That’s A Wrap: Hanner Mosquera-Perea

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Welcome to “That’s A Wrap,” our player-by-player recap of the 2014-2015 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Hanner Mosquera-Perea.

Mosquera-Perea (26 games): 6.5 points, 4.3 rebounds, 1.3 blocks, 8.7 OR%, 59.4 2PFG% in 19.4 minutes per game.

The spotlight was thrust onto Hanner Mosquera-Perea.

Heading into the 2014-2015 season, Mosquera-Perea, who had never started a game in his Indiana career, was slated to start from the five position. At 6-foot-9, he was the Hoosiers’ best option at the position — after playing off the bench in his first two seasons behind the likes of Cody Zeller and Noah Vonleh.

Ready or not, it was Mosquera-Perea’s time to make a contribution.

And throughout much of the 2014-2015 season, he did just that.

After developing his game through his first two years in Bloomington, Mosquera-Perea showed that the Hoosiers could not only play to him on offense, but through him, as well. He ran the court. He played through the paint. He got to the free throw line. And as his footwork improved significantly, as well, so too did his jump shot.

But in a season that he could have utilized a full 34 games of development, during a practice on Jan. 12, Mosquera-Perea dislocated his right knee. Right in the thick of Big Ten season, he was forced to be sidelined for seven games.

When he returned, he had to be slowly brought back into the rotation — and even then he was forced to miss a game in the Big Ten tournament after reaggravating the injury against Northwestern.

Despite the positives and the injury troubles, there were aspects of Mosquera-Perea’s game that hampered his success this season, too. In multiple games, he found himself picking up fouls at far too quick of a pace — which forced him to be sidelined for long stretches.

On defense, too, he never was able to resolve one of his biggest defensive issues — jumping too early. Several times this season, opposing players simply shot-faked, coercing Mosquera-Perea to jump, and then converting an easy layup once Mosquera-Perea was on his way down. That said, his 33 blocks this season are nearly double the amount that he had in his freshman and sophomore years combined (18).

In fact, really all aspects of Mosquera-Perea’s on-court contributions skyrocketed in his junior year at Indiana. Now, it’s just a matter of finding consistency with his production.

Bottom Line: It was well-known heading into the 2014-2015 season that Mosquera-Perea needed to make a significant contribution to the Hoosiers. Indiana coach Tom Crean had been unable to land a college-ready big man in the 2014 recruiting class, and the 6-foot-9 Mosquera-Perea was the best option he had. And throughout the season, Mosquera-Perea showed aspects of his improvement — mixing his typical array of highlight-reel dunks with offensive rebounds, blocks, footwork and even a jump shot or two. But Mosquera-Perea still showed struggles with defensive timing and foul trouble. And a knee injury kept him sidelined for eight games, too. That said, there is progress. And heading into his senior year, there is optimism, too.

Quotable: “It was a tough season for us. We went through a lot of things, but at the end everybody did their best and we really ended up with a good season.” — Mosquera-Perea following Indiana’s loss to Wichita State

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  • HannerTime Hoosier

    Plus their grueling academic program assures them a 3.0 GPA with classes like ‘Watch grass grow 101’!

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    Bummer, I had delusions of grandeur visualizing Bryant & Hanner playing alongside each other!

  • TomJameson

    Everyones minutes will depend on the work they put in over the off season. Not trying to tiptoe around the question, but it really does.

    Hanner has this killer bod and great athleticism. With work on his shot (he already showed a great hook), and his footwork … well who know.
    Holt has more skill and BB IQ, but needs to gain strength and conditioning .. which I fully expect him to do.
    I think the 2 incoming freshmen will follow the path Holt followed last year, show they’re freshmen, but then show flashes of what they can do. I expect them to get better as the year progresses.
    Minutes are up in the air and will depend a lot on how much work the boys put into it on an individual level. One thing I do NOT expect, is that everybody stays on the same level they are today. I fully expect improvements in everybody. I think they will surprise us with their defense too.

