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IUCCSITH0011Welcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our player-by-player recap of the 2012-2013 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Maurice Creek.

Creek (24 games): 1.8 ppg, 0.9 rpg, 0.4 apg, 28.8% FG, 32.3% 3PFG, 80.0% FT in 7.8 minutes per game.

For the first time in his IU career, Maurice Creek played in more than 20 games and despite a brief midseason foot problem, the redshirt junior also finished the season healthy for the first time as a Hoosier.

For most players, neither feat would be something to write home about, but for Creek, this was progress after undergoing three major surgeries in 22 months.

The Oxon Hill, Maryland native was mostly used in a role as a shooter off the bench, but a spot in the regular rotation never materialized as he struggled to find his shot for a good part of the season.

The majority of his minutes came in the non-conference portion of IU’s schedule as he logged seven games of 10 or more minutes over the first nine games. By the time Big Ten played rolled around, Creek fell out of the rotation and had just one game (Purdue at home) where he registered more than one field goal.

But as we mentioned earlier, there are still positives to be gleaned from Creek’s 2012-2013 campaign. He finished the season healthy for the first time in his IU career. And there’s hope that with another offseason of work, he’ll continue to make progress and perhaps even increase his role on next year’s team. Indiana will be very young in its backcourt next fall and Creek, who will be entering his fifth year in the program, can fill a role as a leader and also a mentor to IU’s freshman class.

Bottom Line: Regardless of how Creek’s season finished up statistically, it’s hard to view it as anything short of a success. Not many players would be able to continue at the Big Ten level after going through three serious injuries, but it speaks to Creek’s will to get back on the court and also to the talent he possesses that he’s been able to persevere through it all.

His role going forward is uncertain as Indiana brings in versatile guys like Stanford Robinson and Troy Williams, but he could carve out a role as a shooter next season if he can regain his touch.

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  • SCHoosier

    As far as IU b-ball is concerned, Mo Creek’s status is the “elephant in the room” going forward. Mo is on record as “still wanting to play.” I personally wish he could do that..but I don’t see it as a reasonable possibility. Mo was not a factor during the IU stretch run in terms of minutes or contribution. I’m not sure his physical injuries will ever make him a factor again. If Mo gets his degree this May..and TC has two open staff positions (Barnett’s or the video coordinator’s job) it would be great if Creek was offered a place on the staff. As a new father, IU grad and one of the real “tough luck” stories in college would point Mo in a new career direction. He has a year of eligibility left and if he wants to be it. Not sure how staying on the IU roster one more year advances the cause for anyone.

  • Especially if Sina signs……Creek would probably be the one to go

  • Evansville Hoosier

    If we lose Creek now, we only have ONE scholarship coming off the books next season and probably a 4 man class. Do we wanna just keep doing this? I’m really not a huge fan of pushing kids out the door year in and year out.

  • That might be the way to go- give the guy a job! Unless he were to pull an ‘oladipo’. But I don’t see it…

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    I think we are finally at the tail end of cycling the rebuilding players through. Creek being the exception because he was one of the first talents to come in. I love Mo and his heart and appreciate him tremendously. I will be honest here when I say that this scenario did put a crunch on things. Carrying a very physically inept player does squeeze the scholarship situation. I am not trying to be mean at all, but that is the reality. Obviously with his injuries this is not a typical situation, but going forward I really see “pushing players out” or doing the scholarship crunch as a non issue. I am 100% confident this will be the last off season where this is a topic.

    Also, I would like to raise a point about “pushing players out”. Whatever happened to a player being cut? Players get cut at all levels, so why is college basketball any different? It happens in many other team sports. Heck collegiate baseball changes year to year and most guys never get a 100% scholarship.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Let me throw another scenario out here too. I am not advocating for any case in any way, but I want to understand how others feel from all sides. Let’s say Creek plays next year and surprisingly he plays very very good. Does he have a shot to appeal for a rare 6th year with the NCAA. I understand his whole timeline and number of games he played in each season and regards to the NCAA rules. It seems plausible he could win. What do you think?

  • Evansville Hoosier

    I think the problem with cutting is that there is an obvious explicit promise to the player that if they come to this institution, they will play basketball. In HS, you go to a school then go out for bball. In college, its the other way around. Also, transfer rules are so strict that cutting a guy could ruin his career.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    well stated. i’m sure it won’t be an easily-made decision if CTC decides to give the scholarship to another player, but it seems to me like he’s very open and honest with all his players as far as the direction the program is headed and how they will or won’t fit in. i didn’t hear bobby c., roth, or remy complain. quite the opposite, actually

  • iuoiu

    Although I agree with your point about Crean having the ability to move players out if he feels it necessary based on work ethic, I don’t think this comment belongs in a post about Creek. With his 3 major rehabs, there may not have ever been a Hoosier who put in the work that he did.

  • Lets not forget the fact that Creek is going to graduate from a very good school….he got 4 years of college education paid for. I don’t think Crean is obligated to give him anything more.

  • If Creek is graduating, couldn’t he just be a non-scholarship player (walk-on-ish)?

