2013-2014 Player Profile: Jeremy Hollowell

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With the start of college basketball season on the horizon, we’ll be taking a long look at the conference at large as well as Indiana’s roster over the next month. Today, we look at sophomore Jeremy Hollowell.

If the early returns from practice are indicative of what’s to come for Jeremy Hollowell, he’s in line for a major increase in his role as a sophomore in Bloomington.

In his recent address to students at the IU auditorium, Tom Crean said that Hollowell was the team’s leading scorer through the first five practices, but added that his efficiency wasn’t where it needed to be. Crean caveated these statements by saying that “five days of stats is not a big deal. It’s the level of what he’s capable of: that’s what the big deal is.”

Talent has never been a question for Hollowell. At 6-foot-8, he’s versatile enough to play multiple positions and score the ball from a variety of areas. He’s long, reasonably athletic and competes, despite criticism from some that his body language is indicative of a player who is sometimes disinterested. Whether that last piece has any truth to it will be answered this season as Hollowell will shift from a role player to a guy who is being counted on for production on both ends of the floor.

“We need Jeremy to continue to put himself in a spot where he’s not quiet,” Crean said at his auditorium speech. “Where he understands that he’s going to absolutely be — it’s going to be counted upon, demanded upon — that he’s going to be a paramount defensive player for us.”

Hollowell’s prowess defensively will ultimately determine just how large of a role he’s able to carve out on an Indiana team that only has three certainties in the starting lineup as of now. He showed flashes of his ability to defend last season, but will have to become more consistently engaged to become, as Crean described, “paramount.”

The efficiency piece also looms large on a team that is looking to replace some of the nation’s best in that regard. Hollowell posted an effective field goal percentage of just 44.8 percent as a freshman, the lowest mark of any rotation player besides Maurice Creek. If Hollowell is going to be a primary scorer for Indiana, the efficiency numbers must come up and that starts from the 3-point line, where he shot just 23.3 percent last year.

Bottom Line: Hollowell’s freshman season was mostly underwhelming from a statistical standpoint as he shifted from being the man in high school to a complimentary piece. This season, he’ll certainly be a rotation player and could even find himself in the starting lineup. With the amount of offensive production Indiana needs to replace, Hollowell is a player who will be counted on to create scoring opportunities for not only himself, but also for others. Based on Crean’s offseason comments about him needing to show more of a desire to compete, the belief here is that the staff is counting on Hollowell to play a significant role and is pushing him towards that accordingly.

Quotable: “There’s nobody that’s scored more points in our first five practices than Jeremy Hollowell. But he’s not one of the leading percentage guys. He’s not one of the leading rebounders. He’s not one of the leading deflection guys. We need him to have a consistency that’s constant in our practices.” – Crean on Hollowell.

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  • doodle 777

    He always has and always will be a step behind, Oladipo is a rare case 90% of the time these kids are what they are when they are a freshman, They live with a ball in their hand playing the AAU circuit, He is what he is, lazy and a step behind ,If he leads the team in scoring we are in trouble, which he very well may do because he will always get MORE than his share of shots.

  • Cehlerding

    I don’t like how his demeanor is always in question. Look back at Tracy McGrady, he looked like he just woke up from a nap every game and was one of the best in the NBA

  • Ole Man

    Really depends on how JH gets his points as to how effective he will be for the team. If he’s 40% from the floor and under that from 3 land, then his efficiency numbers will probably be low. If he falls in love with shooting rather than getting his shots within the system, then the team may be in trouble with him on the floor.

    I’d rather he averaged 10, shot 42-45% w 37% or so from the 3 line; than if he averaged 15 but was taking 20-25 shots to do it.

    Hope that makes sense.

  • Mk

    Why is he a “step behind”? I’m not really following you.

  • Mk

    Hahaha “are what they are when they are freshman” didn’t even see that. That statement is so ignorant it’s really laughable.

  • ScoopGeoff

    Ok… I’m calling BS. What games did you see? I live in Maine and follow the New England prep scene closely. My men’s league team actually played Vonleh in one of their preseason games and I attended 2 others last year. His team wasn’t a “HS” team… The PG on his team, Travis Jorgenson, originally committed to Missou before settling on GA Tech. He’s as heady a PG as you’ll find – more of a solid leader than an athletic scorer. There were about 10 scholarship players on the roster with Vonleh, and the coach, while young, is no stranger to working with bigs or big time talent. Beyond that, Vonleh was a secondary ball-handler for the team. He actually played quite a bit of point when TJ was on the bench… He’s that versatile. They also had a bigger, more traditional low post player (Tory Miller) on the team who spent more time on the block.

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    Jeremy will have huge year

  • mjrhoosier

    No prob they won’t play us anyway

  • doodle777

    Just by watching him play he always looks a step behind, Has that strut and over confidence like he thinks the game should come to him. Even the dunk contest this year , he tried a dunk and missed it by 6 foot, He is not near as good as he thinks he is.

