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Welcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our player-by-player recap of the 2015-2016 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Collin Hartman.

Hartman (35 games): 5.0 points, 3.1 rebounds, 1.7 assists, 55.2% eFG, 84.2% FT, 35.8 3PFG% in 21.9 minutes per game.

A look at the numbers reveals Collin Hartman’s junior campaign mirrored his breakout sophomore season in many ways.

Hartman averaged an identical amount of rebounds (3.1) and was close in minutes (19.7 vs 21.9), points (4.8 vs 5.0), possessions used (12.0 percent vs 12.8 percent) and conference-only offensive rating (115.3 vs 115.6). Hartman also made the same amount of 3-point buckets in each season (29). But the big difference in those shots from distance? It took the Cathedral product an extra 20 attempts to hit that 29 mark this season. Which means he fell from a highly efficient and best 3-point shooter on the team a season ago (47.5 percent) to a mere average one in 2015-2016 (35.8 percent).

Some of Hartman’s misses late in the season could be attributed to the right wrist fracture he sustained against Michigan in the Big Ten Tournament. Despite the fracture — which he’ll have surgery on this offseason — Hartman still played in all three of Indiana’s NCAA Tournament games. But it was clear the injury affected his follow through.

Even with Hartman’s dip in efficiency, Indiana, of course, still sported a host of strong 3-point shooters and finished fourth in the nation from a percentage standpoint (41.6).

Hartman’s role also saw some change this season. When Hanner Mosquera-Perea went down with an injury last season and Indiana’s roster was short on capable frontcourt bodies, Hartman faced the tall task of playing a stretch 5 position — guarding the opposition’s biggest players and spreading the floor with 3-point shooting on Indiana’s end.

With Thomas Bryant, Max Bielfeldt, Juwan Morgan and OG Anunoby in the mix this year, Hartman didn’t have to carry as much of a defensive burden. And while Hartman’s 3-point shooting slipped, he saw growth in other areas in Indiana’s offense. Hartman doubled his assist rate (6.9 percent vs. 12.2 percent) and proved a more capable slasher to the basket, where he used his length to convert over size at the rim. This allowed Hartman to shoot a better 2-point field goal percentage (57.1) than last season (53.7) on 22 more attempts.

Hartman only missed three free throws (16-of-19, 84.2 percent) on the year.

The junior also continued to do what he does best: Make the right pass, the smart play, be in the right place at the right time. His basketball IQ makes him a player you want on the floor in key situations, though some of that was negated at times by a turnover rate of 21.9 percent, fourth worst in terms of the squad’s regulars.

Bottom Line: On a team that won an outright Big Ten Championship and advanced to the Sweet 16, Hartman started 24 of 35 games and did a little bit of everything for the Hoosiers. Despite some regression from beyond the arc, Hartman’s offensive profile remained strong without a ton of usage. With Yogi Ferrell, Nick Zeisloft and Max Bielfeldt no longer sporting the cream and crimson, Hartman may need to step up and fill a leadership role in his senior season next winter.

Quotable: “I’m really proud of these guys. We were very, very resilient throughout the whole year. We matured very quickly. We never lost two games in a row. We’ve accomplished a lot. We’ve been through a lot of adversity. Fought through a lot of scrutiny and just stayed within us. I think that was the biggest thing for us and what we accomplished.” – Hartman after Indiana’s season-ending loss loss to UNC

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  • RealHoosierFanatic

    Capable slasher is being kind. You aren’t a slasher if you’re getting the FT once every other game. Hartman is an effective role player but I liked him better when he was a spot up shooter who made solid players and got what fell to him. IMO his usage rate was a little too high and I’m hoping his offensive role is reduced in the hopes of a lower TO percentage and a higher true shooting percentage next year. He was also extremely foul prone this year which is somewhat understandable because of our increased intensity on the defensive end.

    I’ll be in the minority here but I felt like he’s slightly overvalued by the fan base. Kind of the reverse Troy Williams if you will.

  • BL

    Colin showed athleticism I had no idea he possessed and he’s a fantastic shooter. Not being a volume shooter, his stats took a big hit after the injury. He’ll be a great leader and glue guy as a senior. Really need him back healthy next year.

    Read a piece projecting IU as a preseason #8 if either TB or TW returns. Personally, if TB doesn’t return, I’m not expecting a title run unless Coach pulls a rabbit out of the hat and lands another quality big.

    Great quote in the piece: “OG Anunoby, a basketball cyborg incrementally approaching self-awareness”.

