2011-2012 Player Profile: Maurice Creek

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It’s time for Inside the Hall’s player-by-player breakdown of the 2011-2012 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Maurice Creek.

Maurice Creek’s 2011-2012 season won’t produce the much anticipated comeback that many were hoping to witness.

For the third time in 22 months, the Maryland native suffered a serious injury and as a result, Creek will miss the entire season. The latest setback — a torn left Achilles — occurred just days before the Hoosiers reached the official start of practice.

What does the injury mean for Creek’s future? How it will affect this year’s team? Let’s dive in.

Creek will redshirt and assuming he’s able to return after a full season off, he would be a member of the 2014 graduating class with Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey. What’s not certain, however, is that he’ll ever be the same player that lit up Kentucky for 31 points at Assembly Hall in December of 2009. Coming back from one major injury is difficult enough. But three? An uncertain road lies ahead for Creek.

“It is really hard to put into context what has happened with him,” Indiana coach Tom Crean said about Creek’s injury situation. “But the one thing that I can put into context is that he is one tough young man. He embodies the spirit that we want this program to be about. When you look at a situation where, not only has he had one major injury and surgery, not only has he had two major injuries and surgeries, but he has now had three in less than 22 months.”

The good news is that Indiana appears to be in a position to weather this type of loss to its roster. Creek likely would have been eased back into this year’s rotation. It’s impossible to figure out where he might have fit in, but there’s a good chance both Oladipo and Sheehey would have posed a significant battle for playing time.

Best-case: Creek uses his redshirt season to become healthy while staying actively engaged with the team and acting as a positive bench presence throughout the year.

Worst-case: A third significant injury in less than two years is too much to overcome.

Quotable: “I think I am because I am a lot older and more mature. I have been through those injuries and been through it twice. I’m looking at it from the mindset of ‘it happened, it’s not the end of the world and I’ll be back soon.’ It can’t be where I put my head down, I have to take it one step at a time.” – Creek on being prepared to handle his third major injury in 22 months.

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  • Anonymous

    IMO, I only think it would be fair that the NCAA grant more eligibility in this situation.  He should get more than a one year readshirt.  I don’t think the powers consider rehabilitation time, and Maurices’ rehab has been considerable.

  • Anonymous

    I’m kind of tired of hearing (on multiple boards for the last couple years) that Mo won’t ever be the same and we don’t need him as badly as we once did so if he can just sit over there and get some mop up minutes that’s ok.  This kid has busted his ass for the last 3 years with zero results yet continues to do it because of his love of IU basketball and an inner drive that we need on this team as we grow and become better.  Anybody who thinks he won’t come back and be as good as he once was doesn’t take this kid seriously.  Mo was one of the best freshmen in the country, no reason to think he wouldn’t be one of the better players in the country at this point as well, and we’ve all missed out on that.

    I think he can come back and be the player he once was.  This kid is a warrior to do the rehab he has and still have a positive attitude about his future with the team.  Anybody who counts this kid out obviously doesn’t seem to understand what kind of an individual we have that has been a blessing to this program, on and off the court.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    At full strength, Mo would make the perfect substitute if we don’t get Gary.

  • JerryCT

    I would love to believe in your optimism and I share your sentiment that he eventually returns to the court to play.


    I had a similar string of injuries and surgeries ; disc operation, severed achilles tendon, broken tibia, micofracture knee operation . In addition I had the best care , Steadman Hawkins joint center in Vail ( treats big time athletes ie Kobe for one ) .

    I pray for a miracle because I fear that is what it will take. I have lived in the house of pain and sometimes the amount of work and comittment just cannot overcome damage.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not saying that most people wouldn’t be extremely discouraged at this point with what has happened to what would have been a really nice career.  I’m just trying to offer a little uplifting voice to the kid while he battles through another set back.  I understand it’s going to be hard and he may not ever see the potential that he could have had, but I’m just not counting him out yet is all.  He just had surgery and he’s got all the time in the world to get better as well as top notch doc’s.  Poor kid hasn’t had 2 good legs for almost 2 years, don’t discount desire once he gets healthy.  The kid has heard nothing but doom and gloom from the fans and I don’t think that’s healthy for him right now.

  • Anonymous

    There is very little doubt that Zeller,
    Watford and Hulls are the stars of this team. If any one of the three
    can become a top 5 All-Big 10 player, this will be a good (20+ win)
    season. Vic and Will are the next best players and have to get 22-25
    minutes/game on the floor each. Elston and Pritchard have to do it on
    the floor, “being 6’9? is no longer good enough. Derek could be great,
    but can he develop the mental side of his talent? Verdell can show that
    he is the senior leader that we have desperately needed for the last
    three years. If he can accept lesser “billing” but play great, then this
    can be a special season. Austin and Remy have to bring it all and bring
    it hard every second on the floor. They each have some real talent that
    Indiana has sorely needed. I hope that Matt Roth hits 50% of his 3?s
    because if he can’t Danny Moore might. Danny does a lot of good things
    in short stretches. No more excuses now for Coach Crean, it is win NOW
    time! We miss and love you Mo Creek and want to see you play again at
    100%! GO IU!


  • Anonymous

    I’m wishing for the best for Mo. 

    And hoping that after dropping 30 on Kentucky next year, he can tell a national audience:

        Don’t call it a comeback
        I’ve been here for years
        I’m rocking my peers
        Puttin’ suckers in fear

  • Which is probably exactly why the NCAA will say “Nope, one year only.”

  • Anonymous

    Love Mo..his talent, desire and work ethic. I hate to say this..but everybody include those closest to him need to admit that his days as a potential college and NBA star have ended. Make that mental adjustment..stay with the program till you graduate..and look to coaching going forward if you want to continue with b-ball. Just can’t see anybody coming back from the 3 injuries he has had..all severe.

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice to see him come back next year and really help the team. However, I will go forward not expecting him back and if he is that is great. Just seems like it would be really really really tough to come back after three leg injuries in two years.

  • Slpsms

    He did type something of substance…cynicism in regards to believing the NCAA will do what is just.  It’s not an absurd implication.

  • Slpsms

    He did type something of substance…cynicism in regards to believing the NCAA will do what is just.  It’s not an absurd implication.