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IUJackITH0003Welcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our player-by-player recap of the 2012-2013 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Jordan Hulls.

Hulls (36 games): 9.7 points, 2.9 assists, 2.4 rebounds, 0.8 steals, 44.6% FG, 44.7% 3PFG, 77.6% FT in 28.8 minutes per game.

Jordan Hulls began his Indiana career in the fall of 2009 hopeful that he and classmates like Christian Watford, Derek Elston and Maurice Creek could bring a storied program back from the bottom of college basketball.

Four years, 78 wins, two Sweet Sixteen appearances and an outright Big Ten championship later, it’s safe to say Indiana is back to national relevancy.

His career also started with doubters who believed that he, despite a state championship and a Mr. Basketball award at Bloomington South, didn’t have the size or physical makeup to lead a winning program in the Big Ten.

The final tally of Hulls’ numbers while at Indiana say those doubts were unfounded. The Bloomington native leaves as the school’s career leader in games played (135) and with 1,318 career points.

But beyond those numbers and his efficient shooting, Hulls also had a major impact as a guy who was willing to get in the gym and get better on a daily basis, a trait that eventually rubbed off on his Hoosier teammates.

Prior to IU’s home game with Iowa this past season, his father, J.C., told a story about a family vacation where the plan was to take a break from basketball for a week. According to J.C., the break was short lived before Jordan found a court outdoors and got back to work on his game. That work ethic became contagious inside the IU program as guys like Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey joined Hulls in Assembly Hall and Cook Hall and saw their respective games take major leaps forward as a result.

The leadership of Hulls inside the program also became more apparent as his career moved along. The first sign that he had emerged as a leader came in August of 2011, when Elston told reporters that Hulls had kicked a couple of guys out of conditioning. “He is a lot more vocal,” Elston said. “He’s one of those guys that starts screaming now. Conditioning days, if you’re not making it, Jordy’s the first one to tell you. And whether you like the way he’s saying it or not, he’s going to say it. If that doesn’t motivate you, then he’ll get you off the floor.”

That was, of course, just months before Indiana began a two-year run of success that included a memorable win over No. 1 Kentucky at Assembly Hall and also a long reign this past season as the nation’s No. 1 team and a Big Ten title. Both seasons seemed out of reach after what transpired over Hulls’ first two seasons, but his leadership and improved play on both ends of the floor were big pieces of the turnaround.

The final month of Hulls’ IU career is likely one that will take him a while to get over as he shot just 28 percent from behind the 3-point line and in a season-ending loss against Syracuse, had difficultly with the size of the Orange. A separated shoulder suffered in a round of 32 win over Temple hampered him significantly over his final two games.

Bottom Line: The dip in his shooting numbers over the season’s final month put a dent in his final tallies for the season, but Hulls put together another stellar offensive season and became a better defender in his last collegiate season. He leaves as one of the best shooters to ever wear an IU uniform and as a major reason the program is back in the discussion as one of the nation’s best.

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  • Thank god for Jordan Hulls. His leadership and shooting were key down the stretch

  • I wouldn’t say the win over Kentucky was ‘infamous’, unless this switched to a Wildcats site overnight. I would call it -momentous, monumental, epic, historic or even famous..but not infamous…

  • kenny george

    Jordan will always be thought of in a fond and thankful way. Great young man…

  • IUeconAlum

    One of the great advocates and representatives of Indiana basketball.

  • xCowHoosier

    To me, Jordan epitomizes what IU basketball is all about…


  • Alford, Bailey, Chaney, Hulls, Oladipo

  • MillaRed

    Always loved him because like cow said earlier, he is 100% Indiana. I was in my backyard at 5 years old chucking jumpers every day after school. I’m sure he did the same, with a lot more talent. One of the best shooters I have ever seen.

    Thanks for everything Jordan.

  • dapice319

    one of the best hoosiers we’ll ever see. any real fan knows how important this kid was to IU. wish him nothing but success.

  • ajmoye’stheman

    One word desscribes this kid on and off the court… SOLID. THANK YOU JORDY! WE LOVE YOU!

  • hoosier1158

    What a great freshman recruiting class, Jordy, Maurice, Christian, Derek, Bobby and Bawa. When I 1st saw this group play i thought they could really turn things around by their junior year, little did a really know they would put the hoosiers back on the basketball map. Makes you wonder what could have really happened without any injuries. Jordy will always be my favorite!

  • SCHoosier

    I second all the accolades..just wished Jordy had played in a system better at getting him a few shots..and had been a little more selfish about looking for them. Kind of young man you’d like your daughter to bring home for dinner (as long as he didn’t want to play Horse for $5 a game afterwards:)

  • MikeinNC

    Any indication of Hull’s plans after graduation?

  • Anne Jam

    I’m glad Jordy Hulls is gone whew! He’s the main reason we started to play really bad after the OSU victory. Too many unnecessary and errant 3’s

  • charles

    you have got to be kidding………..who are you anyway, you are nuts

  • Anne Jam

    Somebody who knows alot more about bball than you, obviously

  • Anne Jam

    He should not have been playing on the Indiana Hoosiers he really looked like a little kid…0-8 against syracuse. He was the weak link

  • Jordan, thanks for all your had work and your leadership! This years graduating class was phenomenal, especially since they came here to a program in the aftermath of sanctions and committed to turn it around. There were a couple of tough years at the start, but all of them (Hulls, Elston, Watford, Creek, etc) set the tone for years to come.

  • To be fair, there wasn’t much good about that Syracuse game from anyone. If we did better at shooting the open midrange shots we were given (passed up way too many looks there), Syracuse would have had to collapse from the perimeter and then Jordan would have had a lot more open looks instead of having to constantly shoot with taller defenders in his face.

  • I agree. We had the good problem of having too many top shooters on the team. Heck, Hulls, Watford, & Olidipo were all shooting around 45% or better for the year. That’s phenomenal, but it does keep a pure shooter like Jordan from getting enough looks to truly showcase his ability.

  • WilliamTellOverture

    I was born in 1988 and didnt get to see many of the all-time IU greats. Jordy is what IU basketball looks like to me. I saw him play in at south and watched him grow at IU. He will always be one of my favorite players.

  • Anne Jam

    I am glad to to see jordy leave

  • Anne Jam

    what, sucky

  • Anne Jam

    he stilled missed open 3’s when the game was tight all the time, when the ball should have pushed to the rim. whoops their goes jordy with another errant 3

  • Anne Jam

    he stilled missed open 3’s when the game was tight all the time, when the ball should have pushed to the rim. whoops their goes jordy with another errant 3

  • Anne Jam

    to be fair, I blame the coach for not having Abel start at point and vo take the scoring gaurd. Remy’s Defense was great all year, Jordy’s non-existent. They would handled and banged those syracuse gaurds

  • not sure about Remy doing much better in the game, but going bigger earlier in the game would have helped some. If only we had another big that could have held his own alongside Zeller. Then Watford could have shifted to the 3 instead of banging down low.

  • Anne Jam

    Your right, watford was just non existent and Cody is not really a center he is actually a weak forward. It showed, it showed