Crean says Hartman, Johnson and Morgan will have offseason surgery

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In an interview on The Ride with JMV on 1070 the Fan in Indianapolis on Monday afternoon, Indiana coach Tom Crean said three players will undergo offseason surgery.

Collin Hartman (right wrist), Robert Johnson (left ankle) and Juwan Morgan (left shoulder) will all undergo procedures in the next few weeks, according to Crean.

Crean said that Hartman played in the NCAA tournament with a fractured wrist that he suffered in Indiana’s 72-69 loss to Michigan in the Big Ten tournament.

“It was no accident that he was out there working with his left hand the majority of the time,” Crean said. “It caught up with us a little bit with the shooting even though he made a 3 the other night.”

Johnson was initially injured in IU’s 77-73 win over Purdue on Feb. 20 and missed four games before returning for the Kentucky game. Johnson then hurt the ankle again in the win over the Wildcats.

“There was just no way he could really, at the end of the day, push off his foot enough to play any kind of minutes in the game,” Crean told JMV.

Crean said the doctors ultimately decided to keep Johnson out in the North Carolina game.

“As much as Robert wanted to play,” Crean explained. “There just wasn’t enough healing to take that risk. It wasn’t a judgement call for me. It was a doctor’s call.”

Morgan battled a left shoulder injury throughout the season, but was able to bounce back several times in the final weeks of the season. Crean said Morgan’s shoulder popped out in four of Indiana’s final seven games.

Morgan is expected to be out the longest of the three, according to Crean.

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  • Ms hoosier

    Not making any excuses but I just can’t help but wonder what might have been if JBJ, RJ,CH and Juwaun would have all been healthy!!

  • Fifer39

    Tough kids given how much they all wanted to play through their injuries. I also reckon the coaching team probably got it right in how much they limited minutes to avoid more serious injuries. Best wishes for speedy recoveries…

  • MM

    While I sat in front of the tv knowing IU would be better with Johnson on the floor vs. UNC, I respect the medical/coaching staff for choosing the kid’s health over the team. Not every school/team would have done the same.

  • iuoiu

    Shoot I would have taken any 2 of those 3!

  • mckillio

    A slightly better seeding, leading to a easier Sweet Sixteen is my guess.

  • mckillio

    Get better soon guys. I feel really bad for JM, it could be a while before he’s able to go 100%, hurting his development.

  • inLinE6

    Given how much they have been injured, that all 3 needed surgery, we probably couldn’t go much further even we got passed a hot UNC. The injuries really plagued us badly. That also reflected how good Crean was with limited resources to play with. Praying for a speedy recovery from everybody.

  • It’s a testament to this beat-up team that they beat up on KY so convincingly. I do hope anyone who wants to knock the team or CTC for failing to advance as far as they “should have” considers these injuries before passing judgment.

  • Not making excuses at all, just offering up explanations.

  • I’m curious, though, for anyone who understands such things: what surgery is needed on a sprain? At the same time, that fracture must be serious to need surgery as well. These kids are truly warriors, let’s hope they get healed up and can keep on fighting next season.

  • cbags05

    These kids are studs.

  • And they’ll be back!

  • cbags05

    I wondered the same thing. Honestly i wonder about all of them. I am not going to count any of these giys out though. Tough as nails.

  • Did a quick search on shoulder injuries. Very informally, consensus seems to be 6-12 weeks for a separation repair, up to 9 months for a dislocation repair. I’m thinking JM’s is a separation, because that’s the one where continuing to play pending later repair is discussed as an option.

  • OhioHoosier

    I experienced a very similar issue to Juwan my senior season. 3 dislocation/separations including 2 in-game. He most likely will have to repair a torn labrum and I would expect him to need about 4 months to fully repair it.

  • Ms hoosier

    How good would NC been without Paige, Berry, and two other of there role players with a fractured wrist on their shooting hand and the other with a separated shoulder?

  • So he’d be coming back right around the beginning of next season?

  • OhioHoosier

    I would anticipate him being ready for fall practice!

