2015-2016 Player Profile: Collin Hartman

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With the start of college basketball season on the horizon, we’re taking a long look at the conference at large as well as Indiana’s roster this month. Today, we continue our look at Indiana’s roster with Collin Hartman.

After a surprise leap into the Indiana rotation last season, Collin Hartman enters 2015-2016 as an integral part of the Hoosiers’ lineup and a possible starter.

Hartman only averaged 4.8 points in 2014-2015, but his impact on the court was much bigger than just scoring. The Cathedral product’s game wasn’t sexy, but it was smart. He made the right passes. He knew where he needed to be on the floor. He hustled. He rebounded.

And when he was thrust into the 5 position after Hanner Mosquera-Perea went down with injury, Hartman preformed about as well as he could have given the circumstances. That stint was punctuated by his performance inside Assembly Hall against Maryland. He recorded three blocks in 29 minutes to go along with a career-high 15 points (3-of-3 from distance).

Beyond his basketball IQ, Hartman’s ability to knock down the 3-pointer (team-best 47.5 percent) and versatility makes him a good fit for Tom Crean’s offensive system. He has the frame to be able to guard the traditional power forward position if necessary, while keeping the floor spaced on the other side of the ball due to his shooting ability. This makes him a possible fit in the starting lineup next to Thomas Bryant up front. If Bryant’s shooting is as good as advertised and Troy Williams starts shooting (and making) more 3-point shots, Indiana’s entire starting lineup may be able to score inside and out.

And if Hartman ends up coming off the bench, Indiana won’t see much of a dropoff when he enters the game as a sixth or seventh man.

Hartman is unlikely to dominate the ball with Indiana’s group of guard and wing playmakers in Yogi Ferrell, Robert Johnson,  Williams and James Blackmon Jr. Yet, he’s perfectly suited to be on the court around these four and an McDonald’s All-American center. Key too much on any of them and Hartman can make you pay with his shooting ability. He can also be an initiator for the playmakers to head to the rim downhill after he sets picks on the perimeter.

For a team in need of leadership, Hartman could also maybe provide some of that — especially on the defensive end. He can bark out orders, point on switching and make sure the effort and energy is there from his teammates while he’s both on the court and looking on from the bench.

Bottom Line: Hartman did fade a bit down the stretch in terms of productions last season, though he was dealing with a knee injury for part of that time. Regardless, Hartman has the opportunity this season to be an important part of a group with NBA aspirations around him. Defend, rebound, screen, hustle and shoot with consistency and smarts. Fill in the details and gaps around the high-level talent and the playing time should be there for him in his junior season — provided his current rib injury isn’t a long-term concern.

Quotable: “It was really just knowing that if I make the hustle plays and do the hustle plays, then I’m going to stay on the court. Playing is every kids dream, especially in Assembly Hall, so hustle plays are what kept me on the court. It was really what I had to start doing, because my skill set wasn’t exactly there, so I couldn’t really do much outside of my element. So the hustle plays and the fundamental plays are what really kept me on the court. And that is what I really think gave me the confidence knowing that if I did this, it would help.” – Hartman in July.

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  • kennygeorge

    This young man gives it all on the court and stays out of trouble. He has earned his candy stripes and I’m glad he’s a HOOSIER!!! Thanks Colin.

  • marcusgresham

    Talk about someone who’s taken advantage of the weight program! His arms are about the size his legs were when he signed his letter-of-intent.

  • TomJameson

    The best thing about Collin, is that he has another year left. Him as a senior will provide good leadership, and help a ton with the transition of so many re coming in next season.

    I also, am real happy to have him on the IU BB team.

  • marcusgresham

    True. There are four known openings on the roster next season (three graduating seniors and one spot that wasn’t filled this season.) Williams is likely to be gone and Blackmon & Bryant are outside possibilities so there could be as many as seven new players.
    If Troy goes that will leave Collin as the only senior on the roster. If Blackmon also goes (I’m on the record as thinking he will not be ready to do so,) that would leave Johnson, Newkirk & Priller as the only juniors so there might only be three upperclassmen seeing the floor.

  • Devout Hoosier

    Colin just has that multiplier effect about him. He makes the others better. Hustle, Shooting, some blocks and defense. A really good player.

  • iubase

    Colin despite his injuries will be a key glue guy for a successful season. Hopefully he will stay healthy. love his game. He compliments everyone else well. Reminds me of Steve Green back in the day. Excellent shooter and competitor. He knows what he can’t and can do – and with Yogi and JBjr has a good bball IQ.
    Type of player that will help to develop Bryants talents as well. Like the pieces of this team a lot…..now lets play

  • TomJameson

    I like your math. Personally, I think it’s fairly certain that JBJ will go, but he still has to have a good year. If he gets into the first round he is gone. I think TB would have to have an extraordinary year to go, but it’s possible I reckon. So I’m thinking a recruiting class of 6.

    I really think it would be fantastic if we had JBJ and RJ as juniors, but I just think that JBJ would be a long shot for coming back.

  • MK

    I personally don’t see James leaving for the NBA after this season. To small to play shooting guard and not quick enough at this point to be considered an NBA combo guard. Certainly not a point guard. Think he stays another year.

  • sarge

    I totally agree, and it is the sign of a complete player. He doesn’t have great stats, but you know that he has his mark on every game he plays in. I think he is really going to do some great things this year.

  • TomJameson

    I admit that he needs a good year, and improvements in a couple of areas, but I think that man is motivated and makes it happen! Would love to see him return though.

  • Tyler T

    Love having Hartman on the team.


    Barring an injury that costs him several games I think JBJ goes next year, even if a few of the draft forecasters see him going in the second round. It sounded like he wasn’t that far from taking the leap after last year and he was projected to go in the second round even more so then than he will be in the upcoming draft.


    This young man is the epitome of the guy that does all the little stuff that doesn’t show up in the headlines or necessarily show up in the box score. What Collin IS though is what every successful team has to have and is so integral to a team being successful. I also think that while he more than likely won’t be as successful as say somebody like VO when it comes to bball after IU he will none the less be as good of a representative of IU bball and IU in general as VO has been. Thanks for coming to IU Collin, and once again, sorry for wondering out loud if you were good enough to stay at IU after your freshman season, whiffed on that one badly.

  • jaywiz

    No knock on yogi, but I believe that Hartman is the leader this team needs. Teams feed off of their leader- unselfish,leads by example and holds players accountable. I’m obviously not privy to what goes on outside of what I see on tv and what I read here, but Colin fits two, and I believe he will be more vocal this upcoming season- that is a great thing.

    Ready to watch some hoops!

  • jmfriedman

    He’s a great kid. He’s exactly what an IU basketball player is, and should be. Proud that he is a Hoosier. Hope he has a great season, and barring injury, I believe he will. Can’t wait for the season to start.