Crean says Hartman, Johnson and Morgan will have offseason surgery

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In an interview on The Ride with JMV on 1070 the Fan in Indianapolis on Monday afternoon, Indiana coach Tom Crean said three players will undergo offseason surgery.

Collin Hartman (right wrist), Robert Johnson (left ankle) and Juwan Morgan (left shoulder) will all undergo procedures in the next few weeks, according to Crean.

Crean said that Hartman played in the NCAA tournament with a fractured wrist that he suffered in Indiana’s 72-69 loss to Michigan in the Big Ten tournament.

“It was no accident that he was out there working with his left hand the majority of the time,” Crean said. “It caught up with us a little bit with the shooting even though he made a 3 the other night.”

Johnson was initially injured in IU’s 77-73 win over Purdue on Feb. 20 and missed four games before returning for the Kentucky game. Johnson then hurt the ankle again in the win over the Wildcats.

“There was just no way he could really, at the end of the day, push off his foot enough to play any kind of minutes in the game,” Crean told JMV.

Crean said the doctors ultimately decided to keep Johnson out in the North Carolina game.

“As much as Robert wanted to play,” Crean explained. “There just wasn’t enough healing to take that risk. It wasn’t a judgement call for me. It was a doctor’s call.”

Morgan battled a left shoulder injury throughout the season, but was able to bounce back several times in the final weeks of the season. Crean said Morgan’s shoulder popped out in four of Indiana’s final seven games.

Morgan is expected to be out the longest of the three, according to Crean.

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  • Heck, a one year older RJ will probably be thankful that his health meant more than a game. 🙂

  • dwdkc

    Wow how tough is Hartman? Playing with a fracture, that had to hurt like H*ll. He and Juwan were just toughing it out. With that and RJ being out, a deep NC team shooting lights out was the worst possible matchup, just like the dominant 2012 KY team was the toughest possible matchup. Jordy being hurt didn’t help in 2013 but that team was fading anyway, unfortunately. If Crean didn’t have bad luck he wouldn’t have had any luck at all. Very proud of this tough group of Hoosiers, who really showed great fortitude to turn in a memorable and fun season.

  • Ole Man

    IU didn’t need “luck” to get past UNC. It needed Defense. Someday IU fans are going to admit the obvious about that game.

  • Agreed!

  • I really do think there were legit signs that things were turning around before JBJ was injured. The ND game was the turning point, and JBJ was still playing. I think this team would have had another dimension with JBJ on the floor at key moments when offensive firepower was needed.

  • If you’re going to call out defense against UNC (perhaps rightfully), then you have to acknowledge injuries as a factor. Maybe you’re doing so, I’m not sure in this context.

  • TomJameson

    I concur that a better defensive effort would have helped, but UNC made shots that were VERY well defended. Even their coach said that they’ve NEVER shot like that before. You just can’t rightfully place all of that on the lack of defense. It’s not all black and white, there are more factors at play, and when you go through a single elimination tournament and get to that level, yes, luck is involved.

    Also injuries to 4 of the top IU players, and yes I’m counting JBJ alongside of Johnson, Morgan, and Hartman … all of who are top contributors to the team offensively and defensively.

    Just don’t see how that loss can be laid at the feet of a bad defensive effort. Hate to say it like this, but I think that is just a little short sighted.

  • BL

    Agree. Bill Self was asked pre-tournament “what’s required for a deep tournament run”. First requirement he mentioned – a healthy roster. This isn’t the first time the injury bug has hurt us in the tournament; think May, Kitchel, Henderson. Also, want better D? Play RJ.

  • Ole Man

    JBJ had been a non-factor beginning with the conference season, so no, you can’t count him.
    IU scored 86 points, so how could a better defensive effort not have helped?
    It looked like Duke all over again. 1.45 per possession is ludicrous. That isn’t defense; it’s a layup line.
    I do agree that UNC had a few clunkers that bounced in; however, that happens when the other team isn’t doing anything to stop you.
    I’m afraid that excuses are being made.
    Not saying that IU would have won the game, but even an average (as opposed to the mediocre) defensive game could have had them close enough for a shot at the end.

    No one wants to talk about it.

  • Ole Man

    I am. And even with the injuries, the D effort could have been better.
    Time for IU to stop using excuses.
    Good teams make excuses.
    Great teams win championships.

  • Well, we _are_ talking about it, we’re just not agreeing with you. The defense was affected by injuries, there’s your discussion. Call it an “excuse” or an “explanation” or whatever you want, in the end it’s a simple fact. I didn’t fault the ’93 team for failing to win a banner due to injuries, I’m not going to fault this team for failing to beat UNC.

  • Koko

    I agree on the average defense comment. UNC did allow us 1.21 ppp. Their D wasn’t very good either but ours was (dare I say it) horrible per the ppp numbers. An average D on our part and we most certainly would have had a shot at the end.

  • Ole Man

    Not faulting them. UNC played a nearly flawless game.
    However, to give them a “pass” on the D they played isn’t right, either.

  • Not really giving a “pass,” though. Just recognizing that the defense was affected by the lack of healthy personnel. Do you doubt that perimeter defense was impacted by RJ’s absence, for example? Not really sure what we’re arguing here: yes, defense wasn’t as good as it should have been, but that was significantly impacted by injuries.

  • Ole Man

    I get where you’re coming from.
    However, it wasn’t just one player that made UNC look great; nor was it one position inside or outside that IU failed to defend. It was a general breakdown all over the court.
    That’s why I honestly can’t accept the injury excuse.


    I don’t remember who said it but think it was one of the announcers saying that it was a tournament first, in that it was the first time ever that a team from one of the power 5 conferences, that had won their conference, had to play the winner of another power 5 conference in their second game and then turn around and play another power 5 conference (and conference tournament) winner in their very next game. We took a major screwing in our seeding and where we were put, region wise and who was immediately above AND below us. Although it did enable us to lay the big L on kensucky though. lol


    Things like luck = Paige hitting 4 threes in a row and their whole team shooting threes like they did. That kind of 3 point shooting percentage by a Roy Williams coached team may very well be a record for him.


    IMHO the real and biggest question is would he have stuck with a line up that had 3 true guards in it or would he have switched to the 2 true guard line up that allowed us to become as good a team as we did and if had switched to a 2 guard line up would he have done it soon enough to have the success that we had. No one knows the answer to that one, but I think what kind of line up he starts the season off with next year will tell us a lot when it comes to answering that question. I”m not saying that it for sure proves, or disproves anything, but rather gives a little more insight into what might have happened, or maybe better said, not happened.