2015-2016 Player Profile: Tim Priller

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With the start of college basketball season on the horizon, we’re taking a long look at the conference at large as well as Indiana’s roster this month. Today, we continue our look at Indiana’s roster with Tim Priller.

It didn’t take long for Tim Priller to become a fan favorite for the Indiana faithful who pack Assembly Hall.

An unheralded recruit from Richland Hills, Texas, Priller committed to the program in April of 2014 as a relative unknown nationally. Indiana, in a tough position size wise following the mid-season transfer of Luke Fischer and the departure of Noah Vonleh for the NBA, needed to add depth.

Our first in-person look at Priller came during IU’s trip to Montreal last August, when he played 44 minutes in four games. During that trip, Priller himself admitted that he had a long way to go development wise.

“I definitely need to get better – everyone needs to get better – but I need to get better at some things,” he said. “My teammates are really helping me out. There is no negativity on the team and they are really just pushing me to do better and help them out as well.”

He would end up playing less during the season – a total of 23 minutes – but when he did get on the floor, Indiana fans embraced him with open arms.

The IU students in particular quickly grew fond of Priller, who saw most of his minutes come after games had already been long decided.”Tim Pril-ler” chants routinely filled Assembly Hall late in games during the non-conference portion of IU’s schedule.

His most memorable sequence came in IU’s season-opening win over Mississippi Valley State, when Priller came in and quickly recorded a tip-in basket for his only points of the season.

It was clear that he was neither physically nor athletically ready to contribute, but fans often gravitate towards the underdog, which is exactly what Priller is.

At 6-foot-9 with an awkward gait and looks that Tom Crean once compared to Shaggy from Scooby Doo, it’s unlikely that Priller’s minutes will increase much as he enters his second season in Bloomington.

But he’s here, seemingly working hard in practice daily and being a great teammate on the bench, which is really all you can ask from a 12th or 13th man on the roster.

Quotable: “It doesn’t bother me. I mean, I don’t like it too much because you could get big headed, really. You kind of just stay chill, I guess. It doesn’t really affect me either way.” – Priller to the Indiana Daily Student last March on fans chanting his name during games.

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  • Miamihoosier

    With this type of player in the past, they usually practice with the team a couple seasons, and then transfer for more playing time (or to clear scholarship space). It would be interesting to see if he stayed the full 4 years, whether or not the program could turn him in to a productive big man. If he had gone to a program like northwestern, he’d be starting and a 13ppg a scorer by then.

  • sarge

    I want players that want to play in the candy stripes. He may not be the player that all fans want to see in the program or on the floor, but I get the feeling he wants to be a Hoosier as much as anyone on the squad. I will always support young fellas like this. Here’s to a great season Tim, best of luck to you.

  • Ole Man

    I sincerely doubt that he would be a starter anywhere in the Big Ten. He might see more minutes off the bench.
    Averaging in double figures is also a stretch.
    Mid-major is another story.
    Like him, his hustle, and glad he’s a Hoosier!

  • triple

    He wouldn’t be starting at Northwestern. No offense to Tim, but NU’s recruiting has
    picked up a lot of steam in the past two years. Rutgers, maybe. Not Northwestern.

  • straight no chaser

    Tim the CHILL PRILL!

  • INUnivHoosier

    So he’s probably not going to be much of a contributor, but based on the workout videos, it definitely looks like he is putting in time and effort to improve his body. I hope he gets in a few games and can put up some points, make a few plays, get some cheers.

    Maybe he’ll become an option off the bench in his 3rd or 4th season. You just never really know.

  • And One

    Kory Barnett never saw the floor unless we were up by 20 late in the game, leading him to describe himself as the Human Victory Cigar. Let this title now be passed to our young Mr. Priller, and may we see him often.

  • Gregory Spera

    Hope Tom Crean’s well documented, world renown player development skills really come to the fore with “The Thriller” and we get to see him earn some time on the court this season! That would be awesome.

  • Young Hoosier

    He needs to be our bench celebration captain general king. On the sidelines doing the robot after Troy dunks on someone.

  • Outoftheloop

    I hope that when Tim gets his call to play that he takes any and all good looks from 3-land. If he hits 2/3 on his first shots, he will get minutes until he drops below 40% on 3’s. If he stays at 50%, I U has another player!

  • marcusgresham

    I love TP, but man, he even looks awkward in the picture.

  • TomJameson

    Hahahaha … “world renown”??? Pushing the sarcasm just a bit there, sir.

    But I agree 100% about Tim, I’d live to see him get on the court and make some buckets and log some minutes.

  • cooper

    The use of a scholarship on 23 min and 2 pts seems a bit inexplicable.

  • Zach

    We love Vanilla Prilla!

  • jimmygoiu

    I do not know what to write. Unprecedented.

  • Outoftheloop

    It is a 4 year scholarship! Wait until after the 4rh year is completed, and then run the numbers.

  • MK

    what is?

  • cooper

    You really think he justifies or will justify a scholarship? Remember his only other offer was from Incarnate Word, which sounds like a cult