Crean calls Holman transfer “orchestrated”

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Indiana coach Tom Crean spoke on the record today about Eli Holman’s transfer to Detroit and instead of speaking in clichés, Crean got right down to the point. (Did I mention I love Crean already?)

Here’s what he told Chris Korman of the H-T/Hoosier Scoop:

Question: Can you say what prompted the outburst? Do you know?

Crean: I don’t know. I would say not getting the answer that he probably would have liked. It was about taking some time to go through this, but, I’ve seen now, this was totally part of an orchestration. It just was. I don’t have a lot of respect for that. I like Eli and I wish him well. I really do. In the short time we were with him, I liked him. But I don’t have a lot of respect for the way that it turned out.

Question: Did you put any conditions on Eli’s release?

Crean: No, not really. But it’s all sort of starting to play out, isn’t it?

It’s not often you hear a coach speak on the record like this, but I’m actually glad Crean stood up and put his feelings out there. And I must agree with his comment that called the transfer orchestrated. It’s certainly no coincidence that Holman ended up at Detroit. If Ray McCallum actually thought he was doing Eli a favor by bringing him to Detroit, he’s more worried about his immediate success in his new job than he is concerned for the kid. You can sense a bit of frustration in Crean’s comments and that likely comes from the fact that Holman gave the impression he wanted to stay at IU and then called a meeting out of nowhere to tell him he was leaving. Then just a few days later, he finds out he’s going to play for McCallum. I think we can all put the pieces together here.

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  • B_MD

    Waive bye-bye to McCallum, Jr.

  • That was already a foregone conclusion.

  • B_MD

    True, I really meant that as a joke:)

  • golfing1

    I don't think Eli Holman was that good anyway…. Mccallum Jr., not that big of a loss, we will have plenty of others who will be just as good and better.

  • jgrand

    I'm really disappointed in McCallum. He was the coach at the University Houston here and though he wasn't successful in reviving the program, he seemed like a good man and an ethical coach. I guess he was turned to the darkside by Darth Sampson… A shame, really a shame.

  • From what I hear from people who know McCallum he was 10 times worse than Kelvin Sampson. When it came to recruiting he was a real slickster. I was glad to see him go. I don't care where his kid ends up. Eli is an idiot for leaving IU. 17000 fans at every game. Every single game is televised. Always a good chunk of coverage on ESPN. Not to mention the playing time he would of had. He would of been front and center (no pun intended). I'm glad that these two are gone. I'm glad everyone who left is gone to be honsest with you. We had one of the better seasons we've had in a long time last year. I think we all thought we had something and that after KS left we should hold on to some of the things that looked good in the program……but now that the dust has settled…..I applaud Tom Crean for cleaning house and making this program his own creation. We deserve a coach like Tom Crean.

    I also wouldn't be suprised if Jordan Crawford followed McCallum. He is from Michigan and I still can't figure out why Brandon McGee is still here. He should of transfered no matter what.

  • Kelin Blab

    I know why B-Mac is still here….PT baby, he is one of the prime options next year and he knows it, not to mention the national attention that comes with IU and he doesn't want to sit out another year, having lost one already. There is NO DOUBT eli and Ray Mac talked and Eli couldn't man up to just tell TC he wanted out…..

  • jgongora86

    I don't know if it's about maning up. I hate to say it but I think 60% of kids today would not take the high road and tell their coaches straight up that they want out. I would have, but I have to admit it would be because of my New York upbringing more than anything else. Remember how luke recker waited until the general was out of the country (or state not sure which one) before he said anything? That being said the kid is an idiot. When you have unlimited playing time, and a coach dedicated to develop your game you have to stay put ( thats why DJ didn't follow Mike Davis). I'm more ticked off at McCallum and his parents for looking after themselves instead of the kids well being. Holman could have sorounded himself by people who would watch his back even after her graduates. You will not be able to say the same thing for Detroit. I feel sad about the whole situation.

  • MikeinNC

    Not a classy move by McCallum. I don't think the way to “replicate Butler's success” at Detroit is by poaching players of questionable character….karma's a bi*** Ray.

  • bahickma

    Hearsay is all it is. Eli shouldn't have ended up at Indiana anyways, considering nobody really wanted him after he hit that referee in California. Orchestrated or not he has the right to do whatever he wants with his career. He could have been a good player at IU, but he isn't going to be because he opted to leave.

