That’s A Wrap: Yogi Ferrell

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Welcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our player-by-player recap of the 2014-2015 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Yogi Ferrell.

Ferrell (34 games): 16.3 points, 4.8 assists, 3.2 rebounds, 53.9 eFG%, 41.6 3PFG%, 86 FT% in 34.9 minutes per game.

After a 2013-2014 campaign where he was the focus of opposing defenses and had to single-handedly carry Indiana at times offensively, things changed for Yogi Ferrell as a junior in Bloomington.

And the changes were a positive for both Ferrell and the Hoosiers.

The departures of several ball stoppers on the 2013-2014 team coupled with the arrival of players like James Blackmon Jr., Nick Zeisloft, Robert Johnson and the emergence of Collin Hartman meant that Ferrell had more breathing room to operate. And the results were fun to watch.

Ferrell’s usage was down from his sophomore campaign, but his efficiency was up across the board. His offensive rating was top 40 in the country. His assist rate was up slightly while his turnover percentage fell by four. His effective field goal percentage climbed nearly two percent and his free throw percentage climbed nearly four percent. He also continued to lengthen an impressive streak of consecutive games with a 3-pointer made.  It now sits at 65, the longest active streak in the country and a school record.


The Park Tudor product was able to strike a perfect balance between facilitator and scorer as he frequently looked to get teammates involved early even if it meant sacrificing some of his own offense. It was a luxury Ferrell didn’t have as a sophomore as Indiana’s lack of perimeter shooting was an Achilles heel.

When it came to crunch time, though, Ferrell showed early in the season that he wanted the ball in his hands.

While he didn’t always get successful results in these situations – late misses at Maryland and against Purdue were especially difficult – Ferrell never shied away from the moment. He always embraced it.

“I let my guys down not making that last shot,” Ferrell said following the loss at Maryland. “I made a couple of 3s throughout the game, but if I had to make a 3, I definitely wanted it to be the last one for the game winner.”

Ferrell’s willingness to step up and take on the role of leader on the floor was a step forward in his development as it was a trait he didn’t always exhibit as a sophomore.

The Indianapolis native was rewarded for his stellar season with first team All-Big Ten honors from both the media and coaches and some buzz as a prospect who could have professional options this offseason.

Bottom Line: Ferrell was Indiana’s best player this season – and it wasn’t really close – and if he returns for his senior season, he could cement himself as one of the best point guards to ever wear the candy stripes. He already owns a Big Ten regular season title, ranks 22nd on the career scoring list and sixth on the assists list, but he’s still missing a deep run into the NCAA tournament on his resume. The recent commitment of Thomas Bryant gives Indiana a legit post presence for next season and with one of the best perimeter groups in the country already assembled, the prospect of another run with Ferrell at the controls could yield special results.

Quotable: “We had a great season. Picked 11th in the league and to make the NCAA tournament was a big accomplishment for us. We got over that hump, came together and won some games. I’m really proud of us. We’ve just got to get better. We have to have a lot more consistency. There can’t be any more ups and downs. It’s got to be consistent, consistent, consistent.” – Ferrell after Indiana’s loss to Wichita State in the NCAA tournament

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  • IU is ranked #16 in ESPN’s “way too early preseason rankings,” for 2015-16, 2nd in Big Ten after Maryland. That’s with the uncertainty regarding Yogi and Troy. If Yogi stays, this is a top 10 team.

  • oldiugymnast

    If he gets drafted, it will be late second round and then he will have to play D League if he is lucky, but he will be much more likely to be cut and end up in Europe. $600 a week max isn’t that much to insure against, and he should stay.

  • oldiugymnast

    He is currently ranked 5 places before where Aaron Craft went – and Aaron is playing point at the Santa Cruz Warriors for $600 a week.

  • sd chuck

    Also a 2 seed in next year NCAA tournament. Midwest

  • dwdkc

    Minutes for bigs will be tough to come by. Being able to shoot the 3 and demand attention from the defense for spacing is key, especially with Crean’s preferred style, which is why I think we see Hartman as #5 on the floor a lot. I like Emmitt alot but he will need to work on his shot to get major minutes, and the freshmen will need to show a good stroke too to get time.

  • dwdkc

    In Crean’s style, you see way more stretch 4 (Collin; 3 pt shooting) as you see power forward at 4. It’s much more perimeter focused with only one low post guy and slashing and 3 point shooting. So I don’t see Hanner playing much if at all with Bryant. Crean seemed to make it a point not to have Hanner and Holt in at the same time this year; I think he wanted to have at least 3 real perimeter shooters (with Troy not counting as one of those) at all times.

  • dwdkc

    Agree with Greg, if you are talking impact to IU, then yes his 4 years and a title get some consideration next to Isiah (only playing 2 years), but he isn’t close to as dominant a player as Isiah was. Isiah was the most dominant IU player ever, at least after 1970. He was almost a finished product his freshman year. After the Bucket game in ’79, IU played the touring Russians at Assembly Hall that night, and it was everyone’s first look at the new kid. He blew by everyone for a layup on the first play. The crowd already knew we had something special.

