Eli Holman will not return to IU next season

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Eli HolmanAccording to a report by the basketblog, an afternoon meeting between Eli Holman and Tom Crean turned ugly. The Hoosier Scoop reported that Holman broke a flower pot near the basketball offices. IU police were called and Holman will likely no longer be a part of the program.

IU Media Relations Director J.D. Campbell released the following statement from Crean just a short time ago:


We met with Eli Holman this afternoon. He had a good meeting with our assistant coaches earlier in the day. I felt like he still was not sure whether or not he wanted to be here which surprised me because everything we have seen from him had been very positive in terms of staying at Indiana and moving forward. I have no idea what made him change his mind and arrive at this point. He indicated that he would like to leave Indiana, although I was hopeful that we could work through this situation to come to an arrangement we both were comfortable with and to take some time to make a decision.

The conversation was very cordial but unfortunately, it did not end that way. His behavior took me, along with the other people in the office, by surprise. We saw him as a danger to himself and wanted to take precautionary measures to help him. We felt bad for Eli and hopefully were able to help him.

I do not anticipate Eli being back at Indiana. We will do our best to help him move forward and wish him well.

Add this to the list of bizarre events that have transpired over the past seven months in Bloomington. Holman had the potential to be a very good player at Indiana, but that looks to be totally out of the picture at this point. Best of luck to Eli and let’s be thankful that nothing more serious transpired in this situation.


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  • This breaks my heart.

  • season on the brink redux

  • Mr_C

    A potted plant? Seriously?
    I wonder what happened to set him off like that, he seemed like a fairly collected kid. This is a really strange development.

  • Ryan_Btown

    what the hell? very strange…I wonder how this will affect others decisions (ie… Crawford, McGee, etc…)

  • msdiu81

    Later dude. You just blew the best opportunity you ever had for a decent basketball career. Sat out almost 2 years and now you're gonna leave. Oh well, keep cleaning house coach if you have to. We don't need to beg anyone to stay. Welcome to IU Mr. Sutton!

  • Kelin Blab

    A few comments….

    * I blame Rick Greenspan for part of this incident. In the athletic office you know damn well not to have plants around given Knights now Eli's history

    * Damn, that sucks I guess, OK it sucks bad cause now my joke is turning into a reality…Kyle Taber in the post and Deandre on the other block…wow, we have NO inside game…

    * Somewhere on campus Brandon McGee is smiling from ear to ear.

    * Eli Holman will NEVER play college basketball at the D1 level. There is something up there and IU/KS took a risk on a kid with a tough past and it didn't happen.

    * See Ya Jamarcus…if Eli the calm one did this, I know your blow up isn't far behind

    * Excuse me Mr. Van Treese, a scholly is open now for you.

    * Does anyone know who is on the current roster? Geez I can' t name 5 players…

  • This is not the first time Holman's had an outburst. In 2005 he pushed a referee and was suspended for quite a long time.


  • HoosierHotshot7

    Wow. I had the opportunity to interview Eli this last summer, and was struck by how nice and intelligent he was. The best class in IU basketball history officially sucks. I think the character of the players Sampson recruited was pretty low overall (except for Gordon). I've heard all the rumors about the players and wonder if drugs played a part in this latest incident.

  • JimiC

    For some reason Im thinking this could have had something to do with academics…it just makes sense to me. I just have a feeling the meeting could have been to tell him his grades didn't make the cut and he might have to sit for a while again….It is a shame….again Im just trying to figure this one out.

  • peaychris

    looks like Eli may not know karate but he knows CRAZY!!!!!

  • fergrad

    2 weeks ago, a friend of mine that works at the NCAA got a call from his AAU coach asking about his transferring, so I guess this isn't too much of a surprise. Apparently the coach wanted to know if he could play immediately somewhere else next year (I believe the answer was no). It was really funny because my friend is from Bloomington and she had no idea who Eli Holman even was. And yes, she does follow IU basketball (just not as closely as most of the people that frequent this website)

  • fairly collected kid? he shoved a referee when he was in high school.

    Eli's got some serious anger issues he needs to resolve.

