2012-2013 Player Profile: Remy Abell

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It’s time for Inside the Hall’s player-by-player breakdown of the 2012-2013 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Remy Abell.

Key stats: 3.0 ppg, 0.9 rpg, 0.5 apg, 40 3P FG%, 79 FT %, 8.3 mpg

Even though he moved in and out of the regular rotation last season, Remy Abell proved to be a pleasant surprise for the Hoosiers. The Louisville, Ky. native hit several key shots throughout the year, and he grew into a quiet, fearless leader on the court by the end of his freshman season.

Abell had his standout game of the season at Purdue in February when the then-freshman guard scored 13 points on 5-of-6 shooting, including a huge 3-pointer that put the game away late in the second half. Abell went back to his smaller role after that game, but he was ready to step up when Verdell Jones III went down with an ACL injury in the Big Ten Tournament.

Outsiders questioned the Hoosiers chances in the NCAA Tournament without their senior guard, but Abell filled in admirably. He played 16 minutes per game in IU’s three tournament games, scoring a total of 14 points and taking some of the ball handling pressure off of Jordan Hulls.

With that experience under his belt, Abell feels ready to contribute even more in his sophomore season.

“I definitely feel like I’m much improved, with my basketball game and with my strength,” Abell said at last Thursday’s media challenge. “It was big getting a lot more playing time, especially on a big stage like that NCAA Tournament. That stage right there was huge. It definitely is gonna help me coming into this season.”

With the addition of point guard Yogi Ferrell, it’s unclear exactly what Abell’s role will be this season — or how many minutes he’ll get. But Abell doesn’t look at Ferrell’s presence as a negative for him. He said all three guards (including Jordan Hulls) have gotten along well, and he believes the additional ball handler will greatly benefit the team.

“We’re doing good, mixing up the back court and doing different things,” Abell said. “We can all handle the ball, so whoever gets it, the other person can just get out and run and try to get easy buckets.”

Bottom line: Because of Ferrell’s presence, there’s a strong possibility Abell will see some more time as the off guard than he did a season ago. Given that, it will be important for Abell to knock down open outside shots when he gets them. If he does, he could be part of Crean’s regular rotation. If not, he could be lost on the bench as the season goes along.

The biggest thing about Abell is he gives the Hoosiers something few other players do: a fearless edge on the court. Even though he was just a freshman last year, Abell never shied away from any situation, a quality that has the tendency to become contagious.

Quotable: “I just want to work on my jump shot, hit it more consistently. I know I can get to the rim, but if I know that I can hit that,  I can open up more shots for my teammates.” — Abell at last Thursday’s media challenge

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  • jmoney

    I’m thinking that Remy will be the primary backup to Yogi at the point. The amount of damage that Jordy can do at the shooting guard position with guys who can penetrate and kick is going to entice CTC to leave Hulls there for most of his playing time. Besides, he has the ideal body type for a guard in the overly-physical B1G.

  • If Hulls and Ferrell start together, I don’t see why Remy is not going to see significant minutes off the bench this year. I was impressed with his play

  • jim edwards

    abell provides indiana with the same kind of physical presence purdue had with chris kramer, and that’s a very good thing. he’s a player with great strength and improving offensive game. iu will be great up front but championships are won wit great guard play and indiana has a lot of them, as well as wings who can make plays and wear opponents down.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    I don’t think Hulls is starting. That’s the feeling I get from Crean. Honestly, it’s probably better for Jordy to be a 6th man energy guy anyway.

  • JimmyJohns Subway

    If Creek is healthy and plays to half of his natural ability, I don’t see Remy averaging any more than 5 to 8 minutes a game. Jordy can back up Yogi if Creek and Yogi are playing together, which I’m hoping we’ll get to see. Honestly I would like to see Jordy come off the bench as a 6th man/combo guard and still play 22 to 25 min a game. We lose too much on defense with him with him playing the same minutes he did last year, and we have a ton of weapons on offense. Would like to see a starting lineup of Yogi, Vic, Will, Wat, and Zeller.

  • Oldguyy

    I love Abell’s fearlessness, and hope his ability as a distributor improves to the point where he can be the primary backup point guard. If not, Hulls can fill that role in addition to his role as the best shooter.

  • HoosierPat

    Remy may not see an increase in playing time, but he will still play. He plays hard-nosed defense and his athleticism and strength gives him an advantage. I still remember watching him lock down Aaron Craft last season. He made Craft look uncomfortable and forced some key turnovers. If Remy has learned to stay under control on offense, he can be a contributor off the bench this season.

  • HoosierTrav

    Honestly i think Yogi, Jordy, Victor, CWat, Cody are your starting five. Vic can guard the 3 very well and will be a mismatch going to the cup. Not having Jordy on the floor with Yogi is taking away one of the best advantages we have, which is; penetrate (at will) and kick out to a 50% 3ball shooter.

  • KevOMG


  • Hoosiered


  • GaHoosier

    Did you listen to Crean yesterday on the radio? Quote from Crean, “It sounds crazy, but I’d like to have a starting eight. A group where these eight guys or so, you can go any way you want and you’re not going to drop anything when you put these eight in. Cody’s different obviously. And Jordan’s different with the way he shoots it.”

    Unless I’m reading that incorrectly…I believe that is clear that Jordy will be starting!

  • DarkSouth

    Remy is like a rollercoaster. I get nervous when he as the ball because sometimes his handles look loose or he appears to recklessly attack a shot blocker. But it usually seems to turn out well. You look back on the ride, relieved, and think, “wow, that was fun”.

  • CreanFaithful

    I agree with your point, but I think sometimes what appeared to be an inability to distribute could be traced back to what the coaching staff was feeding him.

    He was often utilized situationaly, when we needed someone to attack the bucket and draw a foul or get the easy lay in. Probably another reason we see him as “fearless.” Gets the ball and goes hard every time. I think that was exactly what Crean wanted.

    That said, I agree that it would be a pleasant surprise to see him continue to draw attention and effectively find teammates when the defense collapses.

  • Remy Willing and Abell

    Remy is a complete team player , being here in Louisville I’ve heard comments and read write ups on him that others might not have . Some of these were from coaches Denny Crum and Joe B Hall . All have said things like ” Remy will always do what’s ever needed for his team” , and both coaches have said ” every coach wants a remy on their team ” .

  • HappyHoosier

    Agree 100% with last sentence. Bring Jordan in as 6th man to space the floor. Against elite teams, he is too much of a defensive liability and will also contribute to getting our big guys in foul trouble. As a 6th man though he would just dominate a second unit. If VO and WS have improved ball handling and 3 point shooting, and Yogi settles into the right balance of playmaking and scoring, this team will roll. Yogi will bring a look that IU has not seen since 1981.

  • HappyHoosier

    Meant to add…since this thread is really about Remy…LoL. Think he can serve as a more than adequate backup for Yogi. He brings strength, toughness and d along with adequate ballhandling. Exactly what you want from a backup pt gd. He is an important player for us. No doubt.

  • By all accounts he seems like a great kid not to mention he puts in his work on and off the court. It is not hard to root for a player like Remy. He was a great addition to the team last year and I think he was even more valuable to the team after VJ3 went down. When he is an upperclassman he will be a player the younger guys will look up to in addition to playing solid minutes.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    One of my favorite Hoosiers!

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    One of my favorite Hoosiers!