Q & A: Indiana freshman guard Remy Abell

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Following Thursday’s media challenge at Assembly Hall and Cook Hall, several members of the 2011-2012 Indiana Hoosiers were made available to discuss the upcoming season. Inside the Hall will have transcripts of each interview in the coming days.

Christian Watford was first, next up is freshman guard Remy Abell, who averaged 16 points, 2.8 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 2.5 steals last season at Eastern High School in Louisville.

Q. How’s the adjustment (to the college game) gone so far?

A. “It’s been going great. Over the summer going to class really helped when the school year started. I feel really confident right now, I’ve been doing individuals and different stuff with my teammates and just getting ready and prepared for the season. I think this year we can do a lot of big things.”

Q. What are the goals for this season?

A. “The goal is just do better than we did last season. Of course we want to get to the NCAA Tournament and advance farther than that.”

Q. What’s the biggest adjustment (from high school to college)?

A. “I think the biggest adjustment is time management. With workouts and school, it’s a little different than high school. I think it’s just preparing, being ready and time management, making sure I’m focused and staying on task.”

Q. Has there been anything since you’ve gotten to Bloomington that’s surprised you or that’s different from home?

A. “Not really. I think Bloomington is great. I like being down here and I’ve really had fun since I’ve been in school. That’s one of the reasons why I came here, because it’s a nice area and everybody’s nice down here. Everybody’s fun to be around.”

Q. I’m sure Coach Crean was real nice during the recruiting process. How’s he different once you get into some drills?

A. “He’s been a little different, getting into me a little bit, helping me out. He’s doing it to make me better. It’s been great. I’m real happy to be at Indiana. I know he’s going to make me a better player.”

Q. Are you playing point guard, two guard, wing, what are you playing?

A. “I’m playing kind of both. Kind of like the wing and the point. I’m just playing wherever they need me at. I know it’ll be somewhere on the perimeter so I’m just getting ready.”

Q. What are you looking forward to most about Hoosier Hysteria?

A. “Just getting out there in front of a lot of fans. I haven’t ever been to one, even to watch it. Being out there with teammates, I know it’ll be fun and great. I really can’t wait until next Saturday.”

Q. Has Cody (Zeller) been as good as he was in the Indiana-Kentucky (All-Star) series?

A. “Yeah, he’s good. He’s a good player. He’s going to be a great player for us.”

Q. It’s really early obviously, but how do you see your role shaking out?

A. “I just think my role is coming in and bringing a spark and energy off the bench with my scoring and my defense. That’s one thing I’ve been trying to improve on is my defense. They know I can score. I’m just trying to work on my all around game, offense and defense. So I think just coming in, doing what I do like to score and just help on the perimeter defense.”

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  • yes indeed perimeter D is where he will shine…He will up the ante in their scrimmages as well.  Athletic guard to sub as a stopper is important.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like he has a great head on his shoulders, hopefully he can truly bring that driving ability we have been hearing about

  • Anonymous

    I think Remy will contribute early and often.  He brings something that I think only 2 kids (Will and VO) had last year and that’s the ability to play at both ends of the floor.  He has size and strength as well as athletic ability.  I think AE will play more than what a lot of people think as well.  These new kids have more game than some of the vets have.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the upperclassmen, but the freshmen and sophmores give us what the top tier teams have all the time. 

  • Anonymous

    I have been impressed every time I have either seen a clip of Remy or read an interview of Remy.  He appears to be what we are looking for from a character, work-ethic and personality perspective, which I like and will ultimately support him b/c of those reasons and b/c he is a Hoosier.  But, I haven’t seen him play much and was a little skeptical of the recruit at first – to be honest.  Only b/c we are still going for Gary and have some depth going forward in that position.  That said though, I am optimistic about what he can bring to the team.  The upside is there.  He for sure has those intangibles of a player who exceeds expectations.  So, I am anxiously waiting to see him play this year.   

  • MillaRed

    I have a good feeling about this kid. Really think he’s under our radar. Will be a nice player to have around .

  • Anonymous

    IMHO this kid, as well as VO & WS, gives us our best chance to see how good Crean is at spotting the “under the radar” type player and then the ability to develop them into the type of player that does more than just contributes a little his junior year and then sees the floor a little bit more than that his senior year. Should be very interesting to watch the development of this player. 

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I don’t know what Remy will do as a freshman but I think we’re all going to see why CTC is known as a guard/wing coach this year!  I think Will and Vic are going to come out and be huge for this team and dominant in some games.  Judging from CTC’s past (and by the way some of the intruders to the sight are nuts when they say CTC only won because he landed D Wade – we could name Diener, Wade, James, Novak, McNeal, etc.) his strength is recruiting and developing wings and guards and his teams have always been guard heavy.  His system fits that type player and I think that’s why he’s been good at recruiting guys who came in a bit under the radar then exploded on the scene in college.  I think we were starting to see that with Mo Creek before the injury and Will and Vic definitely showed they were diamonds in the rough last season.

    I hope I’m right but Remy will probably be another in the long line of surprise CTC coached guards!

  • Anonymous

    Have been impressed by the way he conducts himself in interviews. Exhibits maturity and a sense of what will be expected of him. Looking forward to watching him on the 15th. Has to be a thrilling moment for him, CZ and AE.

  • IUeconAlum

    Remy seems like such a positive young man. I’m really happy we got him.

  • kentuckyHOOSIER

    Last year  his high school team had three division 1 players on it and should have won state . I saw them play twice and Remy makes everyone around him better .

  • Anonymous

    IU could have anice surprise in Remy…like his focus on defense..cause IU does not have a “lock down” defender on the permiter except maybe VO..who is going to be all over the court and no doubt guarding bigger players.

  • jmfriedman

    Many will be surprised by this kid.  He improved vastly since his initial commit.  Also saw him at the Indiana- Kentucky all star series and he looked good.  Quick first step with the ball, can go left and right with it and has a nice pull up from mid range.  He will see the floor this year…. you can mark it down.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly ! Remy along with VO & WS will the beginning off the end of theories like D Wade happened by chance and that regardless of who had coached him he would have turned out to be the kind of player he is. Of course we will always have a certain number of idiots that can find, what they feel like, is a legitimate reason to disagree.

    When I watch a clip of the Ziegler kid, Diener & Novak, seem to be the first comparisons that come to mind. I’m in no way saying I have the eye for talent that CTC does but I can’t help but wonder if he doesn’t kinda see that too and is why he seems to be going after him so hard. If he ends up in a Hoosier uni we can only hope for that kind of outcome.