2011-12 Player Profile: Remy Abell

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It’s time for Inside the Hall’s player-by-player breakdown of the 2011-2012 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Remy Abell.

Austin Etherington was Tom Crean’s first recruit of the 2011 class. The Hamilton Heights product was also well known to IU fans for his recruiting efforts of Cody Zeller, the big prize of the class.

But fellow freshman Remy Abell comes to Bloomington under far less notable circumstances.

After being released from a National Letter of Intent at Bradley due to the school’s firing of coach Jim Les, Abell visited in late April and committed shortly thereafter — picking Indiana over Butler, Penn State, Western Kentucky and Xavier.

So what should be expected from the Kentucky native?

Well, he figures to provide perimeter/backcourt depth off the bench. Abell has the ability to get to the rim off the dribble, which could provide a nice change of pace for Indiana’s offensive attack this season. He also possesses the versatility needed to play both on and off the ball, giving the Hoosiers some potential for lineup flexibility.

And Crean added this about Abell’s defense on Twitter after he committed: “He is a big guard who will have an immediate impact defensively with his ability to guard three positions.”

Abell’s shooting still leaves a bit to be desired and his overall game, like most freshmen, could use some polish. But he has the tools to contribute on both sides of the ball out the gate.

Best-case: Abell transitions to the college game with little problem and provides a spark off the bench on offense and defense.

Worst-case: Abell struggles to adjust in limited minutes and fails to have much of an impact for the Hoosiers in his freshman campaign.

Quotable: “I just think my role is coming in and bringing a spark and energy off the bench with my scoring and my defense. That’s one thing I’ve been trying to improve on is my defense. They know I can score. I’m just trying to work on my all around game, offense and defense. So I think just coming in, doing what I do like to score and just help on the perimeter defense.” – Abell to the media earlier this month.

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  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see Abell, VO, WS, CZ and CW pushing a full court press defense at some point.

  • JerryCT

    Makes sense when we fall behind

  • stonaroni

    This kid has a lot of upside and came from nowhere late in the recruiting process to many D-I programs.

    Remy is the type of guy this program needs.  At the very least he has the body to play as a second team guy in practice and play intense, aggressive defense on Hulls or VJIII and make them stronger and better with the ball.  Hopefully these efforts in practice will keep us from watch our PG’s, particularly VJIII, dribble the air out of the ball on the perimeter because they have a purposeless dribble or inability to aggressively drive in the paint.  If this is all remy gives us, awesome because our guard play improves significantly.

    I think we see a fair amount of Remy early in the season and how weel he adjusts early will dictate the minutes he sees in Big 10 play.  I think he is 9th or 10th man on this team, but gives us solid depth to where if a player goes down, Remy is a great athlete to step in, not someone who is 5’9″.  We look like a real basketball team now from top to bottom! 

  • Anonymous

    His best case scenario is to look kind of like Oladipo last year, right?  Maybe with more defense and less athleticism?

  • Anonymous

    Yes please.

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking about the same thing, but I was thinking about the same defense, less athleticism, but better ball handling skills.

  • Casey B.

    And a little less Usher, most likely.

  • InTheMtns

    I hope you are right about him seeing a fair amount play early because that will help him get a real feel for what it means to adjust to the college game.
    When asked about Remy in his interview with The Scoop in September, CTC said that college consistency is the biggest thing you have to work through with Freshmen.  He mentioned Remy’s explosiveness, scoring ability and defense, but didn’t gush about him.  He seemed to want to remind fans mostly that Remy is a Freshman and needs to work on consistency.

    I think he’ll get it.  Especially if he gets to play enough early. He is going to be a real asset to this team even if it is just in practice as you said, because his defense against our guards will sharpen their game.  I look for him to go beyond that, though, and add some punch to our game.

  • MillaRed

    Best case scenario is Moore doesn’t play meaningful minutes due to Remy’s contribution.

