Non-conference schedule TV and times released

If you were wondering just what channel and when you can catch IU’s non-conference schedule this coming season — which is not too far away now, may I add — you no longer need to wonder. This is because IU media relations has the docket for us. Here ya go:

Nov. 7, Friday, Anderson University (Exhib.), Bloomington, Ind., 7 p.m.,
Nov. 11, Tuesday, Bemidji State (Exhib.), Bloomington, Ind., 7 p.m.,
Nov. 15, Saturday, Northwestern State, Bloomington, Ind., 7 p.m., BTN
Nov. 18, Tuesday, IUPUI, Bloomington, Ind., 6:30 p.m., BTN

Nov. 24, Monday, Notre Dame, Maui, 5:30pm, ESPN2
Nov. 25, Tuesday, TBA, Maui, TBA, ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU
Nov. 26, Wednesday, TBA, Maui, TBA, ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU

Nov. 30, Sunday, Cornell, Bloomington, Ind., 4 p.m., BTN

Dec. 3, Wednesday, at Wake Forest, Winston-Salem, N.C., 7:15pm, ESPN

Dec. 6, Saturday, Gonzaga #, Indianapolis, Ind., 1:30 p.m., BTN

Dec. 10, Wednesday, TCU, Bloomington, Ind., 7 p.m., ESPN2
Dec. 13, Saturday, at Kentucky, Lexington, Ky., 4 p.m., CBS
Dec. 22, Monday, Northeastern, Bloomington, Ind., 9 p.m., BTN
Dec. 28, Sunday, Lipscomb, Bloomington, Ind., 6 p.m., BTN

One thing of note here: the Big Ten Network will be streaming all of IU’s exhibition games online, which I think is pretty neat. So if you’re stuck in the office late on Tuesday, Nov. 11, that Bemidji State matchup will be there to comfort you while you work on your Excel documents.

Best Bob Knight quote ever

I’m not exaggerating:

The closest we got to juicy was when Maurer asked a general question — not a Sampson-related question — about cheating in recruiting. “If you get caught cheating, they should shoot you,” Knight said. “Because you’re too dumb to be alive.”

RMK, for the win.

Notes from Tom Crean’s press conference

Two of my favorite IU scribes, The Indiana Daily Student‘s Matt Dollinger and The Herald Times’ Chris Korman, were in attendance and taking diligent notes for Tom Crean’s press conference on Wednesday. I would suggest checking out both links, but here are a few of the more interesting points:

From Dollinger:

I asked Crean if he was trying to teach the Hoosiers his offensive system or if he was adapting his own system to IU’s players. Here’s what he had to say:

“I think coaches go one of two ways, you can recruit and plug guys into your system and that’s the system you’re going to run, or you can try and build a system around the talent you have. That’s what we’re trying to do this year. I don’t think there is anyway around that. Now, recruiting forward and moving forward… we tried to focus on some skill, versatility, length…we know what we want [the team] to look like down the road. Right now, did anybody think we’d have this small of a team? No. We’ve got to get ready to play more of a four-guard line-up.”

From Korman:

Crean says that he is still recruiting to the 2009 class. “It sounds cliche,” he said, “but you just have to do what’s best for the future of your program.”

Matt Roth has an injured shoulder and is not in workouts this week.

Crean would like to add two more walk ons through open tryouts.

The team had a 3.34 GPA for the summer. That pleases Crean.

Crean has a plan for Hoosier Hysteria (Midnight Madness). He wants to bring back as many former players as possible.

Crean’s been given a chance to look at Indiana’s response to the “failure to monitor” charge. He added a few things but thought, overall, that it was strong. He tried to pound home the same message he has since the middle of summer: the self-sanctions were extreme, and hurt the program severely as they were intended to do.

He said that the possibility of further NCAA sanctions is constantly brought up by competitors on the recruiting trail. He’s having to fight that with players and their parents.

Watford makes the call: It’s Indiana

cwatford3.jpgAs speculated, Christian Watford wasted little time after a visit with Tom Crean to decide where he’ll be playing come the fall of 2009. The 6-7, 215 pound forward from Birmingham’s Shades Valley HS pledged to the Hoosiers on Tuesday less than a month after attending Indiana’s Elite Camp.

He joins Maurice Creek, Jordan Hulls, Derek Elston and Bobby Capobianco in a class that will likely be rated among the top 10 nationally.

