Royce White peaces out from Minnesota via YouTube

  • 12/17/2009 6:35 pm in

You may or may not know the name Royce White. If you follow recruiting around the Big Ten, you’d know him as the top incoming freshman in the conference.

If not, you’ll now know him as the kid who pleaded guilty to shoplifting at Mall of America, reportedly stole a laptop and in perhaps the most bizarre development of this young college basketball season, announced he was leaving Minnesota via YouTube:

I’m pretty sure this isn’t what Tubby Smith envisioned when he signed the No. 19 recruit in the country, but White clearly has problems beyond basketball that need to be addressed. So, what’s next for White? Most likely a program willing to give him a second chance (where have you gone, Jerry Tarkanian?) or if he tries to go pro, presumably the NBDL.

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  • Losing is never acceptable

    This is where IU can show they still care about winning. IU should reach out to White and interview him atleast and see if he has any interest at all in coming to this University. The kid made a mistake and he is paying for it, what is so wrong about offering someone a second chance? Maybe this kid can help the Hoosiers take the next step since I dont see any recruits in the near future who will help with that. I know it is an extreme long shot that this kid will ever play college basketball, let alone IU letting him play, but I feel IU would be doing a great injustice to its fans if they did not atleast attempt to talk to him. I personally am tired of losing and with no immediate help on the horizon it’s time IU steps up and show they still care about winning.

  • hoosierboy

    I don't even know what to say about this crazy mess.

  • BaseballBuc

    Here's the big man we need so lets get him. Just kidding. The kid has some issues, or as he calles it “burdens.”

  • JohnS

    IU couldn't help him even if they wanted to. Transfers within the Big 10 are not eligible for scholarships, he'd have to pay his own way. Besides, Minnesota is in the best position to help him as anyone. Question his decision anyway as leaving basketball doesn't make his “justice problems” go away.

  • dale11

    Are you kidding me? You really want this kid? First off, Crean isn't done recruiting for next year's class. Second, we will have everyone back next year except Dumes. With a year experience this team will be much improved next year.

  • Kelin Blab

    Royce Royce Royce…..Kelin Blab has a few questions….

    1. Dude 50-100 hanging with you heading to a party and you sometimes pay for 20 of them. Surely are you playing for Tubby or Calipari?

    2. Royce, do you really always have people hanging with you that you don't know…..
    I know it is college, but you are big time college athlete dude come on….

    On a serious note…I hope the kid doesn't give up on college or basketball. I hope he lands at another school (not IU) and gets things back on track. We are in a time now with kids speaking out on YouTube, what ever happened to the email machine or a little facebook, tweet, or myspace…….wow am I that old school now?

    Colts 14-0 Unreal

  • GFDave

    It is hard to wrap your head around, isn't it? We live in interesting times.

  • alank

    I think Europe is on this young man's mind.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Wow, what a wasted opportunity. I saw a couple of games of his in high school and he was immensely talented. Tubby Smith rarely, if ever, went after kids like this when he was at Kentucky. However, he has had some real discipline problems with his team this season.

    I hope this kid gets it together in Europe because he won't be playing for an NCAA team anytime soon.

  • cooper

    I'm not sure why any top 20 recruit would go to college. Head to Europe, make a few hundred thousand and get ready for a pro career. Competition is better, and it toughens a player for when he goes to the NBA. Why waste your time going to school for a year and spend time going to class when you could be preparing for what you really want to do and get paid for it. He was never going to stay 4 years anyway.

    Now many will argue he should go to school in case he doesn't make it in the pros. Like I wrote he never was going to school for 4 years and most aren't, and the majority don't go back to school. The fact is the majority of guys who don't make it in the pros just go play somewhere in Europe. This way he gets a head start on his pro career and makes connections overseas in case he doesn't make it in the NBA.

    Most people may not like that opinion but its the truth.

  • ace132

    I dont see how u can say going to europe over college is a “truth”. So far its payed dividends for brandon jennings but he is the only one to test it. Judging from Royce's problems, who says he wouldnt fall apart overseas too? If players bypass college for europe i feel their draft status better be pretty certain or else they are going to get lost in the mix. Jennings for example again, averaged like 5 points a game in italy. if he didnt have so much hype out of school he wouldnt even have been drafted this year

  • cooper

    So you really think Royce is going to graduate and get his degree? Not going to happen.

  • Spencer_D

    Is it just me, or did anyone else think that video was extremely corny? The montage of photos, him walking through the dimly lit streets of Minnesota, epic music playing in the background…

    Did I just watch a Spike Lee production?