  • Corey M

    Let me correct you and everyone else… Yogi is the man for this IU team. He may not put up huge numbers but lets remember last year he was a freshman on one of the most talented teams in the nation. Now he knows this is his team and not a team he has to fit into. As much as I think JH will improve and Will’s role will increase lets not overlook Yogi. I’m thinking not only does he get more comfortable running the show this year but also gets much more aggressive scoring.. 14ppg 7asst and 4rebs

  • IU76’s

    Let me correct you…you are offering a different opinion, and as far as being the leader, and floor general. certainly Yogi’s play is of paramount importance. That being said, don’t be so presumptuous and condescending as to say “let me correct you”. You can posit a different opinion without the condescending attitude you display.

  • HoosierTrav

    Anything can happen but I seriously doubt Sheehey will AVERAGE 16 ppg. If teams zero in on him and force him to create, he’s screwed. He cant create offense off of the dribble. He relies heavily on transition opportunities and teammates penetration and kicking out to him. If Sheehey is our leading scorer then we are in serious trouble.

  • HoosierTrav

    I think you’re wearing your crimson shades man. I watched every game televised and he looked pretty decent. He had a really good game but was average for the most part. McDermott, Hancock, and Yogi were the guys that stood out. We shouldnt look too deep into the great performances he put up against the finland’s. Everyone on the team did well against those kids. I noticed you also said the other defenders were much older…. Not true. It was the World University games. They were all the same age for the most part. The Russian team that creamed us featured some really young ones.

  • HoosierTrav

    Yeah but did you see the times where he tried to create? It was atrocious. Dribbling with a stiff body and turning the ball over. Not his thing.

  • HoosierTrav

    I hate when people use last season as the measuring stick for our returning sophs. It was not a time where they were ever going to really make strides. they had (4) 1,000 point scorers in front of them. I really feel that Hollowell should have been given more minutes last year. Too many times he started to get some confidence and rhythm and Coach Crean yanked him for a lackluster C-Wat. C-Wat could have benefited from knowing that his minutes were in jeopardy. Go back to the Illinois loss last year. C-Wat was playing like an absolute turd, JH comes in and plays well on the defensive end and knocks down 2 VERY quick 3’s…. after the 2nd 3 went through the net, Hollowell put a huge smile on his face. He was literally IMMEDIATELY subbed for C-Wat and he looked visibly pissed off on the bench.. Watford played terribly for the rest of the game. It was that moment when i realized that any criticism of Hollowell wasn’t fair at all. You cant ask for a kid to be play lights out and be confident when you’re asking him to come off the bench, get very limited minutes, play better than the man in front of him, and not be rewarded or offered the opportunity to expand your role. There were times where Jeremy would come in and dribble the ball off of his knee and people would freak out on him. Lets be honest…… would we have really sacrificed wins last year by giving Jeremy expanded minutes? Especially the long stretch where C-Wat disappeared? I know some disagree with me but I dont think any players are owed minutes bc of their seniority or whatever their status. If you cant get the job done and an 18 yr old can have the opportunity to get come in and contribute while gaining some CRUCIAL confidence then….. sub him in.

  • HoosierTrav

    I agree. I’m very bullish on him. I’ll never forget the game he played at North Central against the Harrison twins (UK). He could not be stopped offensively. He posted up smaller defenders, penetrated, hit floaters, long range 3’s, got to the charity stripe and converted often.

  • Aiken_Hoosier

    If Will Sheehey is our leading scorer this year, we are in big trouble……just my opinion.

  • Aiken_Hoosier

    Sorry…..didn’t read your post before I posted mine. Haha. It appears we are definitely on the same page on this one….

  • yimyames

    I agree with you, and that’s about the only thing I knock Crean on. On the other hand, I think it was exclusive to that group of freshman that came in at the absolute worst time in IU history. Crean had made comments in the past about rewarding those kids that suffered through the fire. I’m hoping that isn’t the case any longer. Court your best [email protected]

  • yimyames

    HaHa, your not allowed to post positive comments when Ole Man is around.

  • RMK

    For everything you said, you didn’t refute the point that he didn’t get the ball enough in the post where he could dominate players. I watched 4 games of his this year and it was a perimeter oriented team. Not refuting that it wasn’t a good team and that Vonleh can’t play on the outside, but he would have dominated other high school players and put up bigger scoring numbers if he was the primary scoring option in the post. But that rarely happens in high school and even in college team.

  • ScoopGeoff

    He got plenty of touches against us… Both in the post and on the perimeter. He was going against a 6’8″ 28-yr-old man who was a D-league draft pick, and a 6’11” 30-yr-old who was a 3 yr starter at Northeastern. Touches were not a problem.

    As I also pointed out, his team had a bigger, more natural low post player on the team in Tory Miller… So It didn’t make sense for NV to spend most of his time down there.

    He also was going up against guys his own size and bigger every night who were extremely close in talent and/or physical ability. The NEPSAC is ridiculous – it has the highest concentration of pre-college talent in the country.

    It wasn’t “high school”… It was prep school… And he wasn’t playing against your average HS players… He was going against the best in his age group and most nights kids that were doing a post-grad year year and were actually 2 years older.

    Where do you live? What 4 games did you see? Your story seems dubious to me…