  • The only player on the roster with a lower usage rate than Hartman who played regularly was Nick Zeisloft. So how, exactly, was his usage rate “a little too high?”

  • Ole Man

    I’m going to slightly disagree with this assessment.
    Forgotten here is CH’s pre-season injury and its subsequent effects.
    While his wrist injury obviously affected his performance, I do not recall him taking enough 3 pointers after that injury to greatly diminish his %.
    I think it was the early injury which greatly affected his season.
    Hopefully next year he won’t have anymore bad luck.

  • BC Hoosier

    I’m a big CH fan. He fills many roles on a team. I thought more than anyone he struggled adjusting to the new “freedom of movement” rule change, which at times didn’t allow him to settle into the flow of the game. His 3pt percentage dropped some but his shot selection was good and I think as mentioned above, his foul trouble effected his rhythm on the offensive end.
    One of the biggest things about his game that I think no one talks about enough is his length and size. Troy is by far the better athlete but Hartman has a bigger frame and wingspan. Many people have mentioned that the subtraction of JBJ was the main reason for better team defense, (And the emergence of OG and Morgan). While I’ll agree that there is some truth in that, I think the bigger reason is CH moving into the starting lineup and taking the tougher defensive 3/4 assignment and allowing Troy to take the easier assignment.

  • BL

    Damn, I’ve forgotten, what was the pre-season injury?

    For the record, CH shot 38% for the season from behind the arc prior to the BIG tourney. Including the Michigan game, he went 1-7 in post season play which dropped his season percentage to 36%. He shot 41% from behind the arc in BIG play.

  • BL

    Adding CH’s length to the starting lineup (and OG/JM length off the bench) definitely helped the defense. Weakest link early on was not JBJ; it was TB.

  • IUBizmark

    I am shocked at the stats for Hartman. I felt like he made a much much larger contribution than the numbers show. I’d like that guy on the court in any clutch situation because he seemed to always make plays when we needed them.

  • Tom Auer

    Why is there no mention of defense in this assessment? Hartman was exposed on the defensive end all year long. He’s a try-hard player, but is too slow to guard anyone. Hopefully OG takes most of his minutes next year.

  • Lance76

    Great fan of CH. Body position on defense is critical. The little things done on both ends of the court so important. Poster player for team basketball and proud of him being an Indiana Hoosier. High IQ and not heard of any off court distractions.

  • Missing Moye

    It was a rib injury. Here’s the quote from the ITH blog:

    “First off, I’ve never seen Troy jump higher and I’ve never seen a guy
    be more valiant in taking a charge,” Crean said. “He took a knee right
    inside of his chest from Troy. He took a charge and I wish he wouldn’t
    have because he’s going to be out for a little bit because he took some
    shots to the ribs that are quite sore for him.”

  • David Macer

    Sorry, but have to kindly disagree with you. He is a smart defender. No, he does not possess the kind of quickness to be a direct on ball defender. But he is always in the right place at the right time.

  • inLinE6

    To be fair, both JBJ and TB were weak early on. JBJ’s in-capabilities to defend exposed TB even more. TB was constantly challenged by quicker guards blow pass JBJ for layups. And JBJ was lost in the high screen all the time. All the time.

  • BL

    All the guards struggled in the pick n roll. Don’t understand the selective amnesia. For example, check out the Wake highlights on youtube (watch?v=MD6mBBT8spI) and you’ll see JBJ isn’t on the floor when RJ/TB get beat late two times in a row which cost us the game. What changed, both TB and help from the weak side improved steadily as the season wore on.

  • MM

    On the offensive end, good things happened when Collin drove the ball. Outside of Yogi and RJ (and when Troy is under control), I believe his driving was the most effective on the team. He lost a lot after the wrist injury in terms of his versatility (drive/shoot/pass with both hands), but I’m hoping to see a higher usage rate for him next season.

  • cbags05

    Again, another example of a guy who was recruited without much respect from the fan base. I recall seeing many complaints when he committed on these boards. Now he’s developed into being a critical piece of a potential contender for next year.

  • dwdkc

    Agreed, he didn’t look quite right for most of the early part of the season. I seem to recall another nagging injury affecting him later too. Was only healthy for maybe part of the conference season.

  • Hoosier Hall

    I see a lot of people that are surprised at his stats and rightfully so. He does the little things every game. Right place/right time, extra pass, offensive rebounds… simply put: Collin Hartman impacts winning.

