That’s A Wrap: Jeremy Hollowell

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Welcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our player-by-player recap of the 2013-2014 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Jeremy Hollowell.

Hollowell (29 games): 5.7 points, 3.5 rebounds, 1.0 assist, 35.1% FG, 21.9% 3FG, 77.9% FT in 18.3 minutes per game.

Last October in our player profile of Jeremy Hollowell, I presented the IU forward as a candidate for a major step forward as a sophomore.

At the time, Tom Crean had recently noted that Hollowell was the team’s leading scorer through the first five practices but caveated the statement by saying the Lawrence Central product still had work to do efficiency wise.

Unfortunately, Hollowell’s efficiency never came around and as a result, the preseason prognostication of Hollowell taking a step forward never materialized with any consistency.

Hollowell started in all but one of IU’s non-conference games and averaged 8.6 points over that span, but his production never really suggested he was best suited in that role. His effective field goal percentage in non-conference games was just 40.8, which was second worst among rotation regulars.

To compound his on-court struggles, Hollowell was benched for three games (at Penn State, Wisconsin, Northwestern) for what Crean called “focus issues.”

“He needs to get his focus where it needs to be, and that’s the biggest thing there,” Crean said following IU’s win at Penn State. “He just needs to get his focus ready. He needs to build his focus.”

After his three-game absence, Hollowell was never a major factor in IU’s rotation as his minutes never jumped above 18 the rest of the way and he failed to score in double figures in a single conference game.

At the conclusion of the season, it was announced that Hollowell had requested a release and would seek a transfer to play out his final two years of eligibility elsewhere. It was an abrupt end to an IU career that once was believed to have great promise, but ultimately never panned out that way.

Bottom line: There’s no denying the talent Hollowell possesses, but a change of scenery was probably in order as he fell out of favor from a playing time perspective as the season moved along. As IU’s struggles mounted this season, he unfortunately became an easy target for criticism by fans and never really built confidence in what many felt could be a breakout season for the Indianapolis native. Hollowell has yet to announce where he’ll finish his career.

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  • bloomingtonian

    Good points. I remember a couple “in your face” type blocks so you knew he could get off the floor a little better than CWat.

    Outside of your 5-star players, kids come in with an incomplete game, but they have their comfort zone where they have confidence to contribute while they develop the other parts of their game. You saw it this year with Stan. I still couldn’t tell you what Jeremy’s bread and butter is, I just remember a couple open mid-range jumpers.

    Between the turnovers and fouls, the game just moved too fast for him. That could be mental, or just a slow first step.

  • Snookafly

    If he’s going to be the “class act” who doesn’t discus what really happened then he should keep his mouth shut entirely. Instead he wants to make subtle insinuations like a girl who just got dumped. He’s been doing it since day one, and it shows a level of insecurity that fails to inspire.

  • KmanCRK

    connections…JH wasn’t suspended for lack of focus in practice if that’s what you’ve always assumed. Coaches and staff tried hard to get him to focus on doing the things that would put him in a better position for school, bball, and life. Hanner’s situation relates, but he was able to get back into the good graces if you will by doing what was asked of him. Showing he was willing to do things the right way. JH had a hard time doing things the right way. These red flags were here when the kid was in H.S. Look at Scotty Wilbekin at FL for example, troubled past, but got his stuff together after his suspension and look at him now. JH has yet to show that turnaround mentally. If a kid can’t get his mind/focus right after a suspension, you’ve got to let him go…

  • b_side

    The talent disparity between Hollowell and UK’s freshmen class isn’t comparable. If that’s how you expect a “typical” freshman to perform, you’ll be disappointed.

  • myrddin

    (a) I didn’t specify UK, as they are not the only team in the Final Four with freshmen in their rotation. (b) The freshmen still playing are playing basketball at the top level of college competition, we didn’t even make the NIT, so I think there’s some latitude in between those two things as far as expectations go. If Jeremy could have been a consistent contributor with the generous minutes he was given (say, a legitimate 3rd scoring option), that would have made a significant difference for IU this year and particularly in conference. (c) Hollowell isn’t a freshman, which is why I said “at the end of his second full year”. There are plenty of players across the country who came in with less expectations who are performing better at the end of their *second* year. (d) Had he stayed, it would have been the continuing hope for all fans that things were going to click for him and he was going to become the player he could be.

    So besides screwing up Bracey’s draft info, I’m sticking with what I posted.

  • Ole Man

    Not buying “connections”. I have connections to darn near anything I want to “dig” a little on. Doesn’t mean those connections will provide anything other than gossip.

  • KmanCRK

    Buy what you want, believe what you want. In America you are free to believe JH was an outstanding citizen who passed all drug tests and got straight A’s all while putting in plenty of time at Cook Hall.

  • SCHoosier

    TC did the dumpin’ ..after providing JH ample opportunity to show his game. Instead Hollowell embarrassed the program/himself nation-wide by being benched with all the pub and speculation that goes with that in this 24 hour news cycle world. How many other players would have spilled blood to get and take advantage of the starting position handed to JH? I wish him good fortune..but believe the program will long term be better off without him. . Hard to overcome the stigma..fair or not..associated with that disciplinary action. To your point, I do think TC’s exit comments could have been a bit less pointed.

  • Ole Man

    You have no more insight into the program than the average fan. You just like to sound important. And you slander others to make yourself fill important and seem important.

    Apparently, I’m not the only one who doesn’t believe you.

  • KmanCRK

    Ole Man I find it ironic being called out as someone who likes to bash others by one of the more negative people on this site. Go back and read all of my posts on here and see how many negative posts I’ve made about anyone this year. You will find very very few. I would venture to say that its guys you like who are racing up the leader board of most negative comments about Crean and others. I tend to always be a very positive poster who tends to always look at the glass half full and support the coaches and players. Prove me wrong by going back to older posts of mine.

    This is the only topic I’ve voiced insider info. I didn’t come on here talking about the coming transfer of AE even though I heard it a week before it happened. If I was someone looking to impress strangers to feel important don’t you think I would have?
    And there are plenty on here who have been asking if anyone knows anything about the topic. (See Donnie Vick just two posts below)
    I don’t doubt that you are sick of me commenting on a lot of your negative posts, but I tend to be arguining the positive side. Get over it.

  • Ole Man

    I’m certainly not known as someone who is negative; either here or in the “outside”world.
    I may strongly stand against those who I disagree with.. However, you can cease and desist with that line right away. Just because I disagree with someone’s BS, and not addressing your post here, doesn’t mean I’m negative.
    I’m sure not Suzy Sunshine, however, if it isn’t called for.
    I possibly overreacted; but I am so tired of people being negative about our players; especially JH.
    Your post, whether you realize it or not came across as a “know it all” gossip piece.
    I believe that was not your intention.
    But my bigger question is this: Why say that at all? What purpose did it serve?
    If in reading your piece and asking those two questions, you can put a positive spin on it, then I guess, by your logic, I am negative.