  • cooper

    Gotta do something in tournament to be a legend

  • Jeremy

    Did anyone see next years early preseason rankings have Indiana at #12 with Virginia number #1.

  • hoosier93

    I like Hartman starting at the 4. I feel like Crean has been looking for another Watford. With a 2nd unit of RJ, Z, HMP/Holt/Morgan and OG/DD.

  • Yeah, I kinda agree. But there are other factors at play, too. For one, it did make sense not to play Hanner and Holt at the same time this past season, due to a total lack of inside players with size (foul trouble, etc.). Also, Hanner actually has shown himself to have a pretty solid jumper. I’m not sure why everyone keeps ignoring this, he hit basically every mid-range and long-2 he took this past year. He can shoot. But that doesn’t mean he should be shooting threes…ever. In a way he sort of fits a stretch-4, weakly. And if we have serious size on the inside, there is less a need to have 5 3-point threats on the floor at all times. It would be a serious mistake, in my opinion, to not play two bigs at once next year. Assuming the two new guys from Missouri can play (or at least one of them), and especially if Devin Davis is back, we’re loaded down low. Holt and Hanner together would alone be too much for most teams to handle, with 3 other sharp-shooters milling about. It only gets much better with Bryant, I expect. I think Hanner brings it next year, including on D. He was asked to do too much last year, especially with the often lack-luster guard, which allowed guys to drive all the time. There’s only so much one 6-9 guy can do and he unfairly bore the brunt of a lot of criticism, without getting credit for often playing very hard. Especially in the second half of the season. If he had ANY help on defense…

    There’s way too much talent on the team to try to play 3 guards all the time. It made a lot of sense with a very undersized team. That’s all changed now and there’s no reason to stick with last year’s game plan when the lineup has dramatically “grown,” literally and figuratively. Hanner is now too big and strong, too experienced, and just plain too athletic to not be playing 20+ minutes or so each game. I don’t care who starts, but he will be playing a lot, one way or another. It’s an absolute must. As a senior, he’s going to eat people alive next year. He’s due.

    Same for Holt, who is going to turn himself into a real crowd favorite of Assembly Hall, by the time it’s all said and done. Can’t wait. I’m as excited about this team as I was about Zeller’s second year. It’s a better team, if they all stick around.

  • dwdkc

    Your lips to Hanner’s ears! I hope you’re right. And you have a point about the jumper, I had forgotten but he did make most of the relatively few he shot. I just looked for his shot chart but they didn’t show one. He has been limited by lack of basketball instincts, and that will still hold him back some I think, but I hope to be wrong.

  • hoosier93

    They ranked us there worth yogi and Troy coming back.

  • hoosier93

    As soon as Hartman steps on the floor as a 5, Crean needs fired. Right on the spot. I don’t care if it is in the middle of the game.

  • Hoosier89

    This will be Crean’s deepest team by a long shot.

  • Hoosier89

    I don’t agree. Our depth is more than fine at the 2 and depth at the 1 isn’t that big of a deal because we only need someone to be serviceable for two minutes or so while Yogi takes a breather. I don’t see any reason why we can’t start 3 guards.

  • Hoosier89

    He meant as the fifth player in the starting lineup, not as the starting center.


    I couldn’t agree more with you when it comes to playing AT LEAST two true bigs AT THE SAME TIME this coming year. IMHO he should start two true bigs and there should be at least two true bigs on the floor 90 percent of the time. If JM, OG and TB are as good as advertised and JM and OG are as good as Crean claims they are there isn’t really any legit reason not to do that. We will be, as you say, loaded at the 3 and 4 spots. Even if he feels like JA still isn’t good enough to see the floor or transfers there is still enough depth to play two bigs at the same time. He cannot use the foul trouble excuse, the not enough experience excuse, or any of the other excuses that he’s used in the past for not doing that, not legitimately any way IMO. Having said all that something tells me that Crean will still go with the three guard, TW and TB lineup. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if he wants to have a better record than last year then that lineup will probably accomplish that. Now, if the goal is to win the B1G, the B1G tournament and make a deep run (Elite 8 minimum) then that lineup has a whole lot less chance of doing that than the one that starts and continuously plays at least two true bigs. For what it’s worth if Crean plays the three guard, TW and TB lineup and doesn’t have a banner or near banner year, than whatever support I still have for him being the head coach at IU will be gone.


    You left out OG, he will probably be more of a threat than JM, and possibly DD, to eat up minutes IMHO.


    I don’t either… long as one of those “guards” is TW and there is another true big playing the 4 along side of TB at the 5.

  • ..and he is just a junior. He’ll be moving up the all-time lists as a senior, could be one of the top PGs to play 4 years at IU.

  • dwdkc

    that is correct. Assuming TB or HM will almost always be in the post.

  • hoosier93

    Oh lol. But still. Unless somehow there are injuries to every big guy then Hartman needs to play the 3 and 4.

  • hoosier93

    And with RJ backing up Yogi it just makes it that much better. We have size now. We can have very good depth now. But we can only have good depth if RJ doesn’t start.