  • TomJameson

    I would say the Yogi was our best and most consistent defender … with Stan coming in a close second. Hanner was better than a lot of folks give him credit … he altered shots and made teams change their strategy in the middle to account for him. Yeah, lots of room for improvement, but I think he made a pretty good jump from his sophomore year.

  • Especially, if he get’s the call, he does shoot the free throw very well.. Would much rather he try to get the charge call than go up to contest the shot, which 90% of the time you get the foul, if you make the slightest bit of contact.

  • Funny, but Zeller gives Crean a LOT of credit.. Always mentions the tremendous ‘work ethic’ Crean instilled in him.. So whether you want CTC to have any credit or not, I think it did matter, that he came to IU… and to be coached by our own, Tom Crean.

  • I’m thinking he either needs to learn to ‘spell’.. or re-read his post to ensure it makes sense prior tp hitting the ‘post as ???’ button…

  • PLEASE, adhere to the rules relating to ‘NO SPECULATION ABOUT TRANSFERS’.. and no mentioning names when doing any speculation on transfers… That is not allowed on ITH or the Forum… Please… and Thank you…
    No I am NOT the police, but that IS a rule on these sites.. that most posters do adhere to….

  • Yes, but Hanner was 6′ 8″ and was being rated more as he played in HS as a 4 position player. Hammons was always a ‘big’ being rated as a 5 by most rating services.. so that really isn’t a fair judgment, since we have been forced to use him as a 5… not a four.

  • marcusgresham

    ….but you don’t get to shoot free throws if you draw a charge.

  • Bill Graham

    I think he will be a valuable 7th or 8th guy next year. His inconsistency is a result of his lack of basketball IQ. People have debated on his taking charges but here’s my perspective: he doesn’t know when to go for a block vs when to take a charge. I’ve seen him try to take charges on a driving 6 foot guard. Its obvious that he didn’t start playing bball till an age later than most. Regardless, he seems like a good guy and its always nice to have a senior. I wish him the best.

    One last point…If we get TB…i worry about potential injuries with his skinny frame and awkward mobility. Obviously, that is the last thing I would want…but its important to consider all situations. Frontcourt depth is always a plus.

  • Oops, you’re right… Wow, musta had a brain fart.. which is not all that uncommon for me…lol…

  • hoosier93

    I honestly wish they’d just take away the charge/block rule. Refs suck at calling it. Either go up and contest the shot or get out of the way.

  • Disco_Briscoe

    Simple question. I never said he is going. Can you answer his academic status? People asking and hoping Yogi stays repeatedly and bringing up Priller/April are a lot worse. I hope you post a reply to all those comments too.

  • Ok, so you likely meant well.. I do not know his graduation status.. the problem comes when you go on to say, is he likely to transfer. that amounts to speculating that he might.. Really not a good way to word that. Really.. I’m not an enforcer, but that has been the rule on ITh practically since it started. Just stop and think.. What if you were the guy in question.. and you read that someone is speculating that you might just transfer.. How would you feel? Like maybe they think you should? Anyway, I’m not going into all the possibilities.. but for obvious reasons, Alex has always held to the rule that we do not speculate in anyway about transfers… There are a whole lot of other ethical things for us to talk about without getting into that typeof speculation.. Like getting Bryant… Yippeeeee…

  • curtis south

    Hanner this is meant to be a msg to YOU and I hope it reaches you! You played so well this year while you was healthy! I hope you continue to get better and grow! You and Bryant could be a dominating force in the B1G! I so am already into next season waiting to see what you can do..I as all IU fans thank you!

  • curtis south

    I agree 100% Hanner wasnt lost at all he was doing what he needed to do to make a play! IMO the kid played amazing for his play time! I am a Hanner fan for the fact that you can tell he cares! Thats what IU basketball is all about! He plays with heart and I wont forget it!

  • iuoiu

    Did you actually watch JH play???? Misused is a joke. He underachieved because of his lack of effort, focus, and desire on and off the court. If misuse was the issue, he would not have ended up at GA State. Not trying to bash him but just calling it like I (and most other IU fans) saw it.