  • Anonymous

    Ouch, Red. I enjoy reading your posts and agree with a lot of your perspective on our team. But i have to admit that DMoore was pretty impressive in the HH scrimmage – he brought the ball up with good speed and started the offense immediately w/o farting around dribbling the air out of the ball. I appreciate what Moore does on this team and that he toughs it out on every possession. His energy never seems to dip – and i like that a lot. If only it were like a virus that some others could catch….

  • Anonymous

    I am optimistic on Remy.  I won’t rehash what I have said previously other than that at first I was skeptical and I am slowly coming around to a believer.

    I really like how ready his body is for the next level.  He is a mature 18 year old.  The past couple of years I always was frustrated about just how small we look.  He fixes that.  He will be ready to play. 

    I think he will be serviceable off the bench this year.  Once the consistency comes in he should be a very solid role-player.  I like his attitude.  Again, kudos for Crean for bringing in young men we can be excited to cheer for, not only for thier play but also for thier character!

  • jacobdetroy

    This will be a bit unfair and I want to make that clear upfront.

    There is no doubt that Remy Abell flew under the radar, but to any who may doubt the type of player he will be for our program have we not learned anything from CTC? Three under the radar guys that come to mind that CTC has recruited for his teams are Dwayne Wade, VO, and WS. The former is what it is and the latter two are turning out very nice. All of this to say I firmly believe that RA will be everything as advertised and develop into something special. I am not trying to allude that RA will turn into Dwayne Wade or even VO or WS but CTC does not recruit bad players even if no one knows who they are.

  • Gustin

    I was somewhat hesitant to post this lineup since I haven’t read any other speculations regarding this group.  I too can’t wait for the games to begin…

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I also would included he was one of the highest scorers that night.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    Can’t agree any more.  We all don’t know much but CTC must have seen something that he likes and it is probably his D.

  • Anonymous

    There is very little doubt that Zeller, Watford and Hulls are the stars
    of this team. If any one of the three can become a top 5 All-Big 10
    player, this will be a good (20+ win) season. Vic and Will are the next
    best players and have to get 22-25 minutes/game on the floor each.
    Elston and Pritchard have to do it on the floor, “being 6’9? is no
    longer good enough. Derek could be great, but can he develop the mental
    side of his talent? Verdell can show that he is the senior leader that
    we have desperately needed for the last three years. If he can accept
    lesser “billing” but play great, then this can be a special season.
    Austin and Remy have to bring it all and bring it hard every second on
    the floor. They each have some real talent that Indiana has sorely
    needed. I hope that Matt Roth hits 50% of his 3?s because if he can’t
    Danny Moore might. Danny does a lot of good things in short stretches.
    No more excuses now for Coach Crean, it is win NOW time! We miss and
    love you Mo Creek and want to see you play again at 100%! GO IU!

  • Andrew

    I also would include that it was against…us.  Who cares how many points he scored in a scrimmage for a team that has lost 66 games the last 3 seasons?  Milla is exactly right.  He’ll play at the outset, providing energy against the Stetsons of the world, but if he’s still coming in against Sparty in February, so help us.  I’m sure he’s a great kid and all that, but we really should be past him having to play (injuries of course being the X-factor).

  • Andrew

    Ryan: Not to carp, or pick on you, but when you’re writing about basketball, it’s “ends of the court,” not “both sides of the ball.”  I know we are a football nation, but I’m seeing this more and more and it really gets on my nerves.  Thanks.

  • Q95

    felt good about this guy from day one. best player on a talent laden team that may have been kentucky’s best team overall last year. he will have no problem locking down on harris next year if he decides to sign with the cats. a real sleeper among big ten freshmen.

  • stonaroni

    I disagree completely.  Moore will not play this year unless it is SR night.  Why play a guy that has nothing to contribute that outweighs what Hulls, VO, VJIII, WS, Remy, AE can bring to the floor.  Outside of VJIII, all of these guys have at least another year at IU. 