  • marcusgresham

    Rick Pitino frequently tells guys they should transfer (and then helps them find somewhere to go.) As a matter of fact, he suggested last summer to Stephen Van Treese that he transfer to Bellarmine. Now, Van Treese ended up staying at U of L and has a ring to show for it, but Pitino opened the door for him.

  • marcusgresham

    Doubtful since he played more than 10% of the games in the two seasons in which he got injured. About the only way they ever grant that 6th year is if a player missed a full two seasons.

  • I’d love to see Mo back next year at full strength, but I just don’t think he’ll ever be the player he was. A healthy offseason to train could change that, but I think it’s time we cut our losses. If Sina signs, I think we have to cut Creek and then hopefully hire him as a graduate assistant.

  • Micah Hedrick

    I believe Mo Creek is a possible NBA draft pick next year. He has the tools, all he needs is the right opportunity. I also believe that he will be in a Hoosier uniform for his senior season. Call me crazy, but he may even be our leading scorer on next years young IU team.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Maurice Creek now has a child and I really doubt he would be open to the idea of not having a scholarship and paying his own way to keep playing.

    He “could” become a non-scholarship player (the same could be said for any other scholarship player, their scholarship could be removed and they could be forced to either be a walk-on or transfer elsewhere) but I don’t see that happening. I suppose anything is possible though.

  • There’s a good chance Jurkin will transfer or be cut after next year (kid just might not have what it takes) and I don’t know if you were including Vonleh as a potential one and done, too. I’d say we could be looking @ 5-6 scholarships in 2014

  • Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s been that player for the last two seasons. I hope I’m wrong, though. Before the injuries, that kid could play!

  • I see Creek at the HPER every day playing pick up with random kids. He never looks like he’s exhausting much energy (which is good so he doesn’t get a stupid injury), but shouldn’t he be focused on strengthening his legs and practicing with his teammates instead of playing pick up games with random students?

  • CreamandCrimson

    Just curious…what tools do you think he has that make him an NBA player?

  • Micah Hedrick

    He is a NBA caliber shooter with NBA range.He can is a good decision maker and has a high basketball IQ. He also knows when to cut and gets in the passing lanes on defense. Players are drafted in the NBA with just a few of these traits.

  • CreamandCrimson

    He was an NBA caliber shooter three injuries ago and we haven’t seen that on the court in a game since his freshman season. Knowing when to cut and getting the passing lanes falls into “high basketball IQ” and while I agree with you, the athleticism and explosiveness to capitalize on that IQ is critical to make it in the NBA.

    You could be right but I don’t think he’s been anywhere close to an NBA-level player since his first injury.

  • b_side

    Used to see AJ Moye and others playing at the HPER in my day. Wouldn’t over-analyze Creek’s actions in this case.

  • Ole Man

    Be careful where you go with that “dead wood” thought.
    We are not Kentucky. When we make an offer to a kid to come here, we expect he will be here four years and he expects that in return from us.
    If we become only about winning, then we are no better than places such as Kentucky.
    I’m not sure if I said that very clearly; but I don’t think once we make a promise to any student-athlete, that said student becomes “dead-wood” because they don’t pan out for us.

  • Ole Man

    Wow, posters; just wow!
    “cut our losses”
    “dead wood”
    And I won’t even mention some of the things said about Remy.

    What is happening to Indiana basketball fans?
    We are better than that.
    Is it all about the wins and losses now?
    Or is it about preparing young men to succeed in life?
    Indiana gives them a scholarship in expectation that they will play (however good or bad) on our team.
    In return can they no longer expect that Indiana will honor that scholarship IF they don’t fulfill their promise? Do they all have to be “elites”?

    Personally, as an Indiana alumni, without pointing anyone out, I am ashamed at some of these comments.

  • unclekerfuffle

    I would agree with your use of the word “deserves” if the injuries somehow made it impossible for the player to earn his degree within a four year time frame. If that is not the case, then the 5th year issue should be evaluated with greater weigh being given to the needs of the team rather than to the desires of the player.

    I do like the idea of Mo being on staff. For nearly two years he was able to use his high BB IQ analyzing the game from the bench and keeping statistics. Seems like a natural transition if he wants to explore coaching as a career option.


    Just wanna say Crean would never force this guy out! After all he’s been through CTC will allow him to do whatever he wants!

  • Well said. But this is what happens when the subjects of our comments becomes speculation. We basically become a rumor mill. Of course, I understand that with the new interest in Sina and that we’d be a scholly over if he came, someone would have to leave. We’re all naturally going to consider the possibilities. Ultimately, we just gotta let the rumors be rumors and understand that whatever happens, there is probably more at work then we will ever know. Remy transferring doesn’t help either just because many of us will naturally wonder if his reason was really the actual cause of him leaving. Who knows? But once again, I think your comments cannot be overstated enough, we’re still only 5 years removed from a dirty way of working as a basketball program, and we must always remember that it’s actually not win or die when it comes to 18-22 year old kids sometimes.

