never won it. Great Job!! You chumps deserve what you get and Bill BeliCheat is still an ***hole. YOU CHEATRIOTS can take your season and shove it will the sun the shine. Maybe, next time Belicheat will have you guys study harder on the video taping.

  • steve-O

    Yeah Kyle Taber representing Central High School out of Evansville He has dunked on me before haha i dont think he is the answer at the 4 spot maybe someone that hasnt seen hardly any playing time that can stretch the defense someone like Brandon McGee he is strong athletic and can shoot the three why not give him a try when a team like purdue come into town when he really wont have to play post defense he can guard mr hummel

  • Al Rolley

    Ratlift shows me nothing,just stands around.I thought Taber did what he was put in there to do & did good.M.White & D.Thomas can't shoot or even make lay ups,Thomas shouldn't play until he loses another 30lbs.

  • B Howes

    I don't think Thomas is being given a chance to settle in with this team. He played well against Kentucky, then he missed a couple of easy shots against Conn. and that was it. I think he is the only true power forward/center (excluding DJ) on the roster and would complement DJ if given a chance. Why won't Sampson give him more minutes?

  • B Howes

    I don't think Thomas is being given a chance to settle in with this team. He played well against Kentucky, then he missed a couple of easy shots against Conn. and that was it. I think he is the only true power forward/center (excluding DJ) on the roster and would complement DJ if given a chance. Why won't Sampson give him more minutes?