Crean on Indiana’s latest signee, Remy Abell

  • 05/18/2011 1:30 pm in

Indiana coach Tom Crean took to Twitter this afternoon to offer his thoughts on the Hoosiers’ latest signee — Louisville Eastern guard Remy Abell.

Crean’s tweets, formatted here into one paragraph, are below:

“Excited that Remy Abell will be joining the program. He is a year-round winner who will bring a great deal of versatility to our program. He is a big guard who will have an immediate impact defensively with his ability to guard three positions. He can get to the rim on offense, knock down open shots and will really add to our transition game. I think the most impressive thing about him is his ability to make everyone around him better and he does not have to have the ball in his hands to be effective. In a lot of ways, he reminds me a lot of Jerel McNeal who we had at Marquette. We are very excited to have been able to get someone with ties to the So. Indiana/Louisville area where we have such a wonderful fan base.”

The Louisville native committed to Indiana back on April 27. He was selected for the Kentucky All-Star team and was named first team All-State by The Courier-Journal. He averaged 16 points, 2.8 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 2.5 steals and had 25 blocked shots during his senior season at Eastern.

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  • Anonymous

    We have him as a Hoosier. He wants to wear the candy-stripes. You feel he has lots of ability. Our Indiana team needs new talent. So Coach Crean, give Abell, and Etherington and mostly Zeller, lots of playing time with our best: Watford and Hulls, and let’s win some games. But don’t forget Oladipo and Sheehey in the process. Work in Jones to use his strengths. When Mo Creek is TOTALLY healthy, he is also one of our best. Give Pritchard and Elston an opportunity to show that they are Big 10 players. Go IU!

  • Anonymous

    His numbers are inflated (16 and 5) because he was on a bad team.  Put him on another team and his averages would be far lower and his playing time would also go down.  The talent level around him being low helps his Stats but hurts his overall development.  Makes him feel that he has to do it all and force things. 

    Basically I understand why he forces things and gets blocked and or turns the ball over far too many times but that doesn’t mean that I condone the behaviour. 

  • Casey B.

    That argument is plausible, but not necessarily true.

    Last year (and in his freshman year), Watford was the consistent focal point of opposing defenses looking to shut us down. You say his production would drop on a better team, and maybe it would – but perhaps only slightly. Think about it – on a better team, Watford wouldn’t face frequent double-teams, wouldn’t be relied upon to carry the load, and would be allowed to operate more efficiently within an offensive system in which other talented players would force the defense to pay equal attention to all five men on the floor, thus opening up more sure-fire opportunities for Watford to score.

    Frankly, when Pritchard and Rivers were on the floor, it became a lot easier for opposing defenses to determine who was most likely to score on any given possession. That hurt Watford, and as you said, the talent deficiency around him was the cause of a lot of his shortcomings.

    Here’s hoping the development of our younger players and the arrival of the 2011 class help turn that around.

  • Tom Simpson

    Or, his numbers are deflated because he’s the only “big” teams have to focus on defensively.  Put another scoring option like Zeller on the floor and he may not have quite as many double teams and bigs flying at him to deal with.

  • I dont think to many other people understand the true tallent level on this team right now. Remember people this is IU not Purdue. DJ Bird dos not start at IU. My point is as much as I love our Guys, 95% of the team is throw together and only 1 or 2 can even find playing time  on any of our teams Before the Sampson BS. Most of these guys will only get so good period. This team is what we were delt and we love them for there heart. But Indiana University starting 5? Really? I refuse to name players, but REALLY? If so tell me what player, what team and who’s place they take?  I agree w/ @millzy32 that C.W. would not have those #s or even have the chance on any of the IU teams we have come accustomed to.

  • Anonymous

     Defense is probably the number 1 need at this point so I am with you

  • MillaRed

     It’s all good Rob. Think you picked on a sensitive thread. Looks to me like people are getting bored. None of this is worth fighting over eh?

  • MillaRed

     I would venture to say they improved offensively.

    Defensively? Uhhhhh, no.

  • MillaRed

    I honestly could care less who Coach refers to. We have bigger fish to fry.

    If we win 20 games he can compare Pritch to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I wouldn’t flinch.

  • Casey B.

    Oh, the fine art of interpreting cybersarcasm.

  • MillaRed


  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure there was a kid named Thomas (#11) who played a bunch as a freshman during RMKs time at the helm. 

  • Anonymous

    Sarchasm (with an “h”): the gulf between sarcastic wit and the person who doesn’t get it.

    On another note, it seems like a lot of guys here got an earful of “you’re not like my ex-boyfriend” talk in HS and can’t stand hearing about past relationships. Gotta let go of the past and look to the future.