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Welcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our player-by-player recap of the 2012-2013 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Jeremy Hollowell.

Hollowell (33 games): 2.8 ppg, 2.1 rpg, 0.3 apg, 40.3% FG, 63.2% FT in 9.7 minutes per game.

Jeremy Hollowell’s 2012-13 campaign was one of a stereotypical freshman: some good, some bad and plenty more to learn as he continues to assimilate to the college game.

The Lawrence Central product showed flashes of promise as both a scorer and defender. He netted over 10 points twice in a row to start the season (12 against Bryant in the season opener, 14 against North Dakota State three days later). Hollowell isn’t the quickest defender, but he showed a knack for swatting shots on occasion. He recorded three blocks against Michigan on Feb. 2 and two against both Iowa (Dec. 31) and Purdue (Jan. 30). He gained enough trust from Tom Crean to get run in every game he was eligible for this season and average almost 10 minutes in them. (Remember: Hollowell sat out three games in December amidst some self-reported violations by his family.)

But Hollowell was inconsistent. His high in scoring during the Big Ten season was just six points (Feb. 7 against Illinois). And at times his shooting from distance resulted in him entirely missing the rim. He finished the year shooting just 23.3 percent from beyond the arc. Hollowell also could stand some improvement at the charity stripe (63.2 percent).

The freshman had a little early Christian Watford in him  as well — a laid-back personality that resulted in him not always bringing an edge to the court. Dan Dakich made note during broadcasts later in the season that Hollowell came to Bloomington not quite used to the work ethic needed to succeed in Tom Crean’s program, but that he was finally coming around to it all as the season matured.

The good news for Hollowell is that if he takes that drive into the summer, he’ll be well suited, like wings Will Sheehey and Victor Oladipo before him under the development tutelage of Crean, to take a leap heading into his sophomore year. With Indiana likely to lose a lot of scoring, Hollowell may step into the starting lineup next season and he’ll be counted upon to deliver more than he did in his freshman campaign.

Bottom line: While “The Movement” didn’t materialize as promised, Hollowell’s 2012-13 is one to build upon. It wasn’t a rousing success, but a veteran-laden Hoosier squad didn’t need it to be. He lacks elite athleticism, but his size and length make him a candidate to be a strong wing defender going forward. And a summer in Cook Hall getting up shots could help improve his shooting numbers. With Troy Williams, Stanford Robinson and Noah Vonleh coming to Bloomington this summer, too, there will be competition for minutes.

The talent is there. But whether Hollowell grows and develops it to stay ahead of his incoming teammates remains to be seen.

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  • BlakeD1223

    If I remember right Hollowell averaged around 28 ppg in high school. The kid can score. Hollowell seems like one of those kids you need to grab and shack a little bit and remind him that he’s playing college basketball at the top level and reassure him that he’s great. While you have some players that are way too cocky you also have players like Hollowell that may not realize how great he can be. It all comes down to confidence with Hollowell. At least that’s what it looks like to me. Give him the green light to shoot and let him gain some confidence and I think we’ll have a much better Hollowell. I’m excited to see what he can do next year.

  • Kelin Blab

    There is a lot to look forward to with Hollowell ….

    + IF He works on his ball handling. Sometimes I cringed when he put the ball on the floor

    + He has the tools. Size, length, athletic ability…..just has to put them into play. He is a more athletic Watford which isn’t bad

    +Similar to Cody, JH is going to have to grow to become more vocal. There will be younger players that look up to him even as a soph.

    + JH probably played Glen Robinson III the best I have seen anyone on IU. His length bothered him and that is really something JH could build on.

  • Kenneth234

    We can only hope that Hollowell puts in the work to raise his game to the level in which he is an unquestionable starter next season. If he has some Watford in his game, he may benefit from having more guys around him who can play the 4 and 5 in order to allow him to play more of the 3 position moving forward (assuming that Noleh, Hanner, and Luke, possibly Peter can elevate to a level to see the majority of floor time in those spots). Something that he can benefit from that CWAT did not have the luxury of having…hopefully Jeremy will.