  • I agree with you completely. It’s not an “excuse” to account for injuries, it’s an explanation for why the team didn’t perform as well as it might have. Looking back on all of this, I’m amazed we managed to pull off the KY win. Really just a gutsy performance the entire season, and a great job of coaching a banged up group of kids.

  • Sounds good to me (I mean, not to JM, I can’t imaging how painful all of that is), with everyone else who’s banged up being ready to go some time over the summer.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    If this is indeed the kind of surgery JM is having, would it prevent this type of injury from happening again? Or at least greatly reduce its likeliness? Or would it just repair the damage that has already been done?

  • jayrig5

    I don’t think there’s a surgery that could prevent a recurrence. I think it’s to repair damage, and hopefully between that repair and rehabbing it the joint strenghtens enough to return to full functionality, where it’s not popping out on every deflected pass.

  • ForeverIU

    Are we more injury-prone than most high-profile programs? And if yes, why? Does it have something to do with our style of play or intensity or nature of practice?

    Or are we just over-cautious?

    I still think RJ should have played against UNC. The kid wanted to play. Let him do it at his own risk. He could have stopped Paige.

  • BL

    Definitely going to be anxious times waiting to get news on recovery time and expectations for next season for each of the three. On the broadcast, Coach said JM’s recovery is expected to be the longest. Teammate of mine was out an entire season after repairing a damaged labrum. Others have suggested 4-6 months. Damn, all three would play key roles if available and 100% healthy next year. Pray for the best.

  • OhioHoosier

    Essentially the labrum is the main ligament keeping your shoulder in place. Because it tore it exposed Juwans shoulder when he had it at certain angles or when he made sudden movements.

    The surgery will repair this tear and with appropriate recovery time and strengthening it should be very close to as good as new.

  • GatewayHoosier

    Respectfully, could not disagree more. 20-year-olds want to do lots of things that aren’t wise. Major respect for RoJo for wanting to play, and major respect for staff holding him out even when not in their best interest.

  • RDD#76

    Colin playing with fractured wrist that kid is truly tuff kid as is JM with shoulder. Coaches did right thing with RJ as surgery is needed. Hearing stuff like this gives me even more respect of what was accomplished.

  • Disagree that he should have played just because he wanted to. Hate the idea of him risking further/worse injury. Also disagree that he could’ve stopped Paige even if he did play (say, if like JM there was no risk of making things worse), given the bit about not being able to push off.

  • pcantidote

    Wow, it turns out that it wasn’t even realistic to expect to beat UNC. Our coaches and team deserve a ton of credit for holding it together against UK. Of course all of this is overlooking the 16 PPG starter that we lost months ago. Absolutely great job by all.

  • Shaggy_C

    According to RoJo there was ligament damage and a bone bruise above and beyond the sprain that had been reported. Going to be a long road to recovery for all three of these guys.

  • Then his playing would have been a horrible idea.

  • Doug Wilson

    I think a 60 yr old Robert Johnson will be thankful that his health ment more to the IU program than beating a hot shooting UNC team.

  • UNC didn’t play nearly as well against a healthy ND and still won by 14. Really a season that we’ll look back on fondly for quite some time, I’m guessing.

  • Hoosierkamp

    It’s crazy the injuries considering Crean really lightened the practice load this year. Almost makes the luck even worse…. granted it did keep guys like Bryant, Yogi, Troy, etc much fresher when they were in games.

    But the injuries were bad luck.

    On the injuries, I dont know where this team would have finished. But they did get better as a unit losing JBJ. However, it also capped their upside. I think we got better, had a very nice season. But to get to the Final 4 or further, they needed a healthy JBJ that learned to play good enough D. I am hoping that would have happened

  • Hoosierkamp

    Even without injuries, this team deserved “zero-knocking”. They responded, won the big ten convincingly, got a horrible seed/draw, and performed well.