  • RealHoosierFanatic

    His usage rate was too high because he was the least effective offensvie player on our team that saw regular minutes. He had the lowest true shooting % on the team among regulars. The second lowest effective %. Third highest TO%. Nearly all of the advanced metrics showed a regression this year. His drives almost never resulted in defensive fouls and often turned into offensive ones or turnovers. He played on the wing this year and offensively that doesn’t suit him as well as playing as a 4 or 5. Playing as a 4 or a 5 gives him a speed and floor spacing advantage and creates match up problems and forces the defense to focus on him collectively. Playing the 3 or a 4 reduces him to simply somebody who sets screens and swings the ball around. Hardly anything special.

  • RealHoosierFanatic

    Finally somebody who gets it! There’s some weird universal love fest with this guy. He’s a solid role player. Reading these comments you’d think he was Kyle Hornsby from behind the arc with AJ Moyes hustle and the basketball IQ of Chris Paul.

  • RealHoosierFanatic

    Finally somebody else mentioned this. He’s not effective playing as a perimeter player! Starting at the three isn’t the way you use a player like him. He’s an average big 10 wing player. He’s an above average 6th-7th man that can play the 3, 4 and sometimes 5. He has too hard of a time guarding athletic wings with explosiveness and the problem is compounded because it’s an easy assignment for the defense because he’s not good at creating his own shot and his slashing isn’t particularly good. The true advantage that hartman has is playing exactly where he was at last year playing the stretch four/5 and getting open looks from deep and spacing the floor for our attacking players.

  • RealHoosierFanatic

    Your eyes deceive you bud. He’s not athletic enough to guard athletic wings on good teams and he had the worst true shooting percentage on the team. Troy shot the three at about the same rate as Colin did but Troy’s the antichrist and Colin can do no wrong apparently.

  • RealHoosierFanatic

    You’re exactly right Ole Man. Colin Hartman is the most overrated player in IU history as far as I’m concerned. All of Collins mistakes are ignored and all of Troy’s overblown wildly out of proportion. Statistically Collin is the worst player among regular players but nobody will acknowledge it.

    He’s a IQ player they are saying…yet he has a higher turnover % than Troy did. He’s a fantastic lights out shooter they are saying…yet he has the lowest true shooting percentage on the team and shoots the three at nearly the same % as troy does. He’s a good defender they are saying….he’s foul prone, he’s near the bottom on the team in rebounding %, steal %, and block %.

    I think you guys need to take your blinders off. He’s a GOOD 6th or 7th man, locker room guy, and representative of the school. He is NOT a major piece to a contending team. People want his minutes increased and his role expanded. Bad call. He is merely ok at everything and isn’t above average at anything other than being a floor spacer/bruiser in a small line up.

  • Fivelefts

    That was certainly, one of the reasons for sure.

  • Fivelefts

    Sounds harsh.. But that’s a fairly spot on assessment.

  • RDD#76

    You hear other coaches breakdown our game film and a lot of them say that’s what our team needs I feel he is best at stretch 4 more athletic than most teams which opens drives and 3 point shot and seems to be in right spot most of the time. He does need to cut down the silly fouls seems to get a couple a game when his man is not in scoring position way past 3 pt line and then has to sit down to much

  • RealHoosierFanatic

    He’s definitely best suited for the stretch four. Sadly I think we’re going to be stuck with him out there at the three again next year. I’m expecting Troy to leave and we we won’t have a prototypical three on the roster. Possibly this JUCO kid Mcswain and Hartman. We’re going to be running a lot of three guard two big sets which works fine but if Troy does leave it’ll create a void that we won’t be able to fill properly and maybe then will people realize how valuable Troy really was.

  • RealHoosierFanatic

    He impacts winning in some ways and I love him in a smaller role. He doesn’t rebound very well (one of the lowest on the team % wise), regarding the extra pass..he has one of the highest turnover rates on the team and the right place right time argument is debatable. People love him because it’s obvious he’s maxing out his abilities but unfortunately the numbers are telling us he had the worst year by far out of all of our regulars.

  • BL

    Whoa cowboy. Who’s comparing TW and CH? I mean jeez, nobody is wondering about CH’s draft status. Moreover, Troy is a PRIMARY SCORER. CH is a role player and primarily a PERIMETER SHOOTER that helps stretch the floor. Using TRUE SHOOTING % which accounts for 2 pt. FG’s, 3 pt. FG’s and FT’s is an appropriate stat for measuring TW’s effectiveness as a primary scorer. Like NZ, as a perimeter shooter, for me, CH’s offensive effectiveness is best judged by his 3 pt. FG% which was 38% for the season before his injury; 41% during BIG play. CH would be totally ineffective in TW’s role and conversely, TW would not be my first choice for CH’s role. TW shot 35% from three for the season; 30% in BIG play. Also, “Troy shot the three at about the same rate as Colin”? Not. TW’s 3 pt. attempt rate was 24%. CH, 56%.