  • This is the guy I think is going to take the biggest leap this offseason. I think Yogi will get a lot better, but I think Hollowell’s ceiling is really high and Crean will get him going. He just needs to be more aggressive and he will get his. Plus I think he can be a really good defender on the wing and he could play the 3 or the 4.

  • MillaRed

    I’ve said it all along, the kid needs strength. Remember when Watford was a FR/SO and got swatted every time he tried a layup in traffic? Jeremy has a very similar build. These lanky SF/PF tweeners are usually still growing at this age and it’s tough to put on muscle. I think Jeremy has a better frame than CWat and will be able to get bigger.

    Jeremy will improve next season, and as a junior I think he will thrive. When the ball pops out of a player’s hands in traffic so easily it isn’t necessarily bad hands or lack of dribbling ability. It’s strength. It’s no different than an adult ripping a 12 year old regardless of his skill set. The ball is dislodged easily.

    His shot blocking ability is something to be excited about. The blocks he had were no accident or luck. It’s a skill.

    I am very high on Jeremy. He’s a top 50 recruit, not top 10. It takes time. I think he grew up a lot this year and a necessary reality check set in. He needs to work hard and I’m not sure he realized that when he arrived on campus. Mark me down as a Hollowell fan. He will be very good.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    no doubt, defense wasn’t his problem. to me, his biggest weakness was securingprotecting the ball, both when driving and when putting up a shot.

    as i mentioned in a previous post, i don’t know if it boils down to fundamental deficiencies (that he was able to get away with in hs, and therefore never developed), or if the college game was just a bit too fast for him. either way, he’s got the tools and talent to fix the glitch. if nothing else, he showed us that.

  • PDXHoosier

    JH improved greatly over the season (although his stats don’t show it). At the beginning he was a step behind and unsure of what to do with the ball when he got it. By the end, he was focusing on defense (esp blocking shots) and rebounding and then took open shots when they were there. He’s got the potential, he just needed a year to adjust to the college game.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    great analysis from everybody. i think the overwhelming consensus is that everybody recognizes that he’s super talented and has a ton of potential. aside from that, i just want to say i’m a big fan of the kid.

    it’s funny to me now, but at the beginning of the season i found his laid back demeanor very off-putting, like he wasn’t really into the team concept. then as i watched how he was able to go into the paint with the big boys, blocking shots and pulling down rebounds, hustling for loose balls, etc… (basically, all the things less glamorous than scoring), i realized the kid’s got heart.

    and by the way, one of my favorite moments of the season was seeing that huge grin on his face after he drained that second 3-pointer against illinois (even though they lost the game). i remember thinking, ‘boy, he needed that!’.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I just did some number crunching over on the forum; not only did JH play great defense on Robinson III, their numbers — when analyzed on a per-minute basis — are nearly identical in points, rebounds, and assists. JH would’ve scored slightly less, rebounded slightly more, blocked one more shot per game, and assisted at roughly the same rate. The only area where GRIII outpaced JH was in turnovers: GRIII lost the ball once a game, where JH would’ve let it go three times as much.

  • Ability is not the problem. Attitude is. The absolute best thing that I.U. could do is find him another place to play. He was a mistake in recruiting. Hollowell before Harris ? Good grief !

  • skotchie

    I believe in time with confidence Hollowell will become a significant contributer, I look forward to watching his growth within the system.

  • Hollowell will come around. His ball handling is the one thing the made me a bit nervous. He’s got the talent to be great at IU! Looking forward to watching him play for the next 3 years!

  • calbert40

    I think your first point is the one that stands out most to me. At the beginning of the season, he was borderline unplayable due to his inability to handle the ball. That must improve before he takes the next step. I hope that he carries and dribbles a ball everywhere he goes this year! Sure, it will be difficult to eat an ice cream cone while dribbling, but let’s get to it, JH!!!

    I really think that JH *could* be a star. If he commits himself during the summer, gets stronger and corrects his TO issue, I think he will make it really difficult for CTC to not play him more mpg. A 6’8″ wing who can score outside, plays high level D, can swat a shot or two? Sign him up for my team! He just needs to develop that killer instinct, or as Ryan suggests, he will find himself battling for minutes against the likes of Williams and Vonleh.


