Eli Holman Archive

Crean calls Holman transfer “orchestrated”

  • Alex Bozich 05/08/2008 4:52 pm  

Indiana coach Tom Crean spoke on the record today about Eli Holman’s transfer to Detroit and instead of speaking in clichés, Crean got right down to the point. (Did I mention I love Crean already?) Here’s what he told Chris ...

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Eli Holman following McCallum to Detroit

  • Alex Bozich 05/07/2008 4:59 pm  

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press is reporting that our old friend Eli Holman is heading to Detroit to play for former Indiana assistant coach Ray McCallum: Eli Holman confirmed his enrollment at UDM in a text message Tuesday ...

Indiana press release on dismissed players

  • Alex Bozich 05/02/2008 2:26 pm  

Here is a statement released a short time ago by IU Media Relations: BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – ­ Indiana Men’s Basketball Coach Tom Crean announced today that junior DeAndre Thomas has been dismissed from the program and will not have his ...

Report: Bassett, Ellis, Thomas and Holman gone

  • Alex Bozich 05/02/2008 1:29 pm  

Andy Katz over at the World Wide Leader is reporting the following this afternoon: New Indiana coach Tom Crean will be down to three returning scholarship players and eight players in all for next season once the school officially announces ...

Eli Holman speaks, sort of

  • Eamonn Brennan 05/02/2008 12:34 pm  

Tough day, and night, for Eli Holman, and he’s a released statement addressing it: Last night and this morning I had the opportunity to apologize to Coach Crean and today I would like to extend that to everyone involved in ...

Eli Holman will not return to IU next season

  • Alex Bozich 05/01/2008 7:58 pm  

According to a report by the basketblog, an afternoon meeting between Eli Holman and Tom Crean turned ugly. The Hoosier Scoop reported that Holman broke a flower pot near the basketball offices. IU police were called and Holman will likely ...

Eli Holman still undecided on future

  • Alex Bozich 04/24/2008 12:50 pm  

Buried at the bottom of an article in yesterday’s San Fransisco Chronicle was a note on Indiana freshman Eli Holman, who has yet to say publicly whether he’ll remain with the program beyond this year. Decision time: Former Richmond High ...

Ellis, Thomas and Holman plan to return to IU

  • Alex Bozich 03/23/2008 8:26 am  

According to a report by Terry Hutchens of the Indianapolis Star, Jamarcus Ellis, DeAndre Thomas and Eli Holman are all planning to return to Bloomington next season. However, Brandon McGee, Jordan Crawford and Armon Bassett have yet to decide, according ...

The weekend that was: Robert Vaden edition

  • Alex Bozich 12/17/2007 6:00 am  

– The Hoosiers played a laugher of a game Saturday night as they whipped Western Carolina, 100-52. Coach Sampson thanked the fans (including me) for braving the elements to watch a blowout. The only important thing we learned from the ...

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Highlights from Sampson’s weekly presser

  • Alex Bozich 12/13/2007 4:40 pm  

Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson addressed the media earlier today and gave us an update on Eric Gordon’s injury, Armon Bassett’s suspension, A.J. Ratliff’s return and an injury to Eli Holman. Here are some highlights of Sampson’s comments. The full transcript ...

Highlights from Sampson’s Thursday presser

  • Alex Bozich 11/01/2007 8:10 pm  

Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson addressed the media today and touched on the team’s exhibition opener this Sunday against North Alabama, the progress of Jordan Crawford and Eli Holman and his outlook for the upcoming season. We’re having our first live ...

Eli Holman cleared by NCAA

  • Alex Bozich 10/12/2007 7:46 pm  

Multiple sources are reporting that IU freshman Eli Holman, whom we’ve talked about a great deal in recent weeks, has been granted clearance by the NCAA to play for the Hoosiers this season. Not a big surprise as we expected ...

And so it begins: Five burning questions

  • Alex Bozich 10/11/2007 10:16 pm  

1: The White factor: Will D.J. play well enough to be a lottery pick? Whether or not D.J. plays well enough to be a lottery pick is slightly different than wondering whether or not D.J. will simply play well. Playing ...

Why Eli Holman is my favorite Hoosier

  • Eamonn Brennan 10/09/2007 8:50 pm  

I’ll be honest: I’ve never met Eli Holman. Never seen him a play a single second of basketball. Never watched him fly from one end of the court to another, 6’10” but shockingly athletic; never seen him dunk, though I ...

Good news on the horizon for Holman?

  • Alex Bozich 10/09/2007 9:41 am  

This e-mail we received from members of the West Contra Costa Unified School District school board seems to suggest that Eli Holman will qualify. We are writing to you as members of the West Contra Costa Board of Education. We ...

Eli Holman: Is no news…good news?

  • Alex Bozich 09/27/2007 9:35 pm  

As we sit two weeks away from Hoosier Hysteria, there’s still no confirmation on whether Eli Holman will be eligible for the upcoming season. T-Hutch from the Indy Star talked about this topic in-depth just over a week ago and ...