  • iuoiu

    Now that we have a legit big man coming next year, I see Hanner being more of the beast that we all know he is. Being thrust into the role of being our only post man made him play extremely cautious – totally petrified of fouling out. Next year he’ll be able to play with much more freedom and be able to play more on instinct, which is where I think he’ll really shine.


    With TB now having committed, sorry I’m way behind on my ITH reading, the biggest factor on who gets how many minutes and for what reason is going to be (IUMike drags out his favorite drum and proceeds to once again bang it) how many true bigs Crean is going to be willing to put on the floor at the same time. If there was ever going to be a season to start and play more bigs it’s this upcoming season. I know that a big has to come off the bench to spell TB (I think we can all agree is will be a starter), but with all of the wings we have and have coming in there is still plenty of bodies AND reasons to play and start more than one true big.


    Totally agree about the weak side thing and then there’s that little playing out of position thing the whole damn season, HMP is not a 5 and never will be, or not an effective one anyway, he is a 4.


    Yep, the few that have “dreamed” about playing there and are actually on the team are the ones sitting at the end of the bench each game playing cards and pickin’ splinters out of their a$$es and NOT playing !!


    And then there’s always that, “I’m just here for the money and NBA training (I guess those two are kinda one in the same at that place arent’ they lol) class……Rocks for Jocks


    Hard to think that Johnson won’t still be there next year as well.

  • mark

    No, he is fantastic at drawing charges and he does it better than any big I’ve ever seen. Give credit where credit is due. He’s improved, will be better alongside Bryant . Don’t forget, he’s not even a true 5 at the college level. Still more upside.

  • mark

    Zeller was improved by Crean’s system and by Crean’s work ethic. Put him in a slower offense and he would not have been nearly as good. Look at all the fast break points he used to score. Most coaches would’ve tried to make him into a classic low-post player and in that case he wouldn’t have been as good. That’s why Bryant is also a great fit: he “has a great motor” they say, loves to run.

  • mark

    OK guys, a guy named IVAN RENKO was better than all of those.

  • mark

    Betting that TW stays at the 4, given CTCs penchant for running. HMP can back up him and Bryant and thereby get nearly starter minutes, unless EH or DD surpass him, which is possible. But if he wants to match up with bigger teams he can put HMP alongside Bryant … pretty good length there. IU just has too many talented perimeter players to keep HMP at the 4 all day.

  • TomJameson

    Bryant, Holt in the center with HMP and (OG) as the “other” big guy. That could work IMO.


    I not only agree that that could work, I think it WOULD work, and maybe more importantly believe that it would go a loooong way in fixing a lot of the glaring problems that we had this past season. Now, assuming that TW is still going to be a starter, I guess the question is who does he have come off of the bench that was a starter all of last year. We know it won’t be YF, so it boils down to JBJ or RJ, and who ever it turns out to be, are they going to be ok with it enough to accept that scenario and not transfer at the end of the year ?


    Crean may very well do just that, but……doing that is basically keeping things, lineup wise, the same as it was this season and saying that everybody is going to get a whole bunch better this offseason and TB is the complete answer to all of our problems in the frontcourt. They more than likely will get better this offseason and TB will for sure help in areas that were lacking this season, but the big question is will there be enough improvement and will TB be able to help enough and in enough areas for this season’s lineup to work next year. IMHO that scenario will work if just having a better win lose record is the goal, but not if winning the B1G, winning the B1G tournament and making a serious run (at least Elite 8) in the Big Dance is the goals. With 3 McD’s AAs in our starting lineup, and one of those being a four year starter and another one being a player that was a starter all of last year, I don’t think those goals are unreasonable. I’m not saying that if all of them are not met the season will be a failure but I strongly believe that two of the three can and should be met. If JM and OG are as good as the people responsible for bringing them here say they are, playing lineup that guard heavy will leave an awfully lot of talent on the bench instead of on the floor rectifying problems from this season.