Film Session: Maui Invitational

  • 12/04/2020 9:01 am in

Against Texas, the Hoosiers try a similar set. It starts with Durham getting a down screen from Thompson as Phinisee has the ball up top:

Phinisee makes the pass to Durham on the left wing as Trayce Jackson-Davis comes up to set the screen for Phinisee:

Phinisee curls around the screen and heads towards the hoop. But 6-10 Jericho Sims hangs back a bit from the down screen:

And that gives Durham pause from making the pass. Greg Brown is also fronting Thompson on the left low block, another large defender that may be able to steal or deflect a pass:

So Durham opts to pass to Jackson-Davis as Thompson continues to get fronted in the post:

Later in the possession, Durham and Thomspon are on the opposite side of the court and Brown continues to front Thompson as Durham looks in:

Durham passes to Phinisee and Jackson-Davis sets a high ball screen for him:

Sims follows Phinisee to the left wing as Courtney Ramey recovers back to Phinisee. Phinisee makes the pass to Jackson-Davis:

It’s the smaller Ramey who switches over onto Jackson-Davis and the sophomore drives right on him with a step:

But Ramey is up to the task. He bodies up Jackson-Davis, allowing Matt Coleman III to leave help position and ward off the pass to Franklin in the right corner:

Ramey goes for the strip and misses, allowing Jackson-Davis to spin to the hoop. Brown begins to leave Thompson to slide over on the help defense:

Brown jumps straight up on Jackson-Davis to avoid the foul on his take:

Jackson-Davis tries shooting on the way down, but Brown sticks with the play and blocks his shot:

Impressive defense from the Longhorns here. After thwarting earlier action from the Hoosiers on this possession, Indiana got Jackson-Davis into a mismatch with Ramey late in the possession. But Ramey didn’t back down and Brown’s help defense took away Jackson-Davis at the rim.


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