Watford was also considering Kentucky, Louisville, Alabama and Memphis. He’s rated the No. 34 prospect in the 2009 class by

When asked his thoughts on the program a couple of weeks ago by Justin Young of Rivals, Watford offered these comments:

“They have a real good basketball tradition there and I think coach Crean is going to come in and restore the program. Basically, I just like their tradition. It’s Indiana, you know.”


Is Christian Watford ready to commit?

cwatford.jpgEditor’s Note: There was some confusion on the timing of Crean’s visit with Watford. According to Chris Korman of the H-T/Hoosier Scoop, Crean will visit with Watford on Tuesday, not Monday.

The already stellar 2009 recruiting class for Tom Crean might be getting stronger.

According to Chris Korman of the H-T/Hoosier Scoop, Crean made the trip to Alabama on Tuesday to watch Christian Watford workout and then visit with the player and his family. Prior to the visit, Watford’s dad Ernest gave some major props to the Indiana program:

Ernest was there at Indiana’s elite camp in late August to hear the Hoosiers’ coaching staff gush about how much his son, a smooth 6-foot-7 wing, would bring to the program. He had the chance to talk to Isiah Thomas and D.J. White “at length about all things Indiana basketball.”

Yet Ernest was not convinced that Indiana and its new coach would be right for his son.

So he called around.

“I won’t say who,” he said on Monday. “Just people who knew coach Crean before he was at Indiana. Parents who dealt with him, some other coaches. People who’d know.”


“Nothing but positive,” he said. “He’s a man of integrity and honor. And he’s going to have faith in Christian’s ability. He’s going to let him play, he’s going to give him room.”

With his father’s comments about the program and the fact that a visit is taking place today, did a message left by Watford on his Facebook page late Monday reveal a clue that a decision could be coming soon?


Unless Watford just loves him some CAPS LOCK, I’m taking this as a sign that things are looking good for Indiana. Watford has been a top priority for Crean for quite sometime and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the Hoosiers lock him up.

Tom Crean speaks at Lucas Oil Stadium

mp_stadium.jpgIn case you didn’t notice, the NFL started up yesterday, and a hot topic around these parts, given our readership — Bears vs. Colts — went about as well as I could have possibly imagined. It doesn’t much make up for that Colts Super Bowl win, but it feels good all the same.

But before you accuse me of trying to intentionally divide our readership between the Chicagoans and the Hoosiers, let’s re-unify: Tom Crean was on hand at Lucas Oil Stadium last night Friday as part of an announcement about the Lucas Oil Showcase. Or something. I sort of zoned out reading that press release. Fortunately, the intrepid fellas at the Indiana Daily Student sports desk were on hand, and got some great stuff from Crean for their troubles. From the Basketblog’s Zach Osterman:


IU Schedule Breakdown: Man, that’s a lot of losses

Last year, right around this time, I made a relatively bold prediction about our Indiana Hoosiers. I predicted — nay, demanded — that they win 25 games in the regular season. That was, of course, before the nonsense derailed the Hoosiers and saw them end their season with a meek tournament performance. Weak.

This year, I harbor no such illusions. It’s not that the schedule’s (view here) tougher — it’s that this IU team is so much less talented, so less lauded, and so obviously the first phase of long-term rebuilding. And that’s OK. We all know it. No one is setting the bar too high.

Merficully, the schedule doesn’t start with the impossible out-of-conference schedule Mike Davis saddled himself with. Tom Crean’s first Hoosier team will face only three early challenges in the non-conference portion: Notre Dame, Kentucky, and Wake Forest. Making matters worse, none of the three is at home; Notre Dame will be during the Maui Invitational, Wake Forest is in Wake Forest, and IU will travel to Lexington for the Wildcat revenge. Yikes.

Once the conference season starts, things don’t look much better. Instead of detailing the losses, let’s take a look at the games that we know — absolutely know — IU can win:

– Jan. 7 vs. Michigan
– Jan. 17 vs. Penn State
– Feb. 4 vs. Iowa

And that’s about it. (When I was taking some quick cursory notes about the schedule, next to Penn State I actually wrote “win!”, complete with the exclamation point, because I was so excited to be sure that IU could win one game. No Geary Claxton! Whoo!)

Then, of course, are the rivalry games. I don’t hold much hope for our one game against Purdue this season; the Boilermakers will be well-oiled and the game is at the (Bud) Mackey Arena. But as long as we get one — just one — of the two games with Illinois this year, I will be happy. Incredibly, deliriously happy. The rest is just a bonus.

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