Film Session: Mosquera-Perea’s start

  • 11/10/2014 7:31 am in

In Indiana’s exhibition win over Northwood, junior Hanner Mosquera-Perea played a career-high 32 minutes and posted a double-double (10 points, 12 boards).

We’ll take a look at some hits and misses from Mosquera-Perea inside Indiana’s halfcourt offense in the latest edition of Film Session:

Mosquera-Perea gets involved in Indiana’s weave action on the perimeter and receives the ball at the top of the key:


He dribbles left and hands off to Robert Johnson on the left wing and curls around towards the hoop:


Mosquera-Perea finds space between himself and his man and there’s maybe an opportunity for a quick alley-oop here, but Johnson is looking in front of his field of vision and opts for James Blackmon Jr. in the corner:


Mosquera-Perea posts on the right block and Blackmon Jr. zips it into him:


But he dribbles it off his leg for a turnover:



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  • iuoiu

    “But he dribbles it off his leg for a turnover:”

    The spirit of Blab LIVES! You cannot vanquish it, Blab is eternal.

  • Rkeg

    After a week of turmoil- It appeared the entire team was on edge early – in mho I believe Hanner has improved greatly and look forward to see how he competes against stronger competition

  • N71

    His single biggest area of improvement will need to be limiting his fouling so he can stay in the game. More live game experience is what the doctor is ordering for Hanner, he’s got the body and natural athletic gifts but doesn’t have the advantage of having player the game since he was 4 years old. The more game time experience the more his improvement can continue to trend upwards. I’m not expecting any Victor type leaps from Hanner, just gradual improvement.

  • IceCreamNCrimson

    I’m so excited for him this year, and even more so for his senior year.

  • SCHoosier

    Encouraged by HMP’s “persona on the court! He actually looked like he belonged there. Of course Northwood had nobody to go at him on Hanner’s ability to go with the flow and not foul is still be tested. I hope scoring remains his last priority. Boards…defense and staying on the floor should be on the top of his “to do list” IMO.

  • Brian Goodman

    I’m convinced Hanner can get at least 2 or 3 of those alley oops a game. If he has momentum towards the basket and the ball is thrown up, who’s gonna out jump him?

  • Drew

    He had some encouraging moments against Northwood that could give us a realistic means of judging his improvement since the end of the 13-14 season. Just erase those turnovers, big fella!

  • HoosierBuddy

    What was even more promising was that 17 ft jump shot he hit. That will do nothing but keep defenses honest and open up those lanes even more.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    would love to see another double-double tonight!

  • HoosierBuddy

    I would to. But unfortunately it would be against nobody. If he can average the 8-10 rbg and score 5-10 a game against quality opponents. we will have a great year.

  • MK

    he needs to be more patient and not think SCORE! every time he touches. the openings will be there

  • INUnivHoosier

    Doesn’t hurt for him to build a little bit of confidence, though.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    Bold Statement for the Day: Which will end up being the better group of 3 starters? Louisville’s former group of Siva/Smith/Dieng or IU’s current group of Yogi/JBJ/HMP. In my opinion, IU’s current group has a higher ceiling (as a whole) than that former NCAA Championship core. Banner UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe next year.

  • IUBizmark

    A few observations:
    Play 1: That’s classic Crean trying to “establish the post” on the first three offensive plays of every game. This type of blind directive is something I don’t enjoy about Crean’s planning.
    Play 2: See above. Teams know where the ball MUST go on the first three plays. This makes it more difficult for HMP to score.
    Play 3: This is vintage Hulls to Sheehey. Solid work on HMP’s part.

  • MillaRed

    I definitely saw a better player but there are a few things that look very familiar in Hanner’s game…..

    He just isn’t going to have a soft pair of hands. The ball still looks very slippery in his possession. He doesn’t hold the ball high on his attempts to score. Even at close range he uses both hands and a very bent elbow.

    Does Hanner have really small hands? It seems to be a issue. I really wish he could develop a jump hook with those long arms and his lift. It would be fairly indefensible and a go to shot for him.

    Otherwise he really crashed the boards and looked intimidating out there.

  • INUnivHoosier

    He definitely has the “look intimidating” part down.

  • SilentBob

    That was the most encouraging thing I saw. Even the plays it didn’t go his way, he knew where to be, and once he got the ball he acted quickly without hesitation.

  • ForeverIU

    That’s because he “is intimidating”, lol!

  • Jon

    You said it. They won a championship. It’s not even comparable

  • disqus_Y0IHORLcBP

    To me this will be a great test of whether Crean should be our coach. There seems to be plenty to work with in Hanner, but there are some weaknesses that need to be covered up. Certainly seems like he could have a really solid year, but Crean is going to have to develop a really good plan to utilize him. If he can he will convince me he is a top tier coach; if he can’t then I think it’s time for him to go.

