2010-2011 Player Profile: Matt Roth

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INDIANAPOLIS - MARCH 12:  Matt Roth #2 of the Indiana Hoosiers drives against Stanley Pringle #11 of the Penn State Nittany Lions during the first round of the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament at Conseco Fieldhouse on March 12, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)It’s time for Inside the Hall’s player-by-player breakdown of the 2010-2011 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Matt Roth.

Suddenly, we’re talking about Indiana’s depth at guard, and how reliable it is less than three weeks from the start of the season. And so when we talk about Matt Roth, we need to frame the conversation thusly.

Roth certainly has a chance to win some playing time, with Verdell Jones tweaking an ankle and Maurice Creek still taking a wisely cautious approach to his return from a knee injury. The problem with Roth is that the questions in need of answering won’t have any until we see him in game action.

Statistics don’t tell us anything we don’t already know: Roth is a blistering 3-point shooter when he’s hot, and still one of the best in the league when he’s a touch off. Thad Matta probably still has the occasional night sweat about the flood of threes Roth dropped on Ohio State in 2009.

The problem is that Roth hasn’t played in a game since November of last year, thanks to an ankle injury suffered early in the Hoosiers’ trip to Puerto Rico. That had the double-edged effect of robbing Roth of a year of development and not allowing him to try and prove that the deficiencies he said he had improved upon were indeed behind him.

In his freshman season, Roth was often a defensive liability, often outmatched athletically. He was also quite one-dimensional on offense, and without the ability to drive into the lane and draw contact, his excellent free-throw shooting rarely got put on display.

Again, it was believed Roth had improved in some of these areas last season, and while it was too small a sample size to get an accurate measurement, he absolutely looked like a more rounded player before his season was cut short.

The foot is now fine, according to Roth, although he also picked up a concussion during the preseason, which also shouldn’t be an issue. But Indiana will need Roth to stay healthy, at least initially.

The bottom line: Roth will absolutely get his chance, with Creek still not 100 percent and Jones recovering from an ankle injury. If he is the more well-rounded player he believes he is, then he should get some minutes in the Indiana rotation. If he’s not much more than a streaky 3-point shooter, then his playing time will reflect that, as well.

Quotable: “Obviously, I’ve gotten a lot stronger and I feel a lot quicker coming back from this injury. My doctors and my trainers did a great job with making sure I did all of my rehab and all of my strength and rehabilitation and stuff like that. I’m looking forward to getting out there and playing a fun style of basketball and making sure the fans are just as energetic watching us play as they are when we’re winning. It’s going to be a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to getting out there.” – Matt Roth

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  • Anonymous

    At the HH scrimmage, there was one play where Roth got the ball outside of the 3-point line, did a shot fake, and then moved past his defender for an open jumper that he hit. It was a nice play, and I know many of us were desperate for Roth to use a shot fake during his freshman season, so I’m hoping it is now part of his arsenal.

  • JerryCT

    He gets my pre season vote for surprise player of the year. Why ?

    1. I believe he has developed more skills since his first year
    2. he played SF alot in his freshman year, not exactly his position, and will not play it this year
    3. he is stronger, wider and more physical than most of our SG’s
    4. I sense a new offense from CTC that may favor shooters like him, Hulls, Creek instead of the dribble drive and transition that only JR and Creek seemed comfortable with
    5. I believe we are developing our defense and he is better than Hulls, Jones were last year

    Of course only seeing him play will prove me right or wrong but right now I am in his corner.

    I love Jones but it might actually do us some good if Jones cannot play for awhile. It gives up a lot of minutes to others who can use the experience

  • Agree with that especially during the exhibition games. Creek mentioned in his tweet this morning he’s planning on playing against franklin so it would be good to see him, VO, and roth get some good minutes early. Also VJIII shoots a lot so its not only minutes we’re getting for others during the ‘preseason’ it is also shots.

