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HD Video: Tubby Smith reacts to loss at Indiana

  • Justin Albers 01/12/2013 3:52 pm  

Tubby Smith met with the media following Minnesota’s 88-81 loss to Indiana on Saturday afternoon at Assembly Hall. Watch and listen to his postgame comments in the embedded media players below: Quotes after the jump.

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Minnesota Postgame Audio: Crean and Tubby Smith

  • Alex Bozich 01/17/2010 8:05 pm  

Indiana head coach Tom Crean and Minnesota head coach Tubby Smith met with the media following the Hoosiers’ 81-78 overtime win at Assembly Hall on Sunday. Here’s the audio from both coaches: Tom Crean: [audio:CreanMinnesota.mp3] Tubby Smith: [audio:SmithIndiana.mp3]

Royce White peaces out from Minnesota via YouTube

  • Alex Bozich 12/17/2009 6:35 pm  

You may or may not know the name Royce White. If you follow recruiting around the Big Ten, you’d know him as the top incoming freshman in the conference. If not, you’ll now know him as the kid who pleaded ...

Kentucky is a great job, if you like insane expectations and a rabid fanbase

  • Alex Bozich 03/26/2009 2:42 pm  

As I watched the Hoosiers struggle through a six win season, I took some solace in what I saw take place in Lexington, Kentucky this season. Despite two future NBA players and one of the worst years ever in the ...

Tim Buckley Big Ten teleconference audio

  • Alex Bozich 01/20/2009 1:31 pm  

Indiana assistant coach Tim Buckley filled in for Tom Crean on this week’s Big Ten teleconference. Here is the audio, courtesy of the Big Ten Network: Related: Tubby Smith teleconference audio

The Morning After: Minnesota

  • Eamonn Brennan 03/06/2008 11:30 am  

Judging by the comments in our game thread last night, this was not a game most of you were stressing. That makes sense: It’s a late-season Big Ten game against Minnesota, the conference is now fully out of reach, and ...

The Morning After: Minnesota

  • Eamonn Brennan 01/18/2008 7:00 am  

In the days leading up to the Minnesota game, it seemed fashionable to proclaim Minnesota IU’s first road loss. It was an understandable diagnosis; The Barn is an historically difficult place to play, Minnesota has been playing well, and the ...

Ripe for an upset? Not so fast

  • Alex Bozich 01/17/2008 8:00 am  

The word on the street is that the Hoosiers are ripe for an upset tonight in Minneapolis. Terry Hutchens of the Indy Star addressed it earlier this week and Paging Jim Shikenjanski, a Minnesota blog, has already predicted the Gophers ...

ITH Super Happy Fun Time Big Ten Preview: Golden Gophers of Minnesota

  • Eamonn Brennan 12/27/2007 11:31 am  

The Hoosiers are finishing up their cupcakes and the New Year is nearly upon us, which can mean only one thing: It’s Big Ten Preview Time! Here’s a look at the teams that will challenge the Hoosiers for the conference ...

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Kelvin Sampson has a good sense of humor

  • Eamonn Brennan 07/12/2007 10:54 am  

In our experience with him, if there’s one thing to know about Kelvin Sampson, it’s that he has a pretty great sense of humor. He gets bristly at times, but most jokes are well-delivered and well-received. (Ahem: most of the ...

Bud Mackey: “It’s all talk”

  • Alex Bozich 06/26/2007 9:14 pm  

It’s never particularly easy to lock up top talent from another state. It’s even harder when that state has a university rich with basketball tradition and a bunch of crazed lunatics fan base that treats its basketball team like royalty. ...