  • JHoosiers77

    Anybody know a good priest? We need an exorcism at Assembly Hall – Memorial Stadium – way too many bad situations with both the bball and football teams – bottom line is I sure hope these kids turn out ok and find somebody somewhere other than IU that will look out for the kid's best interest as well as IU would have. My fear is they are all taking the path of least resistance and leaving when they should be staying.

  • Kelin Blab

    So lets recap our current roster and possible starters…..

    G. Devan Dumes………..Daniel Moore (see below)
    G. Jordan Crawford…….Matt “Freakin” Roth
    F. Nick Williams…………??????
    F. Brandon McGee………??????
    C. Tom Pritchrd …………….Kyle Tabor

    see below: I would like to petition Big A on putting Daniel Moore on the recruiting list on the side because:
    – Hell at this point we will take anyone we can get….
    – The kid is an Indiana all star should mean something
    – The kid turned down a scholly to come to IU

    C'mon everyone lets chant and demand Walk on Daniel Moore get his name in lights and not to press my luck he gets a nice write up like Nick Williams did and ALL the other IU recruits……who's with me….

  • dale11

    you forgot deandre…

  • ALH_00

    What's worse is that ESPN's report suggests that academics COULD cost us two additional scholarships. So 5 starters gone, potentially three scholarships unavailable (which I hope does not happen), and potentially additional sanctions from the NCAA (which I don't think will come).

    What is going on down there!? Please change it fast Coach Creen. I do secretly feel like it's about time that the teeth of the rules of collegiate athletics, but I sure wish it wasn't our Hoosiers. If anyone is equally as perplexed with the current state of mens college b-ball and football, see (http://therockreport.blogspot.com/2008/04/enoug… terrific rant about the exploitation of today's (student) athletes.

  • I agree. KS recruited the thugs of the nation…even though they were good ball players. Look at Bud Mackey…….Eli was never very smart; where is he going to go that is any better of a situation for him right now than IU? The hell with him….his grades probably didn't make the cut…..and he threw a piss fit. I could really care less. I don't care if Crawford and McGee leave too. It just goes from bad to worse anyway. I say get rid of anybody KS brought in there.

  • ALH_00

    that link got messed up…just go to http://www.ndnation.com and click on “Enough: A Rant” if you're interested.

  • Hoosier76

    I will support that through and through. Daniel Moore is living the dream of any high school bball player. Who cares if he is a walk-on, chances are he will be seeing some significant time with the roster we got lined up for next year.

  • MikeinNC

    I wonder if the scenario was something like this – Crean pulls Eli in to talk about his problems with academics, and Eli is already leaning strongly towards leaving….all signs point to him leaving, but for some reason things get a little testy, maybe Crean provokes him a bit (in a very subtle way) then when it escalates a bit he is quick to call the police as a way to kind of cover their butts from a PR standpoint….instead of another disgruntled player leaving the program you now have a “troubled” player being asked to leave as part of the continuing clean up of the KS mess…it plays a little better from a PR standpoint.

    Then again, it's late and maybe I've just had too much coffee.

  • nealE

    this sucks. you can say what you want about eli and his past. but he's just a kid, and all the things he did to get himself reinstated in high school and to get his grades and life in line to come to iu show he isn't just a “thug,” at least in my mind. this whole year/situation/hell sucks and it has hurt everyone in the program, but i have to say i think it's hit eli the hardest. he got the break of a lifetime and it's all changed very quickly. this really is too bad. i wish eli the best, and i really hope he can land somewhere where he has a real opportunity to succeed.

  • BrianK

    Yeah it sucks losing him but if academics playing the part theres not much we can do especially if he was told about sitting out and reacted like that.
    Next year is gonna be a long one but I think a good one. Not deep tourney good but getting on the right track good. Yeah we don't wanna just grab kids to fill positions but we do have to look strong to help in future recruiting, the scandal, cleaning house, the academics situation, etc makes recruiting very hard. Other coaches are all over it. Hopefully Dtrain loses about 20 pounds and learns how to soften his touch. Doing those 2 things would help out tremendously.

  • Kelin Blab

    Dear Big A-

    My name is Daniel Moore I am an Indiana All Star and turned down a scholly to come to IU. WHen I go to the Doctor they are puzzled because my blood they say is Crimson. I know I don't have those fancy 3 or 4 stars next to my name but one thing I do have that the other guys don't is and understanding of those candy striped pants and what they mean. Lets not forget other guys who got a nice write up such as Devin Ebanks and Bud Mackey have dissappeared for many reasons……Yet…..I am still here….an Indiana All Star, a walk on, and an Indiana kid.