  • Plane1972

    Totally off topic, but I just read on Demling that Baylor landed Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello. Doesn’t appear the recent ripples in Waco are hurting their recruiting efforts. Looks like it is going to be a slugfest to land Hanner.

  • Troy

    Absolutely agree with this. Even if he isn’t as quick with the shot fake against more athletic players who could recover quicker to his side step, I feel he could adopt the NBA mentality and draw a foul off of the head fake while the opponent is flying at him. With his FT shooting ability, I’d take 3 free throws if he can become adept at drawing that call. He is definitely deadly from outside and opponents will respect that.

  • Outoftheloop

    I hope that Matt Roth has a great year! He is a quality kid.

  • MillaRed

    The fact he is a 3rd year SO may be a blessing in disguise. I’m sure he is mentally and physically tougher because of it. Matt will get his minutes.

  • Anonymous

    Ooops, i didn’t mean to “like” that comment…in fact, i very much “unlike” it. For the life of me, i can’t see how Perea would go to a school where the ASSistant coach threatened deportation (or however you want to interpret the illegal communications). I mean, if you’re going to threaten someone, at least be man enough to do it face-to-face and be ready for a brawl. Hanner to IU. No question in my mind.

  • Anonymous

    On that note did anyone notice maurice creek’s tweet to deuce bello “….bro its gonna get worst…u only getting the tip of the iceberg….be prepared”

  • Anonymous

    Interesting. Very interesting.

  • LTTelamon

    Roth, to me, could be a huge spark to this team if he can carry his weight defensively. His range is ridiculous, his accuracy is impressive, and generally I feel his effort is quite high when he’s on the court. It’s a matter of providing the other necessary components and playing smart basketball. I think he’s capable of that. This is a guy who could come off the bench and give you 15 pts if he’s hot. That’s a valuable commodity, and I predict there will be more nights like the 2009 Ohio State game where Roth blisters the nets and gives opposing coaches nightmares.

  • Casey B.

    Pretty sure Creek was responding to something not related to the Baylor situation.

  • Outoftheloop

    Can someone translate the meaning for me?

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t Quincy Miller essentially play the same position as Hanner? Does that mean there’s no room for Perea at Baylor? Is this a good thing for IU?

  • Quincy Miller is a one and done. He’ll likely be a top ten pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Miller will play the same position and Baylor is deep with big men. There would still be room for him, just a loaded frontcourt that should cut into playing time. Seemingly a good thing for us. I just don’t know if it matters as much as the negative press between him and Baylor though. You have to believe the IU coaches have a better rapport with him now. He is ours to lose at this point and probably waiting for some of this mess to blow over before announcing anything. It’s just hard to envision him going anywhere else.

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    Student tickets arrived today. Yeah the new student section is just for K,L, and M where it was mainly student section anyway. Still crap. I hope that the rumors for them to build a new gym are true.

  • Anonymous

    I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing how Matt Roth has progressed. His shooting ability makes him a potentially key player off the bench. However, Crean can’t afford to give him a lot of minutes if his defense and quickness has improved. Roth is capable of winning a couple of games nearly by himself. If he has added a few more moves to his arsenal and can get to the foul line a little bit, he can average 10+ ppg. As long as he is not a liability on defense, he should get quite a bit of playing time. He will need to take advantage of the minutes he gets early in the season. If he can’t prove himself, minutes will be scarce when everyone gets healthy.

  • Plane1972

    Hope you’re right.

  • hoosierNati

    Does anyone know when MBB media day is? I am curious to see the uniforms for this year. I had heard there would be some changes, I hope nothing too drastic.

  • IU_Fan_99

    so…. four more days until Cody commits? wishful thinking?? what day do you think he will announce???

  • Anonymous

    He said November, and I can’t see any reason to believe he’s going to stray from that, given that he’s done everything he said he’d do thus far.

  • marcusgresham

    I see Roth as something similar to a left-handed relief pitcher. He’s there for certain situations; some days you may not see him, some days you may only see him briefly, but his contributions can be extremely important even if they aren’t lengthy.