    As far as finding better players to fill Ray Jr.'s shoes, I doubt it. He's a solid player who will be ranked very high in many of the recruiting services' annual rankings.

    McGee should transfer to save us all the pain of watching him next year. Has everyone forgotten the windmill he bricked at the end of the game against Michigan? He didn't even brick it. He got hung, didn't even get it over the top of the rim.

    And I'm not very enthused about this crop of recruits either. Everyone needs to buckle in because these next few years could be really bumpy.

  • Kelin Blab

    could be easier to get a few tickets in the next few years though…

  • HoosierfaninTN

    Wether you think it was orchestrated or not, Eli can do what he wants but he needs to be a man and not a wimp and be honest with people not lead them on. Pretty unclassy thing Eli and Ray pulled. Glad they are gone.

    Ray McCallum Jr is not the best player in the State and yes we will get better players than him to come play for IU. WILL NOT MISS HIM A BIT!

    McGee, might be a project but Crean will make him a better player.

    The players coming in may not be a top ten recuiting class but what do you expect? He needs bodies and the top ten classes are coming you wait!

    May be a bumpy road but I am along for the ride and I am pretty Damn excited. GOOD TIMES AHEAD FOR IU BASKETBALL!!!!!!

  • bahickma

    You might be on to something there though.

  • bahickma

    You don't know whether or not Eli was purposely leading anyone on. You can make that claim, but it would be made unfairly. Just because Tom Crean suspects it might be true doesn't make it true.

    I never said Ray Jr was the best player in the state, but he is a very good player and it's going to be difficult to land one of his caliber.

    McGee might be a better player through Crean's coaching or he might be a complete bust. My money's on the latter.

    He does need bodies to fill the void left by the players he had to dismiss, but I'm still not overly excited about the ones he did recruit. I never said he should be out recruiting a top ten class. I should probably be fine with what he's recruited though because Top 10 classes usually jump to the NBA pretty early. You know what, I wish to retract my previous statement. I am fine with the class we have now for the time being.

  • woodpecker

    I have felt all along that Ray was in the ear of all of these kids the whole time Dakich was in charge, and obviously after. As far as Ray Jr. oh well, you can't miss what you never had.

    Crean took over a really crappy situation and I don't think anyone should expect miracles next season. I don't really care what the team's record is next season, I don't care how small they are, and I don't care how many 5 star recruites we do not have. I just want this team to play with desire and passion every single game. If these young men do that they will be fine in the long run.

  • HoosierfaninTN

    Mr. Blab,

    With your pull at IU i am sure you can get us some good seats!

  • HoosierfaninTN

    I have been a fan since I was a kid and went to alot of games at IU growing up. I am really looking forward to next season and the excitment that is Indiana basketball. Glad to have Crean as the coach. He will clean things up and bring the fans much joy and best of all do it the right way. My Dad is still not trusting of him yet because of the Sampson deal, but he will come around. I on the otherhand have seen some things in the way Crean has acted that I judge honorable, some say they put on a good front these coaches but I feel differently about this guy. HE IS THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!

  • tberry

    Bottom line..McCallum surreptitiously talked to the players to either get him the Head coaching Job or if that didn't work follow him somewhere.

    Ya don't think Ray promised to bring a team with him when he interviewed for the Detroit job do ya???

  • why would Crawford go to the worst team in the Horizon League when he has the chance to average 15-20 points and 35 minutes per game for Indiana?

    i can understand Holman leaving, he was more of a project anyway. but, Crawford can contribute right now. it would be silly for him to sit out a year.

  • ABUbakr22

    Shame on Crean's post transfer comments toward Holman and MCCallum.
    Holman sits out for one year and then his new coach (whom he never would
    have signed to play for) tells him that that he has plans for him to play behind
    a less talented player (Pritchard) and has to grin and bear it. I don't blame Holman
    at all, I would have transfer also.

  • ABUbakr22

    Shame on Crean's post transfer comments toward Holman and MCCallum.
    Holman sits out for one year and then his new coach (whom he never would
    have signed to play for) tells him that that he has plans for him to play behind
    a less talented player (Pritchard) and has to grin and bear it. I don't blame Holman
    at all, I would have transfer also.