2011-2012 Player Profile: Jordan Hulls

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It’s time for Inside the Hall’s player-by-player breakdown of the 2011-2012 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Jordan Hulls.

Word that the 2011-2012 Indiana Hoosiers may finally become Jordan Hulls’ team to lead began to circulate over the summer.

“Conditioning days, if you’re not making it, Jordy’s the first one to tell you,” Derek Elston told the media on August 11. “And whether you like the way he’s saying it or not, he’s going to say it. If that doesn’t motivate you, then he’ll get you off the floor. He’s had to kick a couple guys out of the conditioning.”

Good for Hulls.

Indiana basketball has been lacking a leader it so desperately needs and it appears the junior guard is ready to step up and grab the reigns. But beyond this aspect of his game, there’s plenty to be encouraged with as Hulls moves past the half-way mark in his IU career.

As a sophomore, he led the Hoosiers in both effective field goal percentage (59) and true shooting percentage (62.6). He also connected on 52-of-57 free throw attempts and broke the school record for consecutive free throws made with 41. His turnover rate decreased from his freshman season while his assist rate increased. He also became more comfortable creating his own shot while playing off the ball.

But for all of those positives, Hulls, like almost every other player on the IU roster, has work to do defensively. In our recent Q & A, the Bloomington native admitted defense was his biggest point of emphasis for improvement in the offseason. “Just trying to keep my man in front of me, ” he said. “It still obviously needs a lot of work, but it’s something I’ve really tried to make the most important thing that I need to get better at.” The Hoosiers were last in conference play a season ago at guarding the three, so anchoring a better defensive effort in the backcourt will be pivotal.

Best-case: Hulls continues his hot shooting and also plays more minutes at the point to free up Verdell Jones to play almost exclusively on the wing. Defensively, improved strength and conditioning allow Hulls to better match up with some of the league’s top flight guards.

Worst-case: The off-season defensive improvements don’t come to fruition and Hulls doesn’t continue to exhibit the same level of assertiveness he showed during his sophomore campaign.

Quotable: “I wanna win. So I’m going to do whatever it takes to try and get more wins in the win column. Like I said, I don’t have to yell at them if they don’t need to be yelled at. It’s just something that comes. If you don’t like it, that’s too bad. That’s how we’re going to win. That’s kinda how my Dad and some of the coaches have told me like ‘hey, it’s all about winning here.’ And that’s what we need to do and being that kind of leader. We can be friends after we’re done working out, but once it’s on the field it’s all business and we need to get stuff done.” – Hulls on August 24.

All stats in this piece from KenPom.

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  • Anonymous

    Should be very interesting to see how his play develops this year.  If he can hold his own defensively, he’ll be crucial to the team’s success and should be The Leader.  But if he’s still too slow/small on D, he just won’t get to play enough to become the guy for this team.  Easy to have high expectations with him and I’m really working hard to keep mine down, just in case.

  • Anonymous

    Jordy is what IU basketball and basketball in Indiana is all about.  He is making the most of it and that’s what it is all about.

    He will be a big part to turning the program around.  He is a guy that just makes it happen.  That’s why I think he will deliver this year and into his senior year.  He just keeps tracking along.

  • Anonymous

    Jordy was at his best when he was active on the offensive end.  The kid is one of the best shooters we’ve ever had, as long as he’s open.  He showed an ability to drive, shake, and dish too, which was nice to see.  Doesn’t make a lot of mistakes but doesn’t seem to take many chances either.  I think if he is aggressive on the offensive end, good things happen for us.  He progressed nicely last year, I expect him to progress a little more this year and I think he will.  I love the attitude he seems to be showing the other guys too, we need a leader and he appears to be taking the roll.

  • MillaRed

    Jordan Hulls, my favorite Hoosier.

  • HoosieHawk

    Not that I think lack of defensive ability should be masked, but I think that there are certain player /lineup combinations that are more balanced than others. For instance, I do not want to see VJ, Watford, and Hulls on the floor at the same time. If those gys are playing 1-3, I’d rather see combos of Hulls, Oladipo, Sheehey and Abell, VJIII, Watford

  • IUBluebird

    In the pic, I’d almost bet there was no foul called…BUT, the times, they are a’changin.

    P.s. Agreed KeepItInIndiana. Jordy IS Indiana Basketball.

  • Anonymous

    Young fan asking here: how does Hulls’ game compare to Alford’s?  I read Season on the Brink recently and all the talk in there about Alford starting as a shooter but really working on his defense up until his senior year had me wondering about a comparison between the two.

  • Anonymous

    YES !!  Grab those reigns Jordy, mount up and go to the spurs…hard !

    IMHO we can afford to give up a little in certain spots for what we gain when he is on the floor and that may be even more true this year with his off season improvement and with more help at other positions.

  • Anonymous

    “I wanna win.”  We saw it against Illinois last year, when it’s crunch time, Jordy is gonna take this team and carry them.  Let’s surprise some people this year. 

  • Anonymous

    They did have similar struggles defensively, but the rest of the team was much more sound in Alfords time – even in the season on the brink. But Alford was a *great* offensive player. He could score in a variety of ways as a frosh, and had the 3-point line been in existence his whole career, the Big10 record books might look a little different. I believe he was a little taller than Jordy too, and he never had a hard time getting his shot off.  Of course, IU also ran an offense at the time that was pretty good at getting him great looks on catch and shoots.

    Jordy has had it tough, since he came into such a tough situation, but Alford is one of the best players of all time not only at IU, but in the Big10.

  • InTheMtns

    My thoughts, exactly.

  • Anonymous

    I would disagree that Alford had better moves.  I think Jordy can shake n bake with the best of them, he just doesn’t do it often enough.  However, like Kfdchev stated below, Alford moved ALL the time and worked his butt off to get open.  Alford was very crafty and at this point in his career, a little better basketball IQ in regards to getting open and getting fouled.  I think if you had a 3 point shooting contest bewteen them, it would be pretty close.  Alford’s team were obviously way better too for most of his career, but that’s about to change for Jordy as well.

  • Anonymous

    There is very little doubt that Zeller, Watford and Hulls are the stars
    of this team. If any one of the three can become a top 5 All-Big 10
    player, this will be a good (20+ win) season. Vic and Will are the next
    best players and have to get 22-25 minutes/game on the floor each.
    Elston and Pritchard have to do it on the floor, “being 6’9” is no
    longer good enough. Derek could be great, but can he develop the mental
    side of his talent? Verdell can show that he is the senior leader that
    we have desperately needed for the last three years. If he can accept
    lesser “billing” but play great, then this can be a special season.
    Austin and Remy have to bring it all and bring it hard every second on
    the floor. They each have some real talent that Indiana has sorely
    needed. I hope that Matt Roth hits 50% of his 3’s because if he can’t
    Danny Moore might. Danny does a lot of good things in short stretches.
    No more excuses now for Coach Crean, it is win NOW time! We miss and
    love you Mo Creek and want to see you play again at 100%! GO IU!