    Just like everyone else I don’t have all the particulars of the recruitment for that year’s class but I highly doubt that it was a case where it came down to Crean giving JH a scholly and telling Gary Harris that after that he didn’t want him or have room for him.

  • baukev55

    Good grief is right, at your ignorance!

    I hope Jeremy sees this and works towards proving people like you wrong.


    Think half way or two thirds of the way through the season he finally realized that doing, ” the less glamorous stuff “, and doing a good job at it, was what was going to get him out on the court and for longer stretches at a time and came to understand that that in turn allowed him more opportunities on offense. If nothing else him realizing that shows some maturity on his part. Think more maturity will come in other areas this off season.


    If he needed any more incentive to do what you say, and I agree with, over the summer the mere fact that he knows NV & TW will be there ready to take his minutes, should he not work hard enough this summer, should provide more than enough incentive to do just that.

  • Daren Collentine

    The blocks he had were also no joke. He had some of the most crucial plays of the season with a couple of his blocks. Really big momentum swings almost every time, especially against Iowa. Im really excited about Hollowell and it will be nice to be deep with 6’7”-6’9” guys.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    yessir, i think you’re right on the money.

  • Sean G

    So what you’re saying is by the time someone is 17 or 18 years old they will have peaked in their ability to master any skill and those who haven’t should just give up and stop trying? If that’s the case, why do any professional athletes even practice?

  • Kelin Blab

    I could care less what recruits are coming into Kentucky. They had recruits last season also and were at home watching….based on your assessment if a kid isn’t great or a kentucky recruit by the age of 17 they should retire from basketball.

  • baukev55

    Another ignorant statement. Might I ask you, did you only started watching college basketball after the Kentucky game 2 years ago? Not only Vic, but do you not think that Hulls, CWAT, or Will improved a ton from their Freshmen seasons? Have you not heard of players such as Thomas Robinson, or D.J. White who really broke out late in their careers? What about Mason Plumlee???

    I support Crean, because he doesn’t only take the one and done’s or two and done’s like Cody and Noah, but also takes 4 year players that will grow over time and become very good when they are 22 year old men playing against all the 18 year old boys. I think a successful program should blend 4 year players with one and done’s. It makes for a much more cohesive and leadership centered team.

    Everybody forgets to mention that Kentucky’s 2011-2012 had the leadership of senior Darius Miller and two very talented sophomores who all had final four experience. Therefore, I am not convinced yet that Calimari’s “non-traditional program” of starting all Freshmen will work next year, as it failed miserably this season.

  • IULaw79

    If you think these kids are not going to improve, you’re delusional. I’m starting to remember why I stopped reading the comments on the free side of this site. I’d rather have a 3-4 year player like Hollowell over a team of 1 and dones who don’t care one bit about an education like they live on across the border to the south. Dipo is the exception? Did you not see the massive improvements made by Sheehey since his freshman year? Every guard/wing player we’ve had since hiring CTC has improved tremendously.

  • Daburns0

    Clueless. That is your new name. I dub thee Clueless777. Now go out and make more stupid comments.
    That is all

  • MillaRed

    I think he and Will battle for that crown. Agreed.

  • chiswede

    I can’t decide if that would be a good or bad thing. 🙂

  • calbert40

    She must, because every time anyone brings up his name, she talks about how lousy of an individual he is. I don’t know who deleted the comment, her or a moderator, but I’m very pleased that it happened. One thing we do not need on this forum is personal bashing of IU players. Let’s try and keep the discussion focused on how the players work and play.

  • calbert40

    Is there that much difference between the forum comments and these? I’ve strongly considered ponying up the money in order to get away from the unreasonable and irrational comments, but I didn’t know if there was much difference.

  • cdog

    We are going to need his scoring as most of the incoming freshmen are known more for defense than offense. The only one that put up big offensive numbers was Fischer. I think people will be suprised with him next year. He won’t be Cody, but he could get 8-10 points and 5-6 rebounds next year if he becomes the regular 5. He has the skills, but his strength will be the question.