  • Ole Man

    Not dissing CTC; but Remy did not say he was leaving for more playing time. In fact, he gave no reason; proving once again what an excellent young man of character our program has lost, for whatever reason.

  • Anyone even slightly mentioning creek ‘needing’ to go is not an IU fan and needs to stop.. now. There is not one person at IU that deserves one last shot more than Creek. Your talking about THE kid that came in here and made an immediate impact, now your just going to show him the door?

  • You should be banned from assembly hall for such blasphemy.

  • I’d LOVE to see Creek back to the player he was, but he might not be that player anymore. And he might not get enough playing time to show that he is that player. I believe he is graduating this year, so it’s not like he’s being kicked to the curb. I think (unfortunately and with a heavy heart) that Creek’s best shot to play significant minutes next year is if he transfers to a smaller school nearby (IUPUI or Ball State) for grad studies since I believe he wouldn’t have to sit out another year in that situation.

  • Benhyoung14

    I’d give Mo the option to be a team manager, or player, but leave that up to him. You can make the obvious points of playing time, and being injury prone and see what he does. He just doesn’t look very agile….at all.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    That in itself plus the medical care he received is worth a pretty penny. Not being negative at all.

  • Vonleh is draft eligible beginning in 2014, after his freshman season.

  • calbert40

    “Remy has been an outstanding citizen and a solid player for us the past
    two years,” said Crean. “He indicated to us that he would like to look
    to go to a program that has a different style of play and one where he
    can get more playing time.”

    I guess Remy isn’t speaking in the quote, but I highly doubt that CTC is lying about it. That would be very easy to correct, if you were Remy.

  • calbert40

    Scholarships are for one year at a time. They are renewed each year at the discretion of the university. Also, there is probably not any implied promise that a player will get the amount of PT he wants, so they may not get to play basketball.

    Now, I agree with you that the transfer rules are too strict, and outside of conference schools, I don’t think any institution should be able to ban a player from transferring to another school. I don’t believe that will happen in this situation.

  • calbert40

    I think you are right about some things. I think posters on here have become very negative of late, and it is rather annoying. Anyone suggesting that players like Mo Creek are “dead wood” are dead wrong! He has been a credit to the program, and I hope we get to see an improved version of him on the roster next season. That said, I think that you are wrong on a couple of items.

    First, to answer your question about wins and losses…yes and no. If CTC doesn’t win a LOT of games, he will lose his job. So in that regard, yes, it is all about wins and losses. On the other hand, I firmly believe that our coaching staff prepares young men to succeed in life. It isn’t an either-or proposition. We can have a program that both wins at a high rate and churns out high quality individuals who grow during their time at IU. I believe that is happening currently. We no longer have players like during the Sampson years…players that I was ashamed to really root for. I don’t feel that way any longer.

    Secondly, as has been mentioned previously, scholarships are not for 4 years. They are renewed each year at the discretion of the university. If any coach wants a player out, he just doesn’t renew his scholarship. Look at what CTC did the summer he was hired at IU! He cut all but two returning players! I know the circumstances were different, but the fact remains that a scholarship is renewed on a yearly basis.

    I think that what many posters are suggesting is accurate: we are at the tail end of the rebuilding process right now. We have some players on the roster that are at IU that I’m guessing CTC wouldn’t recruit today. That does NOT mean that I am ungrateful for what they have done for our program, nor does it mean I HOPE that CTC pushes them out (not that I think he is doing this).

  • CreamandCrimson

    I am guessing you didn’t see this quote…if you did, then you are calling Tom Crean a liar and are in fact “dissing CTC”.

    Tom Crean called Remy an outstanding citizen and a solid player and went on to say that Remy was looking for “a different style of play and one where he can get more playing time.” Sounds like Remy gave a reason and he wanted more playing time.

  • Ole Man

    Didn’t see that quote. Thank you.

  • calbert40

    Public Service Announcement:

    All of us are noticing that many of the conversations on the message board lately are dealing with the possibility of transfers and oversigning, especially if Sina signs an LOI soon. Over the years, we’ve done a pretty good job of self-policing on this
    topic, but there are a lot of new posters on here lately (which is
    good), and I think it is good to remind everyone before we hit the

    It is perfectly fine to discuss these issues; however, we need to do our best to keep the discussion above “Player X isn’t worth a scholarship, so he should go” type conversation. That isn’t helpful. Without stating names, we all can list 3 or 4 players who might leave the program under certain circumstances, so why do we need to mention the names that we all already know?

    Personally, I have no problem mentioning injury situations or wondering aloud if certain players will come back for a 5th season, but let’s be respectful of these young men when we talk about these tough decisions. I think we all would like to see each player on the roster come back next year, improve greatly, and be a foundation of our program for the next classes that come. However, I think we all equally understand that the likelihood of all eligible returning players actually returning the following season is typically not very high.

  • calbert40

    NP, Ole Man. However, it is important that you understand you have used up your allotment of mistakes for the day! Proceed with caution. 🙂

  • Ole Man

    LOL! I thought as an Ole Man that I got an extra portion.

  • calbert40

    You do. You’ve used it up as well!!!