    Put my name on the list….give me a barry bonds asteric if you want….

    Love Daniel Moore

  • BTOWN40

    Anybody know the status on Plumlee.?.Is he going to Duke like his brother? can't find the answer, because it's premium content on peegs and scouts. Any info would be nice Thanks

  • He's going to Duke.

  • ChicagoHoosier

    I am pretty sure that calling any of these kids 'thugs' is not justifiable (thugs usually sell drugs, rob/kill people – not chest bump refs or throw tantrums). Regardless, while it’s not a favorable outcome for this program, I don’t think next season's success/failure was riding on the coattails of Eli Holman. All this situation is going to do is make TC reach deeper into his bag of tricks to fill another void. Holman or no Holman, we are lucky to be a .500 club at the end of next season. First things first, let’s just pray the NCAA doesn’t throw the book at us.

  • What are you doing reading a Notre Dame board? *gasp*

    Not that I didn't just come here from Blue Gray Sky or anything…

  • junkman

    Is this sarcasm…this kid was kicked off his team in high school for making physical contact of an aggressive nature with a ref…

    I don't know if this is exactly…”fairly collected” behavior…

    Seems to be that he may have some authority or anger management issues, but nothing that is too uncommon with young men in his position…

    I wonder where he ends up…I think I hear Caliparri calling him now…

  • Ok…you are right….thug was a harsh word to use. Its just so difficult to deal with all of this. Indiana basketball is my all-time favoite thing in the world and since 1993 (with the exception of the championship game run) it has just been a nightmare. When will it stop????? I can't take much more. It is just one thing after another. We haven't had any academic problems like this ever…have we??? This is just crazy and just when you think its over……there is something else. The next thing will be loosing 2 more scholarships. I can just feel it. Please Tom Crean make the bleeding stop!!!!

  • junkman

    The current roster looks like a mid level AAU team

    PG- Jordan Crawford…with a group of walk-ons backing him up (ahlfeld, fink, 2 freshman walk-ons who I can't recall)…
    SG- Devin Dumes…Backed up by Matt Roth
    3G- Nick Williams…Backed up by Brandon McGee
    PF- Kyle Taber…Backed up by Brandon McGee
    C – DeAndre Thomas…Backed up by Tom Pritchard

    I would actually feel OK about the team if we were able to keep Armon Bassett on the court, because he can handle the ball and provide another outside scoring threat…

    Copobianco / Elston and possibly Van Treese could come in for the '09 season, but we need more guard help too…

    We are looking at a 3 year rebuilding project…thank god we locked up Crean for the long haul…

  • Mr_C

    Sorry guys, that is the last time I post anything without conducting a thorough background check first.

  • tberry

    As much of an impact players as he could be and the amount of playing time and the decision to go else where are secondary to the way he handled the whole episode.

    His decision, good or bad, was his to make but the way he has handled himself tells me that Indiana does not want him and will be better off without him. let him go some where else and throw his tantrums and flower pots. It will be his loss not IU's.

  • well.uh…I know what the real problem is. My best friend and I were watching the UConn game and Sampson (damn his name for all time). Well, Uconn had two of their three scholarship guards suspended and Sampson never played a zone. Things that make no sense have been happening to our Hoosiers for far too long. It is time to whisper the reason (psst. it's the “curse of the bob”. Example: a perfectly “cordial ” meeting is going on with our current coach and a troubled young player who wants to leave the program. Everything seems respectful and civil until a PLANT FLIED ACROSS THE ROOM FOR NO REASON. ( the curse of the bob)

  • b_side

    Trust me Mr. C, blogs were made for people to disagree.

  • Lil Mama

    You cant really comment on a one sided story, no one really knows what made Eli mad, but those of us that are close to him really knows what went down in that office, and if he was your son, you would of been proud

  • Lil Mama

    You cant really comment on a one sided story, no one really knows what made Eli mad, but those of us that are close to him really knows what went down in that office, and if he was your son, you would of been proud