Film Session: Northwestern

  • 12/25/2020 8:46 am in

Gaines gets a bit of a ball screen from Nance:

Jackson-Davis and Thompson switch. Thompson now has Nance as Gaines begins to drive left on Jackson-Davis. Franklin, Phinisee and Durham look on from the weak side:

This time around, Indiana is able to stop the drive with Phinisee applying the help as Franklin and Durham stay home:

But as Phinisee recovers back out to Buie, the smaller Gaines turns back right on Jackson-Davis and he’s caught a bit flat-footed:

And then Gaines goes up and over him for the score:

Even though Indiana employed a better help and recover this time around with Phinisee, Gaines still had the mismatch on Jackson-Davis which started with the switch on the right wing. This allowed the quicker Gaines to put a move on him for the score.


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