Film Session: Northwestern

  • 12/25/2020 8:46 am in

Against Northwestern’s 3-2 zone, Franklin gets up a long 2 late in the shot clock:

It essentially acts as an outlet pass to Berry:

He takes it and passes ahead to Buie:

Franklin and Durham are ahead to pick up Berry and Buie. Galloway points out to Durham to pick up Berry. But he’s missing Gaines streaking behind him in the process:

Buie moves in off the perimeter as Durham rotates out to Berry. Gaines is now hitting the left low post ahead of Galloway:

Buie makes the pass:

And out of position, all Galloway can do is go for the block from behind:

He misses and Gaines scores:

While Galloway has been about as solid as it comes for a freshman, this play shows even he struggled defensively in the first half.


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