  • ForeverIU

    Help me out basketball pros. On these two “failed” plays, it doesn’t seem like Hanner is making use of the fake. His moves seem too predictable. On that second play, if he had faked slightly, then after the fake he either sees the hoop and goes for it, or else he sees an open teammate on the perimeter and passes, or else, if he sees neither, chances are that he’s been smothered and fouled. It seems to me that for a big man the art of maneuvering under the hoop depends on that split-second fake and that Hanner needs to learn to be more of a trickster.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Here’s a question I’ve asked repeatedly and has to do with the final video here:

    I watch CBB games ALL THE TIME!!! I’m what you’d call a sports addict. In most games I watch with quality teams (pUKe, Duke, ‘Cuse, KS, Zona, etc.) I see 3-4 ally-oops per game either out of the break, delayed break, or set plays like this one. I’ve even seen PG’s toss up near half-court passes for dunks on a break. In the past 3-4 seasons IU has had players like NV, Cody, Victor, Will, Troy, Hanner, etc. and I’ve seen maybe a handful of successful lob plays COMBINED over those seasons. Here’s my question: Is it the lack of talent our guards have and an inability to throw the pass or is it CTC’s lack of desire to run such plays or allow lob passes that’s accounted for the almost complete lack of highlight reel plays the past few years?

    I see the lob/dunk as a play that energizes the team and crowd and sort of separates the talent level in games against weaker opponents. It’s sort of the “you can’t guard this” statement in basketball and IU just hasn’t seemed to attempt let alone execute these types of plays we see here with Hanner from Yogi?

    Just a question I’d like to hear some of the rest of you chime in on.

  • HannerTime Hoosier

    Many a great comment on here about Hanner, I see one word to describe him until it is instinctual: deliberate. His focus on being this will keep him in the moment and ‘slow him down’ as CTC says. He has the capability to really evolve as he is THE big guy this season.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    Well, my opinion isn’t popular on these threads, but here it goes anyway: Yogi’s our point guard. He has substantial upside as a point guard. Unfortunately, he refuses to master basic point guard fundamentals. Like how to dribble; how to pass; and how to keep his teammates involved. And how to play solid defense. This short 17 second sequence shows it all. He:

    1. unnecessarily dribbles between his legs, razzle dazzle, but hey, what’s an extra turnover because that never happens.

    2. dribbles in one spot, wasting time, and, importantly, he causes his own guys to react to him. They end up standing wondering/waiting for him to do something. Everyone, including Hanner is standing/waiting. This type of point guard leadership won’t lead to a motion offense that generates easy dunks, lobs or layups with any frequency. The defense (if it were good…this one is overmatched) can pack it in.

    3. then dribbles to the top of the key BUT appears to PALM/CARRY THE BALL. Nothing unusual there. Completely unnecessary. Others may say “no, no carry” but the refs will call that as they did last year. Thus no lob…instead “another turnover.”

    4. Ignoring the possible turnover, yogi then shovels a one handed off the dribble pass. Given how open Hanner is, this pass is unnecessarily risky. During the season it will lead to turnovers because a strong defense will recover and yogi is 100% committed to shovel the pass. There’s a reason to throw two handed passes and a time to shovel one handed. The one handed pass is unnecessary here but Yogi just has bad habits that lead to turnovers and thus fewer lobs/dunks/layups.

    5. the reason this lob worked: a defensive mistake made by an outmatched team early in the season. Hanner won’t see many lobs during league play on this type of play. He simply won’t be open given the lack of ball movement from our point guard.

    6. oh, and at the 16-17 second mark yogi is completely out of position on defense…a division II guard crosses him and yogi’s legs are crossed. Yogi is in trouble with an average guard and would be destroyed by a top 5 guard. Certainly yogi is in no position to restrict ball movement that would help his teammates with their team defense.

    Ok, flame me. But at least let me put on my IU hat first. Ok, go for it. I simply want to see yogi develop fundamentals because he DOES have upside potential. He does make some special plays…fun to watch. But too often the offense drags and the defense suffers when he controls the ball. I want to see the ball in RJ’s and JBJ’s and now NZ’s hands.

  • ForeverIU

    I agree. Yogi Yogi dribble dribble Yogi dribble Yogi Yogi dribble dribble dribble … dribble dribble … Yogi Yogi

  • ForeverIU

    Really liking Air Colombia!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Here’s the one problem with your point. It doesn’t matter who has the ball. Flash back to 2012 with Jordy and Vic handling the ball and weapons to throw the lob to like Cody, Vic, and Will yet we never used the lob then either, even on the break. We never use it with Yogi on the break either. I’m beginning to think it’s a team rule or something?

  • hagster

    What’s up knight?