    Since you brought it up, following are the season’s True Shooting Percentages for the primary rotation players: TB 70%; JBJ 63%; NZ 63%; OG 61%; YF 60%; MB 60%; TW 59%; RJ 59%; CH 57%. Yes, CH is at the end of a VERY IMPRESSIVE LIST but it’s not much different than TW’s and you know his horrendous shooting in the last four games due to injury negatively affected his final percentage.

    Regarding CH’s athleticism, cut me some slack; I wasn’t comparing him to TW or OG. I was simply saying I had underestimated it, and I was actually referring to his hops. Yes, he has trouble defending quick wings (I said such early in the year when I wanted to see him replaced in the starting lineup by OG) and accordingly, Coach has to be careful with his defensive assignments. However, let’s give credit where credit’s due; he did a helluva job defending several wings this year (Uthoff, Hill, etc.).

    CH is a very valuable role player and glue guy but he’s no TW and frankly, I don’t want to see him start over OG next year. If he does, for me it says we’re not a legit contender.

  • BL

    CH is a three but a backup on a really good college team. OG is actually a perfect three especially if you model it after the NBA. TW, size wise, is an NBA 2-guard playing 2/3 in college. Consider, TB/DD/OG would be the perfect 5/4/3.

  • BL

    You and I agree he’s a sub on a good team. However, if he’s subbing for a 5, we’re losing. I don’t get hung up on 3 vs. 4 in college. It’s more how the opponent plays. Uthoff and Swanigan are both 6’9. Colin can handle Uthoff. Swanigan will abuse him because he plays the post up game. Hill is a legit three but Colin can guard him because Colin is as long and Hill is not real quick.

  • RealHoosierFanatic

    I overlooked OG as the three. That’s a great point and if his ball handling can improve…then it’s perfect. TB, DD, OG, JBJ, RJ. That could be scary good. Possibly Troy, CH, JUWAN as possible starters too. Lot’s of options here. Exciting stuff.

  • BL

    Agree on OG starting but you’re severely discounting CH’s defensive contributions. Yes, he got burned with some early mismatches but when the assignments became right, he did a helluva job (e.g. Uthoff and Hill).

  • RealHoosierFanatic

    Finally somebody willing to take a look at the facts and engage in some dialogue. The way I see it Troy and Collin are polar opposites in the way they are viewed by the fan base and it agitates the crap out of me. People find any way they came to discredit Troy and Praise CH. I like CH but I’m sick of people making unfounded claims about him. Seriously. The stats don’t lie.

    1) Troy is a primary scorer. Sort of, you could look at it that way but we have a balanced offense. It’s why we are always one of the best offensive teams in the nation.

    2) CH is a role player and primarily a perimeter shooter that stretch the floor. 100% yes. That’s all I’d like him to do. Stretch the wing as a post player not take up a VALUABLE starting perimeter role. Preferably coming off of the bench filling in as a 3,4 or maybe 5.

    3) Colins offensive effectiveness is best judged by his 3 pt %. 100% yes! Effectively that is the only value he has where he could perform ABOVE the average player. The regression this year was injury based to a degree but it was mostly because he’s as easy as they come to game plan for and stop. Almost non-existent. Being one demensional and effectively taken out of the offense is a terrible mistake to make. Exaggerating for my point here but a one dimensional player takes away 20% of your offense! Playing him at the three does not allow him to utilize his value.

    4) Troy shot it at the same rate as Collin, you claim false. I misspoke I should have said same percentage. Troy is regarded as a terrible shooter and we’ve established that Collins value is in his three point shot. Troy shot it at 35% (our worst shooter) and Collin at 36% (what he’s best at). Point taken though, Troy shot too many threes. So we’ve established that Collin adds almost no value offensively. That’s fine and dandy if you add defensive value. Terrible metrics all around defensively too. Low rebound %, high foul rate, low steal and block%.

    5) The true shooting %. This is a great point actually, nothing really to say here.

    6) Glue guy and valuable role player. We’re in total agreement here. He has no business starting and frankly I’d like to see a large reduction in his minutes next year. Everybody has a different opinion as to why Collin is so important and its mostly bull crap. One person might think he has a high IQ, some people actually think he’s a good at rebounding. Some are indicating he needs to take on a bigger role. Many wanted him taking troy’s minutes. Everybody seems to have some intangible that they’ve picked out. People are entrenched with him because he doesn’t do anything poorly…well take a hard look at his game and you’ll see he’s just a hustle guy that’s it. He’s not that good.