  • Kelin Blab

    Spent the entire year commenting on both….haven’t seen this in the forum. Must do before recruiting really kicks in ……Go for it…

  • chiswede


  • hoosier1158

    Exactly. Jeremy will be an excellent player for IU, sooner than later.

  • kenny george

    The potential for the entire team is as good as each individual wants to make it as well as what the group wants to make it. As a whole, society seems to be easily swayed into negativity. Unfortunately we, as individuals, believe what we believe. To see someone be negative about the players or coaches bothers me tremendously, yet we have the right for free speech and free thought. Something my best friend, brother in law and neighborhood friend died for back in Vietnam and what many great young men and women are dying for today in other countries. So, I put up with the negative words and thoughts and move on from there. I can doubt an individuals desire or potential, because only that person knows what they want to do with their skills and knowledge. If I voice that, I am risking that the individual may read it and react unfavorably and unfortunately I would have contributed to their downfall. For those of us who really care about the growth of our young people, then we MUST be positive contributors and encouragers. Criticism is NOT lacking in this modern day world, but POSITIVE feedback is sorely lacking far too often. Might I suggest rather than might I condemn. I love our team and always have since 1973, I have lived thru the highs and lows and only hope to experience that BIG high one more time. I apologize for my rambling and wish all of you a safe and happy spring, summer and fall. Till we meet again, yours truly Hoosier fan

  • RT1

    People please! Hollowell is going to be just fine. He will start at the 3 next year REGARDLESS of who is coming in and who is leaving. I see him being the leading scorer for IU in 2015 unless CZ stays through graduation and Vonleh isn’t the one and done I feel he’ll be. There were ALOT of people (coaches) who felt he was one of the top talents in the class of 2012.

  • shknqk

    Best thing about Jeremy is he is a scorer… Now, he wasn’t ready to score like he thought, but I think his scoring will come like a freight train rolling down hill. Last year was uphill trudgery, the blocking and tackling of hoop, that he had to learn.

    I bet he vexes a lot of the freshman next year. None have had his scoring record. His deceptive athleticism and nose for scoring could be lightning in a bottle.


    heres my take on hollowell this year, i think he might hav been a little overconfident especially after some early double digit games against some creampuffs..then reality set in after some games against power conference schools he had alot of TOs and lost his confidence..i also think he was gunshy shooting the ball because of all the scorers around him and he didnt want to disrupt the offense or step out of line etc… i think next year he wil hav the greenlight and it will giv him a new mindset and he will put up some numbers…he has so many tools if his head is right i think the sky is the limit..go getem J SMOOTH

  • Daburns0

    It’s pretty good. A lot of extra content. Very reasonable discussions from true IU fans. No trolls. Worth the money. I am on here multiple times a day.

  • No way he leads the team in scoring. Sorry, if Cody stays, he leads. If not, Will will be the leading scorer….

  • marcusgresham

    Change your insult—I like calimari.

  • marcusgresham

    Had Harris been told the recruitment was over he wouldn’t have wasted his time attending Hoosier Hysteria.

  • SCHoosier

    JH grew as a defender and rebounder as the season progressed. He can shoot the three..put does not have a quick release and needs some time to set up. Biggest problem on offense is that he seemed to have his mind made up what move he was going to make when the ball was passed to him…regardless of whether or not the defense was gonna allow that move. His recognition of defenses reflected his inexperience. Lot of potential here…mix that with strong worth ethic and IU should have a hell of a player by the time Hollowell is a a junior. If the talent coming in doesn’t make him work harder..JH is not the competitor I think he is.

  • Maybe its just me, but at times I think he was asleep while on the floor! I mean CZ is pretty unanimated, but this guy is one level above comatose. Hope he can bring more passion and energy next year because he can be (and should be) an absolute beast.


    Think JH is a little bit better shooter from behind the arc, right now, and Will is a better shooter from the midrange and around the rim area, right now. Who trumps the other in this stat may come down to whoever can improve the most in the area that is the others strength.


    Egg Zak Ta Moon Dow.