    Moving to next year, I get excited because this team will have an identity right away. Long, athletic and defensive minded (no matter if TW or TB stay or go) and JBJ, JN and RJ to get penetration, push tempo, etc.

    This year was great. Next year has the potential to be great. I love Indiana Basketball

  • Hardwood83

    Crean should be fired for allowing so many players to be injured!

  • TennesseeHoosier

    Some clarification on anatomy of injuries. The Labrum is not a ligament but fibrocartilage that adds depth to the shoulder socket. The main ligaments if the shoulder are the superior, middle, and inferior glenohumeral ligaments. Also, “sprain” is a generic term for a ligament injury and is classified as Grade I, II, or III. Grade I is stretching to slight tearing, grade II larger year, at least 25% of fibers but incomplete, grade III complete tear. For example an ACL tear is a grade III sprain and therefore surgical intervention is required to provide joint stability. No word on how severe RJ’s “sprain” is.

  • BL


  • Koko

    Great info…thank you. My idea of a high ankle sprain involves the ligaments from the lower leg bone to the ankle….is that correct? Applying the grade classifications to that injury, would it mean that there is some tearing in the ligament/ligaments involved between those areas? If so does having surgery mean it is a grade III situation and is such an injury as serious as a ACL tear in terms of recovery?

  • Koko

    If you look at the team stats of the ND game NC outplayed them. I could not find the ppp stats for that game but the bottom line is the horses UNC has on the bench. They come in waves almost like the KY team of last year. Their pressure doesn’t let up when substitutions are made. That was most certainly the situation with ND and why they faded down the stretch. The team stats in our game with them tell a different story…it was a closer game than it looked. We made more threes than them but our D just wasn’t there early on. Then the horses started coming in and we basically couldn’t keep up. My point being we were less of a team (with injuries) than ND but yet really held our own. They could have beaten us by 25-30 points but didn’t get that done. A tough bunch our Hoosiers of 2015-2016 were. I will indeed look upon this season with fondness and admiration.

  • Koko

    True that.

  • TomJameson

    I’m really thankful for CTC lightening up the practices, and yeah, the injuries were just bad luck. Yes, it’s the same kind of end-of-the-year beaten up kind of things that can happen to teams at the end of the season, but man, to happen to so many key players just really sucks! LOL

    What’s really crazy though, is that some just look at those injuries as “excuses”, which I believe is pretty narrow minded. To get past the sweet sixteen a team starts needing other things (like luck) and IU just didn’t have it.

    I’m pretty proud of this team, including the coaching staff, for gutting it out like they did. Really proud!

  • Yep! 🙂

  • TomJameson

    I really did figure that, if there were no medical reason NOT to play and if it was just pain, then RJ would have been playing. Really glad that they kept RJ out to keep from further damaging his ankle (which probably will shorten the recovery time by limiting the damage).

  • Hoosierkamp


  • Koko


  • Benhyoung14

    It’s good they’re getting the surgery. They shouldn’t keep going and going, risking further damage. The shoulder separation sounds hereditary. Partial tears could require surgery. Most of these happened during a game. Some more stretching, and strengthening could help for RJ, but I’m doubting much could be done about JM and CH.

  • TennesseeHoosier

    High ankle sprain involves ligaments (3) above ankle joint that hold the fibula and tibia together to form the Mortis that the talus sits in and these three bones make up the ankle joint. Instability between the tibia and fibula would allow excessive movement of the talus within the Mortis. Here in Knoxville, UT had a receiver with this injury after the 3rd game of season and he did not return to football activities until the following summer missing the remainder of season and spring practice. The fact RJ played so soon after initial injury is a good sign as sprain must not have been severe and obviously not a grade III, as long as further damage did not occur in Kentucky game. The vagueness of reports is frustrating

  • Koko

    I was under the same impression seeing him come back and play pretty well so soon. Then after he hurt it again we hear he is having surgery. Did he come back too soon or was another injury revealed in the KY game? Totally agree…we need specifics.

  • Well, we would _like_ specifics, but I think it’s debatable that we _need_ them. 🙂