  • RealHoosierFanatic

    You’re right. I kind of have it out for the guy now because of how much people overrate the guy when it’s clear as day that he’s nowhere close to being good enough to be playing the minutes he does if we are going to win a title.

  • Ole Man

    I think you might have misinterpreted or read more into my post than was there. Or perhaps you just used it for a jumping off point to unleash your “rant”.
    I would hardly call CH the “most overrated player in IU history.” That list is long and stellar. LOL.
    CH has his limitations, to be sure.
    However, in the context of the teams he has played on and the teammates he has played with, he is an excellent player.
    He is that “glue guy”, that grinder who somehow comes up with one or two plays a game that the team absolutely needs at a critical moment–a D stop; a steal; a layup; something–and we’ve seen it too many times for it to be a fluke.
    He’s obviously a great teammate.

    I could go on an on. The point being that the fans’ love of CH isn’t overblown or hysterical. It is, instead, appreciative/admiring. It is them in some ways–the lesser athlete who somehow gets there and hustles and contributes.

    You don’t have to change your mind or like him.
    I’m surprised, however, at how harshly you “judge” him.
    If you’re that down on him, I don’t want to hear what you might have to say about some of our “former” players! Haw!

  • BL

    On this team, TW is a star and CH is a role player and I honestly don’t believe any fan is confused in that regard. Moreover, I suppose TW takes more grief as a star but hey, like a quarterback, it comes with the territory. Too much credit for both wins and losses.

    I don’t agree with everything you said (e.g. IMO, DWS is an entirely meaningless statistic) but nothing so important to continue beating this dead horse. Certain on game day you’re a fan of both 🙂

  • Tyler T

    He is going to be a great senior to have. I think he will only continue his growth and development. I ate expecting a very strong senior campaign for Collin.

  • TomJameson

    I have to say that you seem to be really harsh on Collin. Don’t know why you are so very much down on him, but “worst player among regular players” and “most overrated player in IU history” is going waaay past an objective viewpoint. That’s MO

  • TomJameson

    I think you are way overcompensating for somebody else’s opinions. You are sounding like you have something really personal against CH because you don’t (as far as I can tell) miss a chance to rant on about how “bad” he is. Yes, I like Colin. I don’t think he’s the best in the world, but he really is a difference maker on the floor. A good difference maker. lol


    Totally agree. The only thing that I might add is that CH or JM may need to start in front of DD for a portion of the season. If that is the case then I think I would like to see JM start and if and when DD adjusts to the step up in competition he could either replace him in the line up or come off the bench and play starter minutes much like OG did this year. I know that’s pretty much shuffling a starter on last year’s team back quite a ways in the rotation, but I think we will see that kind of surge by the others playing the 3,4 and 5.

  • BL

    Don’t disagree. Lot depends on health. Frankly, I’ll be glad to see JM back 100% anytime before the season kicks off.

  • RealHoosierFanatic

    I was having a bad day and I just thought I should shed some light on some of the deficiencies he has and how he affected the team statistically. I don’t have it out for him I just wanted to present another side to CH that nobody else was willing to present. Hoosier fans are amazing, well informed, and willing to listen to reason. I think as a whole we don’t give Troy the respect he deserves and I think CH gets too much. Let me ask you this..if Troy was white and CH was black do you think we as a fan base would view these two the way that we do? I don’t. I don’t think we’re racist or anything like that but I think CH being white has a lot to do with how much love he gets.

  • RealHoosierFanatic

    I think we view him almost identically. I was just merely willing to point out things about Hartman that I think people overlooked or were completely unaware of. Also, I was in a really bad mood and looking to debate. I do like Hartman and I do think he’s valuable. I’m a massive stats guy but I’ve also played a ton of basketball and understand there is an art/science to it. I hate the ‘eye test’ and ‘intangibles’ argument people use but in this case they do him justice. Statistically he performed well below the average in player efficiency (by far the best stat IMO) but 100% not a below average player.

  • TomJameson

    Overcompensating, you even say so yourself. You have valid opinions and have every right to them. I would say just don’t “embellish” what you see as some of CH’s “deficiencies”.

    And no, I do NOT think that color has anything to do with peoples perceptions of either CH or TW. Absolutely not. I’m sure there is a few folks that think that way, but the vast majority of fans do not.