Report: Bassett, Ellis, Thomas and Holman gone

  • 05/02/2008 1:29 pm in

bassettellis.JPGAndy Katz over at the World Wide Leader is reporting the following this afternoon:

New Indiana coach Tom Crean will be down to three returning scholarship players and eight players in all for next season once the school officially announces the departures of four Hoosiers later Friday afternoon, a high-ranking Indiana source told

Sophomore Armon Bassett and junior Jamarcus Ellis, who had appealed their suspensions by former interim coach Dan Dakich, were dismissed from the program. Junior forward DeAndre Thomas will also not return and neither will freshman Eli Holman, who has elected to transfer after a meeting Thursday that required a call to campus police when Holman became agitated.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does. More later today after we’re able to wrap our collective brains around this mess. For now, I’ll just say: Thank you Kelvin Sampson. Not.

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  • charlieandernie

    I think it feels nice to start almost completely over. It will be much easier to root whole heartedly for a group of guys that are all coming in or staying in an attempt to restore the program.

  • tberry

    Sounds like grade are out and so are several EX players who could not make the cut. Once confronted with the result of there lack of work ethic at least one of them became violent.

    All of them would have been able to count on significant playing time but their lack of self control has resulted in their further failure.

    As much of an impact players as Eli Holman could be and the amount of playing time and the decision to go else where are secondary to the way he handled the whole episode.

    His decision, good or bad, was his to make but the way he has handled himself tells me that Indiana does not want him and will be better off without him. let him go some where else and throw his tantrums and flower pots. It will be his loss not IU's.

  • msdiu81

    Go Coach Crean! Go Hoosiers! No problem with any of his decisions. Let's move forward now and see what we can do. Go IU!!!!!!

  • BobbyBeingManny

    No problem with this, as these guys only came here because of Sampson. If anyone is to blame, blame Kelvin.

  • xxBHxx

    Suck Fampson. For reals.

  • Ryan_Btown

    Yeah, this sucks losing the entire team, and basically knowing that we're going to be really bad next year…but I agree that it feels kind of nice to clean house. Kelvin left a lot of garbage.

  • Super Suhr

    This means we'll be having a true rebuilding season, not just a bad year that we blame on rebuilding. The results for next year certainly don't look promising, but an entire change of personnel for the team, both in terms of coaches and players, should do plenty to help distance ourselves from this past, horrid year, and hopefully should do enough to keep the NCAA from putting any real sanctions on us. After all, literally nobody except for the bottom of the bench remains from the Sampson era.

  • kgork


    “Our staff is going to ensure that anyone who attends this University and wears the Indiana uniform will make this privilege among their highest priorities and not treat the opportunity as an entitlement,'' Crean said. “We fully expect our student-athletes to accept the responsibilities academically, athletically and socially that come with representing one of the top programs in college basketball history.”

    Damn straight, don't let the door hit you on the way out, guys.

  • Disco_Briscoe

    I was hoping not to lose Bassett but what can you do.

    Cleaning house is the best thing. They walked out on IU trying to save the program when KS was dismissed, they are supposedly doing drugs (green wont hurt anyone but dont get caught or let it be known), skipping practices, and failing out of GenEd classes which may cost us more scholarships…all disrespecting the school and the program.

    Now the program is open and clean…the HS players can see where they can come in and fill a need and get immediate PT on one of the top programs in the country.

    Can someone explain if this saves us from academic penalties?

  • Doesn't this make the academic penalties worse? They didn't make the grade and will not be back, so that's like a double strike (as I understand it).

  • flahoosier

    I think you are right, doubly screwed now…We are looking at no better than a .500 season, if no one else decides to leave after this. i'm shocked Crawford is staying

  • Disco_Briscoe

    Crawford is going to look sick this year…he doesnt want to be a disapointment like his brother. Why would he leave when the offense will be around him. Williams is the next scorer and he is unproven. This is where he can make himself shine.

    Who cares about a lost year. This is worth it.

  • Mr_C

    Yeah, we were turning into the next Ohio State.

  • B_MD

    Not that I disagree with the housecleaning, but “no better than .500?” Unless Crean pulls some last minute recruiting magic out of a hat, then we'll be far below .500 next year.

  • peaychris

    who cares about sanctions?? we are pretty much assure to miss any sort of post-season anyways with this team, but i love the guys that will be playing….

  • peaychris

    who cares about sanctions?? we are pretty much assure to miss any sort of post-season anyways with this team, but i love the guys that will be playing….