    Play the talented guys, play the younger guys!  I do not want to see a 17-16 season this year.  I want to see 22-11.  If Moore is playing that means we are getting exploited and he cannot match up against guards inthe Big 10.  Just because he hustles and his legs move fast doesn’t mean he is a good player deserving of minutes.

    If our 6’9″‘s had his effort we would have won more than 12 games last year and been out of the cellar, so kudos to him and he seems like a great kid.  But, the time is now to win. IU, CTC, and the fans cannot afford a less than par season this year.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody else hear that echo? 

    No disrespect Loop, but you’ve posted this exact quote word for word on at least 3 other player profiles (Creek, Roth and Watford).  I stopped going back.

    If you’re looking for a reaction to it, here goes: not sure how you draw the conclusion that Moore might hit 50% of his
    3’s…he’s a career 35% shooter having attempted less than 10 in each of
    the past 2 seasons.  Love his attitude and intensity, but as others have previously mentioned, this team will be in trouble if he’s playing meaningful minutes.

  • Anonymous

    RA can be a good contributor as a role player…being tough on defense against an opponet’s big guard. Against some match ups..his play should be called to take it to the basket..cause he can hit FT’s Overall offensively..he’s not gonna lead IU to the promised land. Afterall..neither Pitino nor Calapari came after him hard…and that says volumes. Let’s hope he’s a real sleeper and comes back to bite the Kats in the butt!

  • Anonymous

    I am looking forward to seeing Remy play.  All I heard about him is his ability to drive and play both guard spots.  Not to mention his Big 10 ready body and toughness.  I think the bench is going to have crazy energy and toughness with him, Austin E and/or Vic/Will.
    IU now has some talented players that have a hard nosed attitude and grit.

  • Rileyjshannon

    I suggested this lineup on the August 16th in the open thread on IU rotations. 2 Power Forwards: Zeller and Watford; Swingman: VO, Shooting Guard: Jordy Hulls, Point Guard: Remy Abell. That could be a formidable line-up by  midseason.   riley

  • It’s been a while since we had a kid come in as a freshmen with arms like that. I’ve always felt, even dating back to the early part of the 2000’s, that IU always seemed to have guys built like boys where other programs looked like men. 

    Even as a freshmen Remy looks like a man. Hopefully he’s got the tenacity (I think he does) and the game (I hope he does) to go with it.

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t you say “not to harp”? You version sounds a little “fishy” : )

  • Anonymous

    CTC definitely has a good eye for talent.  Just because the highest-rated guys may be taken already doesn’t mean high-level talent isn’t there.  Talent is everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody here believes that a team shouldn’t field their best players in a given matchup. Sometimes small and hustle is that recipe, sometimes it’s as big as you can go. Whatever works.

    I too want IU victorious. Heck, you want 22 wins (from 33 games btw)..I’d prefer we go 31-0. If Moore plays at all in my “fantasy” season it doesn’t really matter to me. I was merely pointing out i like the kid’s energy.

  • Anonymous

    b-, your point is well taken on all fronts. I admit to repeating the same old refrain. But the post is my honest opinion and it covers each player. I like each and every guy on this team and don’t want to “short” anyone. So I post the same for each. I would like to “quibble” with you about Danny Moore’s minutes. I agree that it will be a “bad” sign if Danny gets “lots” of minutes. However, no one on the team understands better than Danny that each second on the floor has to be “meaningful” for the team! As to the 3-point shooting, at HH I think that Danny was 2 for 2 on 3’s while Mat was 1 for 2. Danny’s career % is 34.6 while Matt’s is 37.2. But Danny is very good in short stretches at handling the ball, starting the offense, finding open guys, deflecting passes, running the break, and making opponents lose their cool with his “in-your-face” attitude on defense. Matt, not so much.

  • IUball

    Thank you Remy for choosing IU. 